Full Moon On The Beach

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on the Beach
Sunday • September 11, 2011 • 7:30pm

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on the Beach

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach.
1301 S Ocean Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33019

(A1A turn onto Azalea Terrace. Park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach.)

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Every Full Moon the Kundalini Yoga Instructors of South Florida put together a wonderful gathering on the beach in honor of the Full Moon.
The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion and open our heart centers.

Please join us for a divine kundalini kriya which will awaken our light within and with out! We will continue with a devotional meditation to honor the lunar energy allowing our hearts to open and guiding us closer to our “sat nam”, our truth …our essence of who we really are.

Bring water, a yoga mat and/or blanket to lay on the sand, and coins for parking.
Love donations welcome.
Each month, all donations received go to various charities or to a person who is in need.

Various teachers lead the full moons if you are interested in leading a full moon and are a kundalini yoga teacher please contact Rev Adriana Hari Gobind Kaur @ lovedriven@gmail.com
If rain events are canceled.

Come join us to manifest our prayers and meditate on the beach together, creating a beautiful opportunity to channel our emotions into devotion, and to use the sacred energy of the moon to open our hearts to kindness and compassion by doing yoga and longer meditation .

Full moon meditations are held on Hollywood Beach Behind the Hollywood Cultural Arts Bldg.

. Bring water
. Coins for parking
. A mat and/or blanket
. If rain events are canceled. For weather updates call 646.508.1394

The Cosmos This August

The stars may give August a roaring welcome, but they can’t resist throwing some obstacles your way … just to keep life interesting, of course!

The action begins on August 1, and you couldn’t ask for a more pleasant way to start the month: Affectionate Venus sends a flirtatious smile to outlandish Uranus, just as the Sun shines its light upon extravagant Jupiter. However, the very next day, August 2, sees aggressive Mars move into sensitive Cancer and pair with dreamy Neptune, at which point befuddlement and confusion will begin to reign.

Adding to the sudden disarray, Mercury turns retrograde between August 3-26, a transit that will push your plans and communications into turmoil. Remember to keep taking long, slow, deep breaths throughout this retrograde period!

On August 4, Neptune, also in retrograde mode, moves backward from Pisces to Aquarius. Ideally, this aspect will create enlightened, humanitarian attitudes; however, it can also bring uncertainty about the future, as well as changes to scientific beliefs and social values.

Meanwhile, Mars, still discombobulated in Cancer, runs into Uranus on August 9, then Pluto on August 11. Each of these transits will add to the current chaos, while exposing you to a higher level of risk and increasing your likelihood to make foolhardy decisions. These can be rather disruptive, difficult aspects … but fortunately, they won’t last long.

Then, on August 13, when the Full Moon rises in Aquarius, you’ll feel pulled between friends and loved ones, and also torn between self-preservation and working toward the greater good. Finally, on August 16 and 17, the Sun in Leo tips its hat to two planets — first Venus, then Mercury — and you’ll be able to sweep your troubles aside and bask in the love and joy all around you.

Furthermore, once Mars turns its attention to Jupiter on August 18, you’ll feel more confident. Get ready to achieve new success — and possibly even benefit financially, though in an odd and unexpected way.

Enjoy the fun while it lasts, because on August 23, the Sun moves from Leo to Virgo. Playtime is over — you’ve got work to do and responsibilities to attend! Two days later, on August 25, Venus and Pluto help you make progress, both at work and in your relationships. However, Mars and Saturn square off that same day, upping levels of frustration and making you more accident-prone. Tread carefully and put all your energies into a task requiring great focus.

The month comes to a close with Jupiter going retrograde in Taurus on August 30. At this time, you’ll need to scale back any big spending plans you have — or put them on hold altogether.
by Astrology.com