Kundalini Yoga, Meditation

& Gong Bath Savasana

A Kundalini Yoga session brings you core healing, body nourishment, strength and flexibility, glandular de-calcification and activation, release of old and stagnant blocks and reintroduces the opened stream of creative consciousness. We begin with Pranayama (breathwork), then flow into warm-up exercises that prepare us for the kriya of the day (yoga set). To finish we slip into a sweet healing savasana (deep relaxation) with gong bath, followed by a meditation to seal in the kundalini activation. Reboot, Rewire, Rejoice!

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic, creative and energizing form of yoga. It is especially suited to the needs of busy people who want to stay calm, bright, and centered in a high-energy world. This deep and profound practice is a sacred science, known as the Yoga of Awareness, which focuses on physical exercises, breathing, meditation, mantra and relaxation. Perfect for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of his or her mind, body and spirit, and, therefore, lead a more happy, prosperous and fuller life.
This class is for beginners and advanced students alike.

date & time tbd

this class is both in person and via Zoom

for class schedule and details check out the LoveDriven Meetup Group

Class duration: 90 min.

Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur, goddess She.E.O. founder of LOVEdriven (Laws Of Vibrational Energy), is a Bio-Energetic Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur, goddess founder of LOVEdriven (Laws Of Vibrational Energy), is a Bio-Energetic Specialist, Human Activator & Holistic Living Coach, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Certified IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Teacher, RYT200hr, Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Aromatherapist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Wicca High Priestess, Galactic InterStellar Communicator, initiated in the White Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene & Shakti Code. Coming from a life of Earth healing and the implementation of Pure Positive Energy & Law Of Attraction, her gatherings are infused with the love and respect she has for the teachings, the holistic lifestyle, and the blissfulness of life, honoring the need for individual self study with the aim of improving interpersonal relations and common-unity. She gracefully draws from 20+ years of experience and an array of healing modalities, combining yoga conscious movement, energy work, light-body touch, grid activation, meditation and pranic exercises, fusing sacred geometry, Celtic Shamanism and Cosmic Meta-Sciences. Hari provides an opportunity to explore every realm from the Spiritual, Cosmic-Astronomical and of course, the Physical. All Is Love. Love Is All.