A Word from Abraham-Hicks

A young Palestinian man was found in Israel; he had a bomb strapped to him. And when it detonated, it didn’t detonate properly and he was wounded. But he did not get the triumphant results that he was seeking; he did not blow himself up and the people that were around him. And so he was captured. And when the newsman was asking him, why did you do this? He said, “They killed my friend and I wanted to die.” In other words, it was that simple: “They killed my friend and I wanted to die.” We think that those pure and simple words speak to this (Middle East Crisis) more clearly than all other words that have been spoken. It is that feeling that you’ve done this to me, so I’ll do this to you, then you’ll do this to me, and then I’ll do this to you. And what happens in that is: It just gets bigger and bigger, and bigger. And no one ever wins. There is no triumph that ever comes from any of that.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Albany, NY on Thursday, October 4th, 2001

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Moon of 1001 Obeisances

The Capricorn Full Moon is the time to consider the polarities of leadership and service. One who wishes to lead must first learn to serve. Capricorn is the sign of mastery, and of service, performing thankless tasks willingly for the greater good. Bees and ants understand how service roles support the group.
Rituals are performed through the orderly fulfillment of roles and tasks, often using ritual tools. Undertaking humble tasks with a willing heart creates a unified spirit of sacredness.
A solitary practitioner may emphasize each task in the circle-casting and ritual procedure. Slowly move through the ritual , mentally assuming the role of acolyte, cup-bearer, circle-caster, and finally, invoker of a deity. Bow at each direction, and bow to the representation of the chosen deity.
In a group, these roles are assigned to each coven member, plus censer-holder, athame-wielder, paten-holder, etc. Each member concentrates on performing their task hummbly and quietly, without ego. Honor the gods through bowing, kneeling, gifts, and service. It is no coincidence that leaders are often those who gave the greatest service to the group and the gods.
by Elizabeth Hazel