Ostara & the Vernal Equinox 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Ostara, The Spring Equinox
Sun enters Aries

Ostara is the of hope, joy and expectation. The seeds planted at Imbolc are showing the fist signs of new growth. The tender shoots still have so much potential for growth. It’s the time to look forward toward a bright future. The earth awakens from its slumber, not just on the astral, but on the physical. What was only a thought at Imbolc becomes tangible at Ostara.
It is the equinox, the time of balance between the light and the dark, where the cycle is about to tip into the realm of the light, more and more each day until the Summer Solstice.
this is also a time to share good fortune. The tradition of decorating eggs can be as intricate as the Ukrainian art of pysanky, with elaborate designs filled with meaning, or as simple as eggs decorated with runes. After having the eggs for decoration, immerse them in bowls of seasonal colors (blue, green, pink, yellow). Once the color has set and dried, use paint or colored markers to adorn them with runes such as Feoh (wealth, cattle), Gebo (gift), Wunjo (joy), and Sowilo (Sun). Distribute the eggs to family and friends, and, if you consume eggs and have hardboiled them before decorating them, eat them to ingest the good wishes for the coming cycle.
by Cerridwen Iris Shea

Source: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2010

If you do not consume eggs and have decorated non-edible eggs, place them on the altar as an offering in appreciation for receiving the good wishes in the coming cycle.

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Chakra Workshop

A Chakra Balance Workshop

Learn all about your Basic Chakra System and enjoy the feeling of a well-balanced state of being!
Heal your self from within.


During this Chakra Balance Workshop you will:

  • Understand what and know where your Chakras or “Energy centers” are located, how to tune into them and bring them into alignment.
  • Learn what color, sound, scent & other properties belong to each chakra, and how to apply this to your own Chakra System and your life.
  • Breathe, stretch and meditate tap into that inner Energy and bring your chakras into balance.
  • experience a guided interactive meditation through your own chakra system (class booklet and coloring pencils provided, you can bring pen & notepad) we will be taking notes.
  • short exercises to activate each chakra and stimulate endocrine glands
  • We will also discuss how to use a pendulum for healing and alignment, and how to incorporate crystals, singing bowls, tingsha chimes, mandalas and more!
Experience the exhilarating feeling of a well-harmonized state of being!
Saturday, April 9th

11am – 1pm

Cambria Suites Hotel, 141 SW 19th Court Dania Beach, FL

$20.oo in advanced | $25.oo at the door

To register (pay in advance):
** Early Registration is closed.

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Uranus in Aries

On March 11, Uranus will make a monumental shift into Aries, where it will remain for seven years after having resided in Pisces for the last seven years. Stubbornness, chaos, adventure and experimentation — as well as a craving for something new and unique — will all be the name of the game!

Uranus will help you release the past and move confidently into the future, but the more completely in tune you are with your personality, the easier and more successful the transition will be. This is an impulsive planet that loves out-of-the-box thinking, new technologies and freedom of expression.

Aries is a sign of action that can take Uranian ideals and make them a reality. While both are extremely stubborn — a characteristic that makes compromise nearly impossible — Uranus is also quite tolerant. You may not agree with people who aren’t doing something your way, but you’ll at least be willing to let them continue … as long as they don’t interfere with whatever you’re trying to do!

When Uranus was in Pisces, there was quite a bit of confusion and a general misunderstanding about what was happening below the surface. Once in Aries, Uranus will bring more clarity, and you’ll discover the courage to act without fear of consequences. Keep in mind, however, that practicality and foresight might present issues, and if you act without any thought at all, catastrophe could soon follow.

Will chaos reign? Perhaps. Are we in for an exciting seven years? Definitely!

So much change is about to come your way; how you handle it will depend upon how comfortable you are with yourself. by Astrology.com

March Moon 2011

New Moon March 4, 2011 3:46pm
* * *

Full Moon March 19, 2011 2:10pm
Storm Moon

* * *

Stonehenge Moon

Casting a circle creates sacred space to worship, meditate, heal, create, and commune with the spiritual realms. This Full Moon in Virgo occurs just before Ostara. Ancient henges, temples, and ziggurats feature archways that frame the light from the rising Sun on Spring Equinox.
Although modern Pagans haven’t built the next Stonehenge, gatherings begin with a circle-casting ritual to create sacred space tat is oriented to and defined by the cardinal directions – just like the ancient henges.
The solitary practitioner may wish to obtain a floor mat and paint a cross on it. Orient the cross to the points of the compass, and meditate on each quadrant’s elemental association and symbols.
At the coven gathering, dedicate gifts to each directional element as the circle is cast. In particular, honor the East and the equinoctial rising Sun. Emphasize that the circle is a sacred space were coven members have gathered to encounter the divine, to rise above their daily selves and connect with the season, the pulse of the turning Earth, the light of the revolving Moon. This bond is at the heart of Pagan and Earth spirituality.
— by Elizabeth Hazel