New Moon in Aquarius

Monday, Feb 8, 2016

“A Complete Circle”

With this New Moon in the Constellation of Aquarius we see Infinity’s Magic working at its best. Starting with the fact that its on the 8th day of the 2nd month …that in and a of itself deserves a hand of applause. 8+2=10

nm-aquarius-feb2016If by any chance you created a vision map during last year’s Aquarian NM then this is our chance at looking at that map and see where you find yourself in it. And Re-group your ideas, re-vision and re-position yourself by perhaps creating a new vision board. An updated map for this year. 2016 is serving like a mirror for 2015, kind of like a “let me see what I didn’t get to complete that I still want to and get it done” type of year. Moving forward by recognizing your current checkpoint. Its pretty darn awesome!!

So!…Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the epitome of activism and the super speedy thinking mind.. “okay this is_______ whats next?! ..and okay this is_______, whats next?!” In Uranus we find the energy of movement, inconsistency and change. The philosophy of finding power in stopping a steady stream or open flow of energy.  A perfect example may be that of a water dam, taming  the stabilized flow of water for the purpose of containing electricity, power. Ruled by the element of Air, visionary Aquarius leads a life of fulfilling revolutionary change, taking you in the direction of finding your individualistic nature trusting the Higher Self, the inner voice of your soul. It is the desire for emotional independence, as well as respect for rational and original ideas, and the concern for humanity, as a whole, allowing freedom for each individual. We are in this together, and together we rise.

As this new cycle of our life sets on  lets reflect on where we are in our own lives and where we have been compromising ourselves for the sake of not wanting to rock the boat. Apply self love and respect to our ideals, and envision our goals and dreams becoming, accepting change as par of our true expansive nature. Going with the flow, not against it.

One individual’s original idea can and will light the spark of the visionary in all of us! Inspire. Be the Light! Be You! In the face of everything, Be You!

Yoni & Me

Discover 5 Sweet Ways To Love Your Yoni

Have you ever considered the possibility of opening the doors of the stream of abundance by taking care of your Yoni? If it sounds crazy to you then you are in for a sweet surprise! 🙂

For hundreds of years women have been placed in a space where we are either tagged as too hot or too cold. I say adios! to the “ice queen” and “promiscuous easy girl” labels. I Am Goddess, and it is my responsibility, and mine alone, to make sure I live a happy and healthy life.

Most people in the world connect healing with medication, doctors and/or hospitalization …at least in the West and in what I like to call the “old world”. Fortunately, many folks nowadays who live in the “new world” have awoken to the idea of living a healthy life by having a good, happy, resistance-free lifestyle. This was the hook for me. After spending a long life taking unpleasant medicine and undergoing uncomfortable and highly intrusive doctor visits and medical treatments, the discovery of pleasurable treatments and achieving wellness from an organic and kind point of perspective has brought much joy to my life. But it didnt seem that way at first. I literally took the path of healing by taking tiny baby steps, having experienced the western medicine rollercoaster, until the opportunity to journey through the path of self-healing presented itself to me, then the holistic healing modalities started to appear to me for what they really are and I approached them with much joy and open-heartedness.

So I walked the path of meditation and yoga, and learned so much from the Witches at Wicca School and then the Ministry, and all the great teachers and teachings … all a bundle of Light that filled me and showed me how to transmute burdens into butterflies.

And then I discovered the importance of loving my yoni, the importance of creating the space for all the necessary transmutations within the realm of the Sacral Chakra. This was absolutely incredible, the high level of self healing it provided me was surreal. I never thought I would see and feel life the way I do. Doors began to open and platforms started to come up for me to unveil more of this yummy knowledge. In 2008 I signed up for an online course with The Yin Project, and this not only brought me to a place of deep connection with myself but gave me an amazing sense of freedom and strength, and allowed me to find other great avenues to tap into and discover, like goddess gatherings, and transformative training like Jade Healing, Sexy Revolution, Sisters Yoni, The Magdalene, WombMagic and a few others. I was on a mission, I attended tele-conferences and seminars and workshops and the more I learned the more I wanted to discover. It was a brand new world for me. …although, on a personal level the emotional healing was slow and for a while a bit stagnant, coming from a Catholic family (not too religious but enough to go to Catholic school) all this was very taboo. Then I realized I needed to bring my awareness back to the roots, back to basics, and with all I now knew, start over. And I did.

