The path of the Lightworker has morphed into many forms throughout the years as it moves, shifts and flows with the ever-changing waves of life. To hear the calling into the field of Energy Healing means to embark on an adventure of deep self discoveries, it is entering a new world, it is becoming the new you. Welcome to your new life!

The LoveDriven School of Wellness offers a traditional approach to the the Usui lineage of Shiki Ryoho Reiki keeping the techniques pure and intact while also introducing powerful ancient Tibetan practices and modern Energy ReCalibrations.

Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you

Reiki can help you push away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions that constantly hang over you, such as old baggage, unsettled situations, old tape, limited beliefs, old traumas, etc.

You will first hand experience the joy of healing others, of watching for the first time their shock and astonishment at the healing power of Reiki techniques, just as you did.

It will bring you to a state of balance in your life, heal your Chakras, and fill you with contentment and a sense of deep understanding

“If you want to help others heal themselves and feel great Reiki can help you achieve that”

The Reiki School

Master The Art Of Energy Healing


These powerful teachings come from the Master of Reiki


Mikao Usui


Mikao Usui, the founding father of a form of spiritual practice known as Reiki, used as an alternative therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental illness. According to the inscription on his memorial stone, Usui taught Reiki to over 2,000 people during his lifetime. 



A journey of Self Discovery & Self Healing

The First Degree Course offers the basics for hands-on energy healing techniques as well as Reiki history and how to establish a Self-Healing routine. Upon completion of this class the student receives the Certification and has the ability to channel first degree Reiki which focuses on healing karmas, traumas and re-programming the old limited tapes of the conditioned mind.

A strong Energy Healer is one who has had the personal experience of energy healing and has walked the path of re-alignment of body, mind and Spirit. For this reason 1st Degree Reiki focuses on Self-Healing

The manual provided is in pdf format. The student is welcome to bring their preferred device should they wish to have the manual available during class, but it is not necessary as it is open discussion style.

This Course includes:

. History of Reiki

. Basic understanding and application of Hands-On healing techiques

. Channeling Energy

. Soul Family Reiki.

. Animal Reiki.

. Self Love Healing.

. Distant Healing basics.

. Pure Positive Energy & Basic Law of Attraction Implementation.

. Universal Laws of Magnetism.

. The Auric Body.

. The Chakra System.

. The Multi-Dimensional Being.

. Intro to Sacred Geometry



Pre-Registration $200

Registration the same day $250 ($50 Non-Refundable In Advanced to secure your spot, balance of $200 on arrival to class)

**Pre-Registration is encouraged as space is limited

Private Reiki 1 Class $300 ($50 Non-Refundable to secure your appt)


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Deepen your skills as an Energy Healer.

During the second degree of Usui Reiki discover advanced healing techniques, the three healing symbols, meditations and applications to bring your healing to the next level.





The second degree of Reiki unfolds the path of the Lightworker. The student gains deeper knowledge about the teachings and discovers techniques that are not only available and accessible to use in every day living but as a successful energy worker.


During the Second Degree course the practitioner will learn:

. Traditional Usui Reiki 

. Reiki ll symbols

. Charging Reiki water

. Light Body Layers: Deep Reiki connection and how to open the channels for energy flow within the energy body-layers

. Reiki Pranayama & Meditation

. Micro Cosmic Orbit

. Grid Adjustment Implementation

. Reiki Chakra Healing

. Psychic Surgery

. Hands-On practice, Traditional Hands Placement

. Laws of Vibrational Energy

. Leading Reiki Circles

. Basic Spiritual Coaching



Pre-Registration: $300

Registration the same day $350 ($50 Non-Refundable In Advance to secure your spot, balance of $300 on arrival to class)

**Pre-Registration is encouraged as space is limited

Private Reiki 2 Class $400 ($50 Non-Refundable to secure your spot)

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Master Your Craft as a Reiki Healer and Teacher

The third and final level of the Usui Shiki Ryoho course is the Master Degree. This course takes you on a journey of Self Realization as you witness yourself Becoming a powerful Lightworker, a Healer’s Healer, a Teacher, a Beacon of Light in your community. This means you are now fully equipped to hold incredibly powerful energy healing sessions as well as teaching the gift of Reiki healing. In this course Rev Adriana LoveDriven includes a Tibetan booster Attunement


During this course we will discover:

. Usui Master symbols & Tibetan Master symbols

. Leading Edge Tibetan Auric Clearing & Activation

. Master Pranic Activation & Moving Meditations

. Traditional Usui Master hands on application 

. Energy grids, fields & layers

. Psychic Surgery & Accessing the Higher Field of Light

. Attunements, create Reiki Practitioners

. Lead Reiki classes



Pre-Registration: $400

Registration the same day $450 ($50 Non-Refundable in advance to secure your spot, balance of $400 on arrival to class)

**Pre-Registration is encouraged as space is limited

Private Reiki 3 Class $500 ($50 Non-Refundable to secure your spot)

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. Each class is a full day 10am – 6pm. Manuals are digital PDF and will be emailed the morning of class. Students are welcome to bring their personal device if they’d like to have the manual accessible during class.

. There is  a lunch break and stretch breaks. Students are welcome to bring lunch/snacks. Snacks, water and tea will be served

. The student will have access to unlimited post-certification opportunities for live hands-on practice, (exclusive for levels 2 & 3) As a group we stay connected via group chat and set up in-person as well as facetime meetups as needed by the group for full support as they grow and discover themselves as energy practitioners.



To sign up for any courses offered, please note forms of payment accepted:

. Cash
. Venmo @LoveDriven, Cashapp $LoveDriven, Zelle (email or cell#)
. PayPal

Questions or for more details call or email Rev. Adriana LoveDriven 





Rev Adriana LoveDriven has been practicing and teaching reiki for over 15 yrs, and draws from 25+ years of experience in the field of Alternative Healing and Metaphysic Practices. 

Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur, goddess founder and SheEO of LOVEdriven (Laws Of Vibrational Energy), is an Ordained Interfaith Minister with The Alliance of Divine Love, Wicca High Priestess with the Church & School of Wicca, a Bio-Energetic Healer, Human Activator, Science of Life Coach, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Certified IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Teacher, RYT200hr, Reiki Master Teacher, Leptokinetic Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Galactic Communicator, initiated in the White Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene & Shakti Code. Coming from a life of Earth healing and the implementation of Pure Positive Energy & Law Of Attraction, her gatherings are infused with the love and respect she has for the teachings, the holistic lifestyle, and the blissfulness of life, honoring the need for individual self study with the aim of improving interpersonal relations and common-unity. She gracefully draws from 20+ years of experience and an array of healing modalities, combining yoga conscious movement, energy work, light-body touch, grid activation, meditation and pranic exercises, fusing sacred geometry, Celtic Shamanism and Cosmic Meta-Sciences. Adriana creates and assists in many Women’s Health and Wellbeing gatherings. She has a soft spot for animals and dedicates much of her time and energy on Animal Wellness Awareness. Adriana holds healing space for complete renewal of the Being, emotional activation and mental clarity, and provides an opportunity to explore every realm from the Spiritual, Astronomical and of course, the Physical.  She is an experienced Green Alchemist and features her magical blends at her workshops. Her focus on Balanced Harmonious Living has brought her to dedicate much of her work on creating Community Gatherings for Peace and Integration.

All Is Love. Love Is All