Yoga for the Chakras at sunrise

Yoga for the Chakras on Hollywood beach

**same location as full moon meditation**

6:30am – 7:30am

$5.oo is your investment

** begins June 22nd **

Let’s get aligned to our true Self by tapping into the powerful energies of the summer solstice

Get the day started in an Om’licious way! Join me on the beach at sunrise to practice a series of yoga exercises known as Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations. This combination of asanas has been created to bring overall balance to the being by stimulating the endocrine system, working with one’s own energy centers, or Chakras.

Inspired by the various styles of yoga, we begin with pranayama, a brief warm-up, and then dive right into the flow as we journey through the Chakra system. Yogi Tea will be served when we’re done and all are welcome to bring snacks and breakfast goodies. We will then feel exquisitely equipped to join the rest of the world.