With the experience, the appreciation and the respect for the practice of Yoni love I am very pleased to introduce my personal 5 favorite sweet ways to nurture my yoni on a regular basis, and what keeps me super joyful, tapped in, tuned on and plugged in to the electrifying loving consciousness of Goddess and to Source Energy Magnetism.

5 Sweet Ways To Care For Your Yoni

1. Yoni Talk & Meditation

Talk to your Yoni often, ask her how she’s feeling, tell her how much you love her and how much you appreciate her for all she does in your partnership in life. Our Yonis are like plants, very connected to the thread of life by a divine filament of light which enables us to connect a soul with a body. All of our creations are born within the Yoni realm, not just humans. So to make sure your life is the dream you visualize you must be tapped into Yoni Power and create from there. Begin your creations by talking with your Yoni. Let this moment become a meditation where you activate a sacred vortex for you and Yoni to breathe together and heal together.

2. Water Splash

While the rest of the body feels delicious after the skin has had a yummy layer of soap suds, the yoni doesn’t. A simple splash of fresh water does the trick every time, keeping the yoni clean. Our yoni’s natural lubrication does a wonderful job at cleanliness and stimulation, working on those special areas that allow the body and mind of goddess to be connected and aligned with Gaia’s magnetic field. It also maintains the cosmic electrical connection alive allowing us to be tapped in to our desires and able to create them on this plane. Too much soap, specially those made with chemical and un-natural ingredients clog the pores, glands and outlets for processing vital energy.

3. Yoga & Awareness

A short but good stretch every morning and/or evening can carry you through a wonderful day. The skin that composes the yoni area contains muscles, fibers and magnetism, just as much as the rest of the body, and because it is a predominantly “hidden area” it is extra sensitive to external stimulation. This helps it serve one of its many healing purposes. To keep the yoni skin and overall area activated and ready for a wonderful moment of high stimulation, which brings extraordinary creative potential, it is a good idea to stretch the body daily. Goddess Bliss Moon Salutations is a great way to stretch the body, align with your inner goddess and activate yoni power

4. Yoni Steam Bath

Practicing yoni steam can change a woman’s life tremendously. Preparing an herbal steam bath will bring your female body and the wisdom of plant medicine into alignment, reconnecting you to your feminine divinity. The benefits of this technique are many and are acknowledged by the global movement of women’s holistic health and wellness. It serves to fortify the womb; removes toxins from the body; increases fertility; helps reduce pain or discomfort when experiencing dryness or pain after sexual intercourse; reduces pre-menstrual pain, regulates menstrual cycle; it is a wonderful healing presence for post-natal care working towards healing vaginal tear, episiotomy and/or C-section; treats fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis; helps treat hemorrhoids, chronic vaginal yeast infections; super helpful with symptoms of menopause; and allows the release of old emotional patterns for the recoding of a new refreshed you to emerge 🙂

5. Healing Through Pleasure

There are many ways to give pleasure to our yoni so that we may activate our inner goddess power, unlock our creative goddess potential and bring forth the ultimate super-joyful experience of life we want to live. Giving our yoni a massage is a great way of stimulating our senses because it helps release backed up stress, pent up tension and unnecessary stagnant thought and emotional patterns, leaving our vessel clean and clear ready to radiate its purest light essence. You will find that your intuition will spike up, your meditation space will be clearer and stillness will become easier to reach. Your ability to breathe longer and deeper will also activate and your master glands will begin to decalcify, bringing in a juicy awakening and heightened awareness.

