March Moon 2011

New Moon March 4, 2011 3:46pm
* * *

Full Moon March 19, 2011 2:10pm
Storm Moon

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Stonehenge Moon

Casting a circle creates sacred space to worship, meditate, heal, create, and commune with the spiritual realms. This Full Moon in Virgo occurs just before Ostara. Ancient henges, temples, and ziggurats feature archways that frame the light from the rising Sun on Spring Equinox.
Although modern Pagans haven’t built the next Stonehenge, gatherings begin with a circle-casting ritual to create sacred space tat is oriented to and defined by the cardinal directions – just like the ancient henges.
The solitary practitioner may wish to obtain a floor mat and paint a cross on it. Orient the cross to the points of the compass, and meditate on each quadrant’s elemental association and symbols.
At the coven gathering, dedicate gifts to each directional element as the circle is cast. In particular, honor the East and the equinoctial rising Sun. Emphasize that the circle is a sacred space were coven members have gathered to encounter the divine, to rise above their daily selves and connect with the season, the pulse of the turning Earth, the light of the revolving Moon. This bond is at the heart of Pagan and Earth spirituality.
— by Elizabeth Hazel

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