Halloween decorating: Utahns spare no expense on scares

“Utahns seem to like decorating for Halloween almost as much as at Christmas.

Just ask Jim Lauscher of The Village Christmas Shoppe at Gardner Village, who said business in Halloween decorations is already brisk.

‘Halloween in the state of Utah is the second biggest holiday for decorating,’ he said. ‘I am from the Midwest, and on Halloween people dress up the kids for one night. Here they are starting to decorate the inside and outside of houses on Oct. 1.

‘The other thing about Halloween is that price doesn’t matter,’ he added. ‘I have trouble selling a $100 Christmas item, but selling a $200 witch is no problem.’ “ (via Salt Lake Tribune)

Source: Pagans.net

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Affirmations for Daily Living

– I am at peace with the Universe.
– I love and accept myself.
– I am unique and loving, loved and free.
– I am safe and always feel protected.
– I acknowledge all of my feelings because I am in touch with my feelings.
– I am surrounded by loving, caring people in my life.
– I am loving and accepting of others and this creates lasting friendships for me.
– I trust my inner being to lead me in the right path.
– I do all I can every day to make a loving environment for all those around me, including myself.
– My inner vision is always clear and focused.
– I am at peace in the midst of chaos and madness, no person, place or thing has the power to upset me.

Affirmations for Health

– I have the power to control my health.
– I am in control of my health and wellness.
– I have abundaant energy, vitality and well-being.
– I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
– I do not fear being unhealthy because I know that I control my own body.
– I am always able to maintain my ideal weight.
– I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life.
– My mind is at peace.
– I love and care for my body and it cares for me.

Affirmations for Abundance

– I am a success in all that I do.
– Everything I touch returns riches to me.
– I am always productive.
– My work is always recognized positively.
– I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential.
– I am constantly adding to my income.
– I always spend money wisely.
– I always have enough money for all that I need.
– I am rewarded for all the work I do.

Affirmations for Peace & Harmony

– I am peace with myself.
– I am always in harmony with the Universe.
– I am filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth.
– I am at peace with all those around me.
– I have provided a harmonious place for myself and those I love.
– The more honest I am with those around me, the more love is returned to me.
– I express anger in appropriate ways to that peace and harmony are balanced at all times.
– I am one with the inner child in me.

Affirmations for Spirituality

– I am free to be myself.
– I am a forgiving and loving person.
– I am responsible for my own Spiritual Growth.
– I have given myself permission to be at one with the Universe.
– My strength comes from my practice of forgiveness.
– I am worthy of love.
– The more I love, the more love is returned to me.
– Love is eternal and ever-lasting.
– I nurture my inner child, love her/him, and have allowed her/him to heal.
– I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy.

Affirmations for Guidance

– The presence of God within is my constant companion that guides me in making right choices.
– With God as my guide, I move closer each day to perfect fulfillment.
– As I turn within to listen to the counsel of God, I receive divine wisdom and direction.
– With a heart open to God, I am inspired to right action and I am directed to my good.
– The light of God makes my way clear as it fills my mind with wisdom, inspiration, and understanding.

Praying With Power

I give this book: 5 STARS

by Jose Luiz Stevens

Explore the many facets of praying, techniques, positions, and more.

From the book …

Good Positions for Praying:
– Shamans in the ancient Toltec tradition stood facing the sun with legs apart and knees bent; the back, shoulders, and head arched far back; face straight up toward the sky; and the arms outstretched to either side, palms facing up.

– Followers of the Japanese Zen Buddhist faith sit on the floor in the lotus or half-lotus position (legs folded underneath the body) with the right hand resting in the left palm, thumbs touching.

– Try lying on your back outdoors facing the sky with your back to the earth. Imagine your body is a seed in your abdomen, then free your mind and let it soar upwards. Pray with an open heart.

Molasses Cures

Thanks to the wonderful feedback we have received over the past eight years, blackstrap molasses appears to be making headlines as one of the best home remedies around! We have emails from our readers about blackstrap molasses curing cancerous tumors, fibroid tumors, anxiety, constipation, edema, heart palpitations, anemia, arthritic pain, joint pain, and acne, just to name a few. It has also been reported that molasses turns gray hair back to its original color and is a wonderful skin softener!

1 Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses, first thing in the morning.

1 TBLS Blackstrap Molasses
Hot Water
3/4 cup Milk or Soymilk

Add molasses to a glass and add just enough hot water to cover the molasses. Stir until dissolved. Add ice and then top off with either Milk or Soymilk. Avoiding milk?’Try vanilla or chocolate soymilk. Even yummier is to blend the whole concoction.

Regular ole molasses is the first or second boiling of cane sugar syrup while blackstrap is the third boiling of the syrup. Iron levels appear to increase 5% in the 3rd boiling (see Nutritional Chart).