Love Your Yoni and you will unfold an incredible magical vortex.

After this heart-opening journey I’ve compiled an amazing treatment – for  goddesses only – that I’ve named Goddess Bliss.  It includes aromatherapy massage and reflexology, a wide array of Reiki techniques, hot stones detox …and YOM, Yoni Orgazmic Massage.

If you want to experience the magic of YOM  .. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY! …CLICK HERE


Work, Rest, Play & Reiki

wallpaperLiving in the Light of Reiki has been a delicious journey. Its allowed me to be open to many great ideals and has brought me to meeting great teachers of all walks of life. Some spiritual, some religious and some that are neither. It has assisted me in learning so much more about myself and shown me that I am a new person each day, an emerged Being of Light with every new dawn. As a Reiki practitioner with over 10 years under my belt I’ve discovered so many great benefits that come from this lovely healing modality. Its so gentle and yet super powerful it can break down any wall and poof away all resistance. Reiki isn’t just a healing art but a lifestyle, like eating well, and exercising to keeping a healthy balance, Reiki works in all areas of life. Work, Rest, Play and Reiki. The gifts it gives never stop, although I’ve been in this life-path for many years, each time I’m in the presence of Reiki I discover something new. The newness of my eternal Soul, the elation of feeling this magnificence so present within me and surrounding me, us. Surrounding all of us.

There are so many layers to living in Reiki, so many great benefits in addition to the awesome reward of perfect health. I’ve gather a few of all these pearls and list them below.


5 Amazing Benefits of Reiki

  1. AWARENESS. Reiki inspires a life of meditation and relaxation. It promotes conscious awareness allowing the creation of a matching vibration to the choices you make. It  helps to elevate a resonance of wanting to feel Happy, in Joyful Bliss and therefore puts us in a space of sharing. We want everyone to feel the blissful elation of Being truly Happy, so it makes way to having an extra sensorial awareness of global Peace, of all beings on the planet being in Peace.
  2. COMMUNITY. Whether we practice the healing art of Reiki or attend community healing circles Reiki brings people together, doesn’t matter their background, inside a ring of Reiki healing we are all one, united by a common purpose. I personally enjoy watching people mingle after a Reiki circle, sharing their experiences and eager to hear each other share what it was like for them. It turns into a family feast of well-being and joyful celebration.
  3. EXPANSION. It’s the work of Reiki Magic, the Universal Source of Love how it easily turns non-believers into committed and dedicated beings. Because Reiki has no church, it has no membership, It Is Pure Love. Always there, available, ready to guide you to seeing yourself as the Beautiful Abundant Bountiful person that you are. It doesn’t have to convince of its strength and capacity, its strength and capacity is always delivered. Expansion on both mental and emotional levels are inevitable. Mentally you will discover the endless layers of your being and will flow with such ease into a space of allowingness that will deliver you to all the success you’ve ever dreamed of. We have the capacity to create instantaneously and placing yourself in a conducive environment will help you set your path ahead. Emotionally the expansion is beyond belief, literally. Reiki will replenish a “broken heart” and give it deliberately all the strength and courage it needs for it to remain whole, empowered and in Love. Emotions swim in the oceans between the head and the heart and with the radiance of Reiki no mater how calm or active these oceans are, zen is a state available at all times. Keeping the mental and the emotional layers in balance opens up the portals to higher realms giving one the opportunity to experience the infinite growth of the eternal soul.
  4. RELAXATION. Most guests attending a Reiki circle fall asleep. Snoring and all. Its adorable sweet to hear them apologize about falling asleep and snoring after we’re done. I always express to them that its absolutely alright to fall asleep. It means they’ve totally relaxed their body and were opened to receive treatment. Then I also share with them that its not a “falling sleep” like when we sleep in bed but its because we’ve given ourselves the chance to relax so much so deeply that the body drops into a perfect state of relaxation. At the end of the circle the soul knows its time and the person automatically awakes. ..like magic. They are able to hypnotize themselves and heal to be whole in a wonderful state of deep ease and stillness. Whats so incredible about this is that when we let ourselves relax is when the real healing begins. The mind has no expectations, the ego isnt working on a way to sabotage but better it  flows along in a perfect partnership relationship with Self.
  5. RE-CHARGE. Life, our world, our thoughts, emotions, decisions and even the very choices we make, everything we go through requires energy, everything is energy and living is a collaboration, an exchange of energies between ourselves and our life itself. Part of the journey we move through as a human being is to rest. When we rest we recharge. In Reiki, whether you are at a group healing circle or at a one-on-one session Reiki collaborates with you in this moment by providing the space to rest body and mind while re-charging and replenishing your beautiful vibratory creative energetic essence. When in the presence of Reiki one feels peacefully relaxed and allows the magnetic light to revitalize giving you the sensation of expansion, release and freedom. Peace of mind is not something you gain rather something you already have, all that is needed to feel it is for it to be activated. When we allow our system to be re-charged we are elevated ourselves into the infinite oceans of source consciousness, into the space of the Soul. Now that’s a perfect space to dwell in and work from, don’t you think?? 🙂


