Haiti Fundrasier

Efforts Relief For Haiti

Please join us at Temple Beth El Tuesday, January 26th 7-8pm for kundalini yoga and a healing meditation to raise funds for those in Haiti.

Temple Beth El
1351 S 14th Ave, Hollywood Fla 33020

As some of you know the temple along with First Presbyterian church has funded together an orphanage in Haiti. Together they have provided housing, food and education to many children. So let us all gather and vibrate to them healing, love and support.

LOVE is an energy
LOVE is a power
LOVE is a strength
LOVE is a totality.
LOVE has no fear and no vengeance
LOVE has every answer.
— Yogi Bhajan

Donations: please make checks out to Temple Beth El and write in memo Haiti.
All monies will go directly to Haiti relief funds. Please consider a minimum donation of $10.00 for the evening.
Kindly forward to all you know.

Any questions please contact Jiwan Kaur www.jiwanyoga.com 954-445-6775

Thank you.

Temple Beth El
1351 S 14th Ave
Hollywood Fla 33020

Directions: please take 95 exit Pembrook Rd continue east to US1 cross US1 and continue to 14th ave take a left onto 14th ave and Temple will be on Left hand side between Wiley and Rodman St..

You may also reach the Temple from Hallendale Beach Blvd going east to 14th Ave take a right ( traveling North) continue straight until you see Temple on Left about 5 miles or so.. you must pass Atlantic Shores Blvd.

Native American Comments & Graphics

January 2010 Cold Moon

Native American Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

January Full Moon – Cold Moon

January 30, 2010, Saturday, 1:18am

Many Native American tribes name the months or “Moons” based on important local natural events. To the Cherokee, January is the Cold Moon. Fierce northern air howls down to strip the heat from the world. To the Choctaw, this is the Cooking Moon. Dried fruits, vegetables, and meat from storage help the tribe survive the cold winter, but they take a long time to cook. To the Dakota Sioux, this is the Moon of the Terrible. Not only can winters on the plains be devastating, but many legends relate dire events–and this is a time of year for telling stories.
January is the peak of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The nights are long and dark. The weather is harsh and cold. Honor this time by working with its quiet, introspective energy. Now is a good time to make warm winter clothes if you knit, crochet or sew. Cook foods that take a long time to prepare, such as soups, stews, and slow-cooker recipes, or bake winter root vegetables, such as potatoes and turnips.
For ritual themes, consider the home and hearth. Tell stories to create the framework of a ritual or to socialize afterwards.

by Elizabeth Barrette
Taken from Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2010, Llewellyn Worldwide