Folk Remedies and Holistic Cures – EARTHCLINIC.COM

October & Its Festivities

Every being is always receiving that which is a vibrational match to whatever they are offering.

Let’s welcome the month of October and let’s celebrate the season!

So, what are you offering? Are you happy with what you’re receiving? As we gently spin away from the Sun, the year slowly shifts into its last quarter and the light is gradually waning down. What are your plans for this month? Are you ready to finish your projects for the year?, or will you carry them over into the new year?
Enter the month of October we are already in full celebration with Ramadan, which comes to its completion on the 2nd. October is my personal favorite month of the year because not only is the celebration of Samhain, most commonly known as Halloween, but it also kicks off the holiday season, and the colorful Autumn season has begun to settle in, that is, in the North, as playful Spring arrives in South. Our look, first hand, at the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
Interestingly, depending on each cultural belief, this month could bring hard work, or none at all. For example, Yom Kippur, which is on October 9th, is traditionally observed by fasting, prayer, abstaining from physical pleasures, and refraining from work. Yom Kippur is the climax of the Yamim Noraim (“Days of Awe”), and with Rosh Hashanah (at the end of September) forms the Jewish High Holy Days. In accordance with Leviticus 23:27 the date of Yom Kippur is the 10th day of Tishrei (“the tenth day of the seventh month”) in the Hebrew calendar.
Columbus Day is October 13th, Sukkot begins on the 14th, the same day of the Full Moon. This month the Full Moon is in Aries. On the 22nd the Sun enters the eighth house of the Zodiac, the sign of Scorpio; the New Moon is the 28th, the same day the Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins. And on the 31st we celebrate Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows Eve. In the Northern Hemisphere it is still a time of harvest, the last of the year; back in the old days when labor was all done by hand, it meant a lot of hard work, followed by celebration and finally rest.
Samhain is a very important holiday in a Witch’s year. Being a time of reflection, we remember and honor our ancestors; and since it is one of the two times a year when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, we attempt at this time to establish communication with other worlds and those who have crossed.
To those in the Northern half of the world this holiday is about death, completion and transition, when Nature wanes into the end of another cycle, the Winter season, a time to remember all that has died in the course of the year. Life feeds on life. In the Southern Hemisphere October carries in a time of rebirth and renewal, restoring the land and thus maintaining the balance of the Grand Design.

I hope you enjoy the journey this month inspires you to take, as you begin to prepare for new resolutions and setting new goals.
Remember … there are always reasons to engage in joyful celebration. The more celebratory energy you “produce” the more you send off into the air, spreading it throughout the world. This is how we heal the planet, and reduce the negative energies that dwell over it’s green and watery surface. Don’t forget that whatever you celebrate make sure you do exactly that … celebrate! Bring happiness into your life, let the joyful energy surround you, blessing your home, your path, and every choice you make.


It is believed that the spirits of the dead remain wandering until Samhain, when they can finally cross to the “other side” to rest, as the passage between the living and underworld is open. With this doorway between worlds slightly ajar, the festival of Samhain is also regarded and respected as a time that allows mischievous and restless spirits to make a temporary return to our world.
On this night, take a symbolic journey to the underworld with a virtual or actual walk in a labyrinth. The mystical labyrinth is believed to be a metaphor for the journey of death and rebirth as you travel through the spiral patterns to the core and return on the same path. If you can visit a labyrinth, take the journey. Or you can mark out a temporary labyrinth on sand, or on the ground with twigs, sting, or tape. As you travel to the center, leave behind thoughts and images that no longer serve you, shedding unnecessary emotional burdens. Upon reaching the center, stop and imagine you have arrived at the underworld where you can communicate with loved ones who have died. On your walk out, focus on the release and rebirth and enjoy the symbolic transformation. –by Emely Flak. Courtesy of Llewellyn Worldwide

Another type of Samhain celebration is a Dumb Supper, a meal eaten in silence, communing with the spirits of those who have died. Traditional foods for the Dumb Supper vary, but they should be the favorite foods of those you plan to honor. Set a formal dinner table, with a tablecloth and your best dishes, as you would for any honored guests. There should be several more places set than living guests attending. The meal should not begin until after dark, and use candles for lighting, not electric lights. Allow the candle to burn until they have gone out. Photos and mementos of those who have died may be placed on the table or someplace else in the room. For the feast itself, people enter the room in silence, serve themselves or pass dishes, and eat without speaking or making any sound if at all possible. Be sure there is a libation plate and bowl; some of each liquid should be put in the bowl, some of each solid food placed on the plate.
Afterward, these should be given to the earth by placing them in a compost heap or burying them in the garden. In this way, many Witches honor their dead and celebrate the harvest at Samhain. –by Magenta Griffith. Courtesy of Llewellyn Worldwide

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