Re-Charge, Relax, Allow and Expand, Receive Reiki and you will find the perfect balance to live the happy-go-lucky life you want. These are 5 of the many awesome rewards Reiki gives us unconditionally.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read.


In Gratitude


Matriarchs Coming


The times of change are upon us. The Galactic Mother returns after a long cycle of rest, we are at the edge of Ascension, at the moment of our New Earth Rising.


The Grand Masters of Light are here for the Galactic Conference taking place within the no-space/no-time inter-dimensional layers of existence. There are many topics that will be discussed during this very important assembly, like the re-writing of the Codes of Co-Existence throughout the entire multiverse, but part of the highlight of this powerful gathering is the welcoming of the new force of power to the Golden Throne, the Matriarchs. The Mothers of all worlds, of all times.


What this means in contrast to how we’ve been living, on Earth and through the multi-Galaxy, is that this re-writing or re-programming serves as a reboot to the way we live in certain paradigms, like the Earth. The physical layers of the 3 dimensional experience is morphing. We are changing. We are not the same types of humans we were 100 years ago ….50 years ago!

This re-coding of magnetic light contains quite a lot of light substance, data, and this information has to be assimilated so that we may move through the new layers of existence with ease.

The Divine Feminine is hereto help us cope and adapt to the new Beings we’ve become so we may be ready to enter the higher frequencies of existence. We’re very much used to and comfortable within the denser 3d layers and our Matriarchs are here to gently guides us into our New Light, like the kind mother assisting her child in life’s challenges

This is a time of extraordinary change, we are so blessed to be here we chose to be here for this, now. NOW


Gaia Ma, our Mother, is the Grand Host of this leading edge movement. Lets join our hearts and Love Intention and hold space along side our Mother during this time of Cosmic Conscious Expansion … our re-birth as  One Love One Creation


You’re invited to join us Monday Dec 14, 2015 at 7pm for Reiki Energy Sharing followed by Satsang on this grand cosmic event in the lounge at Mystic Water Kava Bar, Downtown Hollywood


