June’s Planetary Event & FM Lunar Eclipse

This Saturday, 26 June, is a very powerful time window – there is a full moon-lunar eclipse while 7 planets align in a GRAND CROSS!

Message from the Pleiadian-Sirian Councils of Light: ‘Dear Earth beings, we encourage you to TAKE TIME OUT on this one day. Understanding that this very planetary alignment, combined with the lunar eclipse, so soon after your Solstice – this is an opportunity, one such as Harmonic Convergence was – in which, if you are in a state of love and connection and unity consciousness – if you succeed in this, it is planted forever – not only on your Earth planet and in this density , but through all dimensions. You will be seeding joy and bliss and harmony throughout your galaxy and universe!’

I was inspired to ask my guides about the 26th June 2012 after reading Werner Johannes Neuner’s de-coding of the Wilton Windmill Crop Circle of June 22nd. He proposes that the sun is uniting 2 poles on this day – and a ‘new, corrected reality’ can be initiated at this time if enough of us move into love and balance. Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

On June 26, we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon exactly opposite in Capricorn. Eclipses come twice a year, and they always come in pairs – a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse – a fortnight later. The corresponding solar eclipse falls on July 11. This partial lunar eclipse will be visible over Western US and Canada, Alaska, Antarctica, Australia, the Middle East and East Asia.

Once upon a time, eclipses were feared as harbingers of doom but today they are recognized as important staging points in our path of personal development when – if you choose – we can become more fully yourselves. Eclipses, however, have proven to coincide with difficult events in the outside world as well.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon is positioned in between the Sun and Earth, cutting of the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse always occurs during a new Moon and is considered to denote the start or beginning of something new in our lives. A lunar eclipse, on the other hand, occurs when the Earth is positioned between the Moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. Lunar eclipses always occur during a full Moon and are supposed to mark the end of something in life.

What a Lunar eclipse requires is that you balance two opposites in your life. For example you need to be a strong individual as well as be compromising in a relationship. You need to be of service to yourself as well as to others. You need to give space in your life to friends as well as to loved ones. You need to protect your own security as well as co-operate over money. You need to pay attention to detail as well as keeping the big picture in mind.

This particular lunar eclipse aligns with other major celestial influences, with seven planets participating and it is going to carry a big punch! The eclipsed Moon will be exactly conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn against a backdrop of a square between Uranus and Pluto, as well as squares with Jupiter and Uranus both in Aries and Saturn in Virgo also in a square alignment forming a Grand Cross in astrology, which is a big event. Jupiter may help to ease the strain, bringing a ray of sunshine and some lucky breaks.

But be prepared – things may get intense and you may get more than one hint about areas in your life that need radical changes. Astrology.com

Summer Solstice, Honoring the Fire Lord

The Summer Solstice is a combination of joyous celebration and the realization that the wheel has reached a pinnacle and is now turning toward the dark again. It’s a time to gather loved ones close and to celebrate community. If covens have hived off during the year, the Summer Solstice is the time for them all to gather with the original coven.
Participating in a large celebration is one of the joys of the Summer Solstice. Whether its a group of covens reconnecting, a family reunion, or a neighborhood block party, the spirit of the community is paramount. Sharing food, experiences, and games contributes to bonds. Making a tub of potato salad or batch of brownies enhances the festivity of solstice.
And yet, a few quiet moments in a darkened room with a lit candle, honoring the fact that after today, the wheel has turned and the light will fractionally shorten everyday, will give you a sense of peace. It is a time for inner connection as well, because the inner and outer communities are interwoven. That can be represented with the brightly colored woven placemats so popular during this season! by Cerridwen Iris Shea, Llewellyn Worldwide

Yoga for the Chakras at sunrise

Yoga for the Chakras on Hollywood beach

**same location as full moon meditation**

6:30am – 7:30am

$5.oo is your investment

** begins June 22nd **

Let’s get aligned to our true Self by tapping into the powerful energies of the summer solstice

Get the day started in an Om’licious way! Join me on the beach at sunrise to practice a series of yoga exercises known as Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations. This combination of asanas has been created to bring overall balance to the being by stimulating the endocrine system, working with one’s own energy centers, or Chakras.

