Computers and the Craft

This one is for the techy-witchies out there. I found it very educational and helpful, and so I’m sharing it now with you ^_^ I hope you enjoy!

Witches have taken to computers like ducks to water because the technology is incredibly useful. But are you applying your witchcraft to your computer?
For example, do you use magic to protect your computer? To physically protect your computer, use a guardian figure, like a small dragon statue or a small protective goddess or god image. Set this on top of your CPU or monitor. Invoke the spirit or deity and ask it to protect your computer and other equipment. Do not burn incense or sage around your computer, however. Smoke of any sort contains particles that can clog up moving parts, which can reduce air circulation and cause overheating. If you must use incense, do it when the computer is off. If you have a laptop with no place to put such a guardian, you can find a picture to put somewhere on your laptop or carry a tiny figure in your laptop case. You could even have a wallpaper display a protective image.
If you are keeping your Book of Shadows or other materials related to your Craft practices on your computer, you should consider either password protecting or encrypting those files (if you know how to do this). This is especially important if you share your computer, but useful even if you have your own. Computers may get lost or stolen, and eventually you will upgrade and discard or recycle your old computer. Check the help files for your word-processing program for details on how to password protect your special files.
Your passwords can provide magical as well as mundane protection. Mix numbers and letters, and, if the application is case sensitive, mix upper and lower case. To avoid words found in an ordinary dictionary, go to an old grimoire or other book of magic that uses unusual words. Pick a few names that are associated with communication or protection. Associations with Mercury or Mars are good, but avoid evil or chaotic names. Change passwords on a regular basis, at least every holiday, if not every New Moon. If you use numerology, the numbers may also be chosen according to your intent.
Of course you do regular backups. Wednesday, the day of Mercury, is connected to communication, so its a good day if you do weekly backups. Do an extra set of backups a day or two before Mercury goes retrograde (see chart below for Mercury retrograde dates for 2010), when communication will be more difficult and more likely to get quirky.
Defragmenting the hard drive, often just called defragging, gets rid of the extra dead space, allowing you to store more information on your hard drive and enabling your computer to find that information more quickly and easily. Because this is a form of banishing, I would recommend that you defrag the hard drive during the waning Moon.
My favorite thing about computers is email. I can email my coven about an idea I’ve had for a ritual, or ask who left behind a baking dish, even though its nearly midnight. I don’t have to worry about who is awake, and I can tell everyone the same thing at the same time. (There are also file-sharing programs that can enable your group to share the writing and revising of rituals online.) One etiquette note: if you are sending email to a larger group, additionally to your coven and/or other small group of friends, use “bcc”, blind carbon copy, so the email addresses of the recipients aren’t displayed. It keeps people’s email address private, which is very important to some people in the Craft.
Since email is all about communication, during Mercury retrograde be sure to reread everything before you send it to ensure it says exactly what you mean. Also, be sure to pause before responding to any email sent. As you follow-up, even if a message seems somewhat alarming, be prepared to cut other people more slack about what they intended to say during this time because Mercury retrograde affects everyone, whether they know about astrology or not.
If you are online, you have to decide how much you want other people to know about you and your practices. Would you prefer that people like your employer or your landlord not know you are a Witch?
Pick a pseudonym that resembles neither your legal name nor your Craft name. Get a separate email account from a free service such as Gmail or Yahoo!. Give as little information as you can, such as giving only the city you live in, or the general area. Since many online sites want your name and email, its not a bad idea to come up with a name and email address you use only for surfing, to keep your main email address from attracting so much spam as to make it unusable.
Other things you can do to protect yourself online, besides the usual mundane warnings, include spells to keep away viruses and other malware, and against spam. Make a talisman in the shape of your cursor icon, an arrow, for example. Color it bright red, or make it out of red paper. In black letters, write the word “avert”. Chant “avert virus, avert spam, avert worms, avert harm”, several times, ending with “Avert!” shouted as loudly as you can. Fasten this to the upper right corner of your monitor, with the arrow pointing toward the center of the screen.
If you want to attract people to your website, come up with a short phrase that sums up your desires: “Buy my magical herbs”, or “join my group”. Reduce the phrase to one word made up of the nonduplicate letters, for example, “readmyblog”. Place those letters in the html or other code for the page in such a way that is doesn’t display.
Another way is to come up with a sigil of attraction, and place it in the background of your webpage nearly -but not quite the same- color as the background. As an added bonus, doing this will also enable you to find out if someone is copying your webpages and using them without your name.
by Magenta Griffith, Llewellyn Worldwide