Galactic Conference On Planet Earth

Latest transmission from The Messengers of The Federation of Light

(link with details below)


global-healingIt is an honor and a privilege for us to hold such high space for Beings of this Divine Caliber to gather and share new lights about the coming ages and co-being within the realms of existence. We can get along, we can live together and we are on our way. Our world, our race, has been through so many shifts on every level imagined, simultaneously other races have also shifted and evolved and expanded their views and ways. We are at the time of a powerful merge of consciousness, a marriage between worlds. A Multiversal Union… U.N.I.ONE
Its almost ironic to me that the Galactic Federation would pick the Earth for an event of this importance, having still so many unconscious, un-united humans battling each other for the sake of illusionary power and control. ….When I asked the question Guidance responded and helped me realize I had been paying too much attention to the news instead of paying full awareness to Universal Guidance. …I shall not be fooled by mainstream tv 🙂
So what is happening?…
Have you noticed other beings walking amongst us humans? They have been for a loooong long time only now they don’t hide themselves as much as they use to. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing other human-like beings …as long as they have a head, arms and legs we seem to be fine with them and move on. We’ve stopped wanting to get to know others on a face-to-face level, with access to the internet our hunger for having a social life has morphed into a virtual social exchange. So lets get back to our roots and pay more attention to those who are near. How we interact with your surrounding makes a global impact, Think Globally. Act Locally. Access to our world will only improve, we will not lose anything we’ve gained, we can only expand.
forrest-vortexThere are beings of every race coming in to our Planet. I particularly noticed the amount of reptilians wandering about our Wholey green grounds. But so many other as well, we know them as mystical creatures like the Unicorns, this is in addition to the beings that have already been in our planet, like Angels of all levels and the Fae…the lovely Faerie Kingdom. Light beings from all corners of this precious multi-verse arena are coming together with the purpose of re-writing the multiversal Codes of Co-existence. It is time. We have evolved, all of us, so much that the time to review the codes of living has come. Elders of all worlds will be arriving, translators and processors and finding their places with the light layers of our planet to be ready for when this very important assembly begins. Your ancestors, the families from the Stars and other worlds will be coming in … and you my friend ARE INVITED!
Let’s welcome our guests of honor with the Grace and Respect they deserve, and make them feel at home.

Much of what we’ve been experiencing in drastic weather changes has a lot to do  with this cosmic event. Motherships from all corners are flying in creating an energetic ripple which we feel in the weather. Many of these high technology ships come in disguised behind the clouds …I know you’ve seen them.

Infinite Gratitude and Appreciation to these magnificent kind BEings who share with us and invite us to be a part of this divine ascension.


Want to know more?? There will be a satsang following our Reiki Light Sharing at 7pm held on this topic Monday Dec 14 at Mystic Water Kava Bar, Downtown Hollywood. Join us!


**Think Globally. Act Locally. Is a movement I created in 2003 to expand global awareness about individual ascension, ending world hunger, and finding emotional stability in world unity <3

Orion’s Deliverance 12.12.15

My dear Earth family, once again our elders from the Federation of Light have shared a super sweet message, I’m eager to share with you …so here it goes.

Our Divine Stars on Earth,

You have been in receiving mode for most of the 2015  trajectory, there have been infinite high frequencies flooding the earth channels delivering much light of wisdom in guidance on how to overcome the low frequency vibes wanting to settle on the planet. Much of the planet’s population has been focusing too much on watching the news and feeling the heaviness of war, fear and hatred. However, for the first time humanity is learning to rise above these lower vibrations and holding steady in higher vibratory realms of Hope, Peace and Love.
From New Moon 11.11 to New Moon 12.11

The conclusion of this year is no different. We are still passing through a vortex of positive energy that began with the New Moon in Nov . … the 11.11 gateway where the higher beings were reminding us to create deliberately, to bring our dreams to this reality. This continuous field of allowance is in full spectrum and comes to a temporary closing with the New Moon in Dec. the 12.11 gateway. Now we use the words “temporary closing” because it will appear as if the vortex of positive creation has closed but I reality it shifts to a other pinned point location ….still encasing the vibratory earthly planes only in the 4th dimensional resonance. In other words, bringing the process of creation one step up … faster manifestation.

The New Moon Vortex within the Soul Constellation of the Ram closes its portal on January 10, 2016 …. Making way for the new Soul Constellation to begin its reign; where a very playful year comes along ….more on that later.