Inspired by the various styles of yoga, we begin with pranayama, a brief warm-up, and then dive right into the flow as we journey through the Chakra system. Yogi Tea will be served when we’re done and all are welcome to bring snacks and breakfast goodies. We will then feel exquisitely equipped to join the rest of the world.

Venus into Leo: Express Your Feelings!

The cosmos is busy with planetary activity as Venus gets ready to move out of emotionally self-protective Cancer into openly entertaining and fun-loving Leo on June 14 to stay there until July 9.

Leo is the sign of the burning heart and with affectionate, sociable Venus in place it will be a time for romance, fun, frivolity and flamboyant parties. Venus in a Fire sign is never backwards about coming forward to express feelings or fancies. So whatever reservations or shyness has been holding you back will now be swept to one side. There might be a greater willingness for some of us to express our affections more openly as well as take risks in matters of the heart. This transit may also find you in a very generous mood.

Flirtatious Uranus which dislikes restraints of any variety is in an easy trine (120 degrees) to Venus on June 14 as well so who knows what may happen? You certainly won’t feel held back by considerations of what anyone else thinks. In long-term relationships there will be a chance to explore new activities and let a breath of fresh air blow through what has become stale.

Venus then is in trine to Jupiter on June 15, which is sugary sweet and amiable. You’ll want to gloss over difficulties, smooth off rough edges and be positive. by Astrology.com

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

June Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

New Moon in Gemini, Saturday, June 12, 2010 7:15am

* * *

Full Moon in Capricorn, Saturday, June 26, 2010 7:30am
Strong Sun Moon

* * *

Please enjoy another excellent work from Elizabeth B.

Strong Sun Moon

June is the Green Corn Moon. Corn is a vital crop in Cherokee culture. At this time, its green stalks grow quickly and put out their tassels. The Choctaw call this the Windy Moon- likely a reference to the summer thunderstorms that can spawn tornado activity. This is the Moon when Juneberries are ripe for the
Dakota Sioux, mainly hunter-gatherers who kept close tabs on ripening times.
June brings a world full of exuberant green energy. Both domestic and wild foods flourish. Corn remains a staple crop today. Many different berries and other soft fruits begin to ripen in June: juneberries, strawberries,mulberries, raspberries, and cherries. yet the tempestuous weather of early summer makes it prudent to keep an eye on the sky. Take advantage of the long days to garden or work outdoors.
Honor this season with celebrations of the Sun and of gardening. Do spells and rituals tied to the abundance of staple crops such as corn and their respective deities. If you don’t have a garden, visit a “you pick” berry farm to experience the effort -and enjoyment- of gathering your own food, much as your ancestors did. Be prepared to protect against violent storms.
by Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn’s Witche’s Datebook

Mercury's Dance

“Stepping back once in a while to see the broad picture will help, as will making lists so that nothing vital gets forgotten.”

On June 10, Mercury flies effortlessly into its own sign Gemini to stay there until June 25. Be prepared for heady times ahead. Mercury loves to chat, moves around restlessly and has a tendency to scatter its energy and focus. Gemini has the same inclinations -– better at breadth than depth and is known to be the master of multi-tasks.

Be prepared to disengage from minutia, since this is not the time to the time to slog on conscientiously at specialized tasks requiring attention to detail. Everyone will be skimming the surface, running to keep up with themselves and possibly going round in circles at times. Stepping back once in a while to see the broad picture will help, as will making lists so that nothing vital gets forgotten. This is a time to give freedom to your mind since this transit brings about greater mental flexibility and curiosity.

The following day, June 10, will be a day of high enthusiasm and great ideas. Mercury is in an easy sextile (60 degrees) to morale-boosting Jupiter and inventive Uranus. This is the perfect time for the seeds of new plans to be sown and acted on promptly, although you should be prepared to wait until June 12 or later for approval when Mercury squares pernickety Mars in Virgo. There will be differences of opinion and a few hot comments spilling out. But the challenge will force you to sort out what’s workable and what needs thrown to one side as idle dreams.by Astrology.com