Planetary Retrograde in 2010: Mercury

– 12/26/09 09:38am
– 04/18/10 12:06am
– 08/20/10 03:59pm
– 12/10/10 07:04am

International Mother Earth Day

In 2009 the UN General Assembly designated April 22 as International Mother Earth Day, recognizing that Mother Earth is a common expression for the planet in a number of countries and regions, and reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species, and the planet we all inhabit.

In support of our home, Mother Earth, and in its work as a UN NGO, 3HO Foundation celebrates April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Click here for information and resources. Have a healthy, happy, and holy Mother Earth Day and every day.

Team 3HO Foundation

Into The Month Of Alder

As a creature of Mother Earth I am aware of and understand the deep connection between the Earth and I. It is an absolute joyride to work with the tools Nature shares with us, co-creating the life of abundance we want to live. When there is knowledge, or the openness for it, there is abundance; and knowledge is EVERYWHERE in Nature. Observe the land and the space around you, if you dont see anything or nothing strikes you then observe more carefully, because most likely you are still being distracted by the veil of reality.

As geomancer I can hear the voices of the ground, of the earth. I can hear the words whistling in the wind and the whispering trees, I can hear Mother Nature’s voice singing her melody, her tunes as she creates our landscape. I can feel her excitement as she makes beauty, just for us, to nurture us, to educate us, to remind us things are way more than our eyes can see!
With much Joy I send you divine hugs in the Greatest Degree of Love

Your friend,

Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins

The alder tree corresponds to the Ogham letter fearn (fair-n) and whispers to us of our inner teacher of oracle and supports the bridge to our subconscious. Used to make shields and associated with the Celtic hero and oracle Bran the Blessed, the alder tree can provide shelter from emotional influences, allowing you to see clearly things that you may have overlooked. You may ask the alder tree for inner spiritual guidance to a question.
Fill a glass with water and before you go to sleep, holding the glass of water before you, ask yourself the question. Keep a pen and paper handy to record your dream – when you awake, the answer to your question should be revealed. With your finger, trace the alder/fearn symbol over the glass, and drink the water after you hold it high. Repeat the following three times:

Alder tree, guide of might,
Grant me intuition on this night.
Blessed Bran, alders trees kin,
Show to me the sage within.

-by Mickie Mueller

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

March 2010 Windy/Storm Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

New Moon in Pisces, Monday, March 15, 2010 5:01pm

* * *

Full Moon, Monday, March 29, 2010 10:25pm
enters Libra 7:20am
Storm Moon / Windy Moon

* * *

The Storm Moon

According to the Cherokee, March is the Windy Moon. As winter turns to spring, storms sweep in and high winds damage trees and homes.
The Choctaw call this the Big Famine Moon as reserves have been exhausted, but the renewal of life has yet to produce new foods to eat.
The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow. On the plains, snow still falls, reflecting the strengthening light of the Sun.
March holds the transition between winter and spring, a turbulent time of both hope and danger. Keep a wary eye out for severe weather. On the first warm day, avoid the temptation to run out in light clothes. Instead, dress in layers so you can respond to rapidly changing conditions – you’ll catch fewer colds. Watch for the first signs of returning life, and rake mulch away from spring flowers as they sprout. Offer food to wildlife as long as its consumed; put out scraps of fabric or string when birds begin to build nests.
In ritual space, honor the quickening life in the world around you. Use its burgeoning energy to work magic to empower new projects -plant young trees, launch a life-oriented business, or explore educational opportunities. –Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn Worldwide

White Tantric Yoga in Miami


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