We’re at the end of the month of November,and there are 11 days in December before the Day of Magnetic Activation for earthlings to bring about their intentional manifestation of their dreams, the vibratory waves are a perfect match up and we have an incredible opportunity to literally make these wishes and desires real tangible, feelable, smellable, enjoyable to the max experiences. Make it happen, the stars are all ligned up and ready to show you the way.

We’re at the tipping point….


December Day of Activation – 12.12.15

The great thing about numerology is you “don’t have to good at math” its  all about decoding the numbers … Cosmic Mathematics. If we split up these numbers we have 1 – 2 – 5

1 is the beginning. Creation. The All.

2 is creation in motion, flow, happening, moving to the next dimensional field up.

5 is change. A development in progress. Something different than the current. A shift.

There is also  1.1.1 …Then we have 2.2.5 …. We get 3 and 9

We all know 111 is the window of “think it so be it” Where we can reach in and bring in what we wish.

3 represents the 3 times of access during these portals of renewal this year.

9 represents completion

We have passed through the gateway of Renewal now we get to Re-Activate our sensory system. This is like a reboot after receiving an upgrade. You will find that your capacity to feel emotions is more intense, because you have released much of the density of the old pattern thoughts. E-motions feel more intense because the vessel is pure, you have cleared and cleaned the transitory passageways within your energy self. In other words, Pure Energy is flowing thru you with more ease because the mental/physical/emotional body has been cleansed. You are able to process pure energy with greater capacity, you are able to interpret light language with more ease because there is less resistance in your field.

Work with your Energy Field from now until the end of the year. Work with your MerKaBa. Work with your Crystal Light Field. Work with your Auric body. Access your Akaash. Activate your WHOLE perfect creative Self. You are a vibratory match to your Self.

This magnetic activation makes way for another super power to course in Their waves of wisdom. The elders of the Federation of Light are asking the sentients of planet Earth to align to these higher more radiant frequencies in readiness for Orion’s delivery, which comes in shortly after, as the new portal begins to show face. Orion is offering an extraordinary gift awakening to a New Light, an etheric upcharge, an upgrade between Soul & Spirit energies.

In sacred geometrical language, we have access to becoming a higher human vibrational being, a walking star light tetrahedron in a human body …. WOW! This is the cherry on top. So now more than ever before keep your vessel pure, focus on your now, on your creation here, allow its unfolding with ease, let go of resistance and let the magic happen in front of your eyes, you are the magic waiting to happen and you have all the tools you need.

“You have everything you need”


So my beloveds, I hope you have enjoyed this transmission. Life is a miracle filled with amazing experiences and we are on our way to be blown away even more by our divine reflection. Remember, look at the Stars and see yourself in them. Activate. Appreciate. Create.


In perfect Love and perfect Trust.

Yours truly


An Angel In My Closet

Its the sweetest thing to experience.

Ever since I was little I’ve thought of closets to be “tween places” an in-between place,  a door connecting two worlds, a way to move through realms.

angel-w-kittyIt was a rainy day sometime last year when I noticed my neighbor’s cat run inside my home and went straight into my bedroom …I figured she was probably looking for shelter from the rain. I quietly followed her in and saw her very cozy inside my closet. It warmed my heart. I’m a total animal person, I’ve had over 30 cats and 2 dogs, at one time. My doggies have now transitioned and the number of cats has gone down quite a bit, but they are still in my life ad I’m grateful for them every single day. I love animals  🙂

As time went on with each rain storm I knew …Lucy’s coming in, so I always try to keep the bottom area of the closet free of clutter so she can find her comfort and rest. Sometimes even one or two of my other cats will keep her company while the rain passes. They tend to take turns, but for the most part, what I’ve noticed is that the kitty that is feeling a bit under the weather is the one that chooses that space. Now, its no novelty that cats find comfort in hidden spaces, this is more of the dynamics of who gets to spend time in there. At one point, while I was out of town, Angie, a beautiful black tortie had had some issues maybe with another cat and one of her arms had come through the collar but because she had an open wound around her shoulder area the collar was starting to get stuck onto her skin …how terrible my poor thing, well my lovely goddess friend who was looking after them I my absence called me and we were able to fix the problem right away. When I returned home just a few days after that I noticed Angie had found comfort in the closet, spending time in there, during the day and specially at night. Once she felt better she was done.

