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Everything that happens in a place or space remains imprinted in its very structure and influences the people who  live or work there. Repetitive patterns or traumatic events are more deeply imprinted and have a greater effect. If the person, people, group, or family have had unhappy relationships, poor health, financial problems, sorrow, anger, or any other difficulties or deep emotions, these energies may still likely linger in the space, building or home.

Many people deliberately choose to make House Clearings & Blessings part of their a yearly ritual ceremony maintenance to keep their space/home clutter free energetically.

This process clears out the old frequencies and brings in Higher levels of energy to allow “you”, the new energy, entirely new possibilities and fresh new experiences. It will inspire you to new levels of moving forward and letting go, helping you create more joy, confidence, clarity and ease in life.

If clutter is an issue, this Space Clearing can help discover the underlying reasons you have clutter.  Perhaps previous residents of the house collected clutter, then its likely those imprints are assisting your clutter to stay stagnant, or perhaps you experienced clutter during your childhood, those imprints have stayed in your field, and you may greatly benefit from this process.

“Our homes and workspaces can be places of strength and support to help us move forward in our lives”


A session can take from an hour up to 3 hrs, depending on size, number of rooms and other variables.

The Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremony itself has been designed by Rev Adriana LoveDriven, expert in her field for almost 20 yrs. It is not a religious ceremony, it does however contain elements from different cultures and traditions. The ceremony is very appealing to the senses, using sound, chants, fragrances, colors and texture.

It requires two or three walkthroughs. An initial walkthrough, where she gets a reading of the house’s energy and finds what she calls the heart of the house.

The second walkthrough for cleansing and clearing, and the third and final walkthrough, the blessing.

During the ceremony Rev Adriana will burn a blend of incense handcrafted exclusively for the occasion, there is also a blend of water, rose water and essential oils also handcrafted for the purpose of the house blessing. The act of such ceremony includes a lovely altar with items for the occasion, fresh flowers provided by both the owners of the home and Rev Adriana. All details are fully discussed during the consultation. 

A house has a Soul, and this soul becomes part of the family who lives in it. During the final walkthrough the house and her new family create an space to bond where they begin to create new family memories.

Clients are encouraged to participate. As they participate they find themselves entering a timeless space and look at life deeply. From here they can access a level where changes can take place.


  • To clear out the energy of the previous occupants. (something to consider even if you’ve lived/worked in the space for some time)
  • To help you manifest the things you want in your life, such as prosperity, relationships, better health, etc., specially if you’re feeling stagnant or limited.
  • To assist if going through a transition, such as relationship, career.
  • To help you sell or move from an old home or workplace and find a new one more suitable .
  • To improve harmony and productivity, if it’s the workplace, to help increase profits in business.
  • To gain a deeper sense of belonging in a place, rooting in.
  • To assist the healing process of anyone living in your home who is ill.
  • To cleanse the home after an illness
  • To cleanse the home after a separation, such as a troubled divorce.
  • To prepare the space for a new baby.
  • To make the space feel fresh and special.
  • To give yourself a fresh start if you’re feeling stuck in a rut
  • To enhance your spiritual development, transforming the energy of your home in your temple


Our homes and workspaces can be places of strength and support to help us move forward in our lives, be certain  of who we are and what we want, and stay focused on the most effective ways to express these parts of ourselves.  In order for this to happen these spaces must be clear of energetic clutter, balanced and infused with the right intentions. The Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremony is the perfect method to accomplish this.

What some people may not know is that after identifying areas in their lives that aren’t working as well as they would like, by introducing the Space Clearing process helps them to remove stagnation in their home or business environments that are connected to these areas of their lives.

Space clearing & blessing is also a way to support the family or individual to accomplish goals while realigning with their purpose.

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