Another of my sweet furry purry friends, two of them actually, have a type of feline epilepsy, very sad…

They were taking turns and sometimes sharing closet space until one of them, who was napping on top of my neighbor’s window awning had a seizure and fell off. She hurt her side pretty badly and I could tell her thigh and leg were very sore. Well, we did a of of Reiki Energy healing and lots of quality time and tlc. But I noticed that she had taken ownership of the closet, and the rest of the kitty family were pretty much giving her the space and time she needed to heal. She would only come out to eat, drink water and take care of her needs and right back to the healing closet she’d go. Until two days ago that I saw her napping, at noon, right outside in the yard, next to a couple of her kitty brothers and sisters. She still limps a bit but looks so much better and apparently feels a lot better.

Yesterday morning, it was not 5am yet and although It was still dark I could see the hint of brightness becoming noticeable in the sky while I looked outside my window. My little darling butterfly slept like a log and I was wide awake but not eager to start the day just yet. So I decided to stay in bed and meditate a bit. It was such a perfect moment to give thanks to Universe for everything … a divine time in time. And I remembered about the healing closet so I asked the radiant angel friends who are always near and I noticed a very gentle glow, orbish like, near the closet door. It filled my chest with such a feeling of majesty, I felt such Love and Respect for that Divine Light confirming its presence. I laughed-cried for a while feeling almost overwhelmed by Gratitude.

and then I thought “…..wow, there’s an Angel in my closet, what a sweet way to start this day”


11:11 Gateway

Cosmic Quiet New Moon


This is a message from the White Federation of Light, an energetic transmission regarding the fullness and vibratory adjustment that is being delivered by the 11:11 New Moon Gateway

There are many frequencies worth noting during this intense and wonderful 11.11 gateway. According to our dear ancestors and guides the White Federation of Light this portal is extreamly powerful on various levels.

Its worth mentioning that because we are now in the long awaited Age of Aquarius we are totally prepared to take this journey thru these higher frequency tunnels. We are better prepared mentally to understand the experience; physically, our bodies are able to withhold the energies as we travel and emotionally we have learned how to adapt to the vibratory changes needed to make the journey a delightful success, a true enlightening experience.

So what is this gateway all about … well, it really begins Nov 9th. At this point all Lightworkers and sentient earth beings will receive the call, a signal that the portal is ready to begin its process of appearance. We come forth to plow the path, ready the road ahead for the entering/exiting of this divine exchange.

At 12 AM on November 11th the door begins to open and the energies between the worlds will commence to flood in and through, merging spirit with spirit, light with light, magic with magic. This will continue for the entire day until 11:59PM of November 11th, where the gateway will close, until its next scheduled moment. What happens during this time is of amazing importance and it is imperative that we remain calm clear and peaceful during these hours. Because an interchange of energy occurs during the opening of these active portals, vibrationally speaking, the ripples these electric oceans create are very strong and may be “understood” if one is calm and with a clear head and relaxed body. So, if possible, find activities that include being alone and in the company of like minded people, because it is a magnifying type of energy, manifestation takes place practically immediately. Meditation, yoga, music are the more likely things we  ay find ourselves doing and wanting to do.

This portal comes during the time of a New Moon, creating an arena of peace and introspection. You may find that your inner self is focused on your thoughts, your life, your future present and past, your path. Open your Heart and allow your third eye to show you the images you need to see. Clarity comes as a delicious reward when we acknowledge and allow. Just sit tight and let the message thru, you’ll be glad you did.

This Quiet New Moon comes in full swing with the opening of this energetic portal. It brings us an opportunity for Renewal. This pertains to everything. EVERYTHING. It is a chance to instantly renew body mind and heart. Healing on every level we can possibly imagine, all we have to do is put ourselves in the right state of BeIngness, no place/no time and allow the healing light into our field. Activate the MerKaBa. Prqanayam (breathwork), yoga, meditation, chanting, dancing, dedicate the light of your soul to the Higher Self and flow free through the magic of the One Conscious Mind.


The 11.11 Gateway is also an invitation for expansion. When renewed we create more white space for new pranic force, meaning we grow, literally. Our bodies grow in the sense that they have the capacity to withold more energy force.  Our minds expand attaining better overstanding of the rules of this earthly existence  making it less stressful and more fun to live and co-exist with all earth sentient beings. We learn to see ourselves in the face of another, accept each other and slip into global unification, we become a true family.

Another delightful experience that comes with this powerful portal is that we enter a time to know our universe. This portal is not only a way to look outside of “our world” but also allows our star family to come thru and join our realm. There are many humans ready to depart with the purpose of exploration of other realms and at the same time there are starlight family members returning or coming through the portal for the first time. These divine beings are exchanging places to fulfill a high purpose. We are preparing to enter a lighter creative dimension and these Guides coming into our Earth Realm to assist us in fully comprehending the energetic arena we are flowing in to.

Lets welcome our StarLight family


I’ve Got My Broom


“a time of balance”

I’m at the supermarket with my darling sweet-pea faerie when I bumped into a goddess sistar friend and she notices I have a cinnamon broom in my shopping cart …she knows me well so it wasn’t a big surprise, but she made a comment about it anyway. She said: “you have your broom ready?” to which I replied: “yes, I get them every year”. She laughed and asked: “but what do you do with them?” and I said:” I usually have two, one at the front door and one parked in the back. I never know which door I’ll take to head out for a quick fly by 🙂 Then I take the old brooms and burn them in the bonfire the night of the equinox” this has been a personal tradition for years.

What does this time of the year bring, why is it such a big deal??

Well, for so many reasons. As we stand at the gateway of every seasonal change we are flooded by its delightful gifts and blessings. We’re at the time of the Autumnal Equinox ..one of my favorite seasonal transitions. I love so many things about this time of the year, but specially how Mother Earth begins to gradually change her gown and her colors flow from the bright colorful greens and reds of a hot summer to browns, oranges and yellows of fall. I also enjoy observing how we flow through the transitional phase of the season. Our attitudes shift in every way, we are getting ready for cooler temperatures, longer nights, the food we eat changes, the clothes we wear, its such a deep convergence. And because it is so there is a day of complete equality. The Equinox is a time of balance. No one gets more than another, its all equal. We’re all receivers. And the beauty about receiving is that the jubilee we feel as we receive lets go of aaaall resistance and that bliss we send off is what source is reading and, therefore, sending more in. keeping the balance, the ebb and flow. Just like that, Source and Creation exchange, interchange, share, there is relationship that can flow so smoothly when we let it. It’s the way it works, ask and you will receive.
Its great knowledge to have when we truly understand this. Its very important because we are directly affected by every seasonal change, and when we’re not having positive experience with it, during it, then that’s telling us we’re holding resistance against something, it needs our attention and must be addressed so we can move on. When we resist we stop receiving. Our emotions are how we read the flow of our life experience. It’s a lovely process 🙂
So take a short moment and check in with yourself, see what your emotions are telling you. Honor that side of you that connects you to the vibration of source. Match your creative intention to that vibration and create your life as you dream it. This time of year is a perfect time to start anew. Join in the seasonal festivities, surround yourself and your every thought with positive energy. Celebrate your life by honoring your self and your ability to create. Flow. Life is fun! InJoy

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