March Moon 2011

New Moon March 4, 2011 3:46pm
* * *

Full Moon March 19, 2011 2:10pm
Storm Moon

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Stonehenge Moon

Casting a circle creates sacred space to worship, meditate, heal, create, and commune with the spiritual realms. This Full Moon in Virgo occurs just before Ostara. Ancient henges, temples, and ziggurats feature archways that frame the light from the rising Sun on Spring Equinox.
Although modern Pagans haven’t built the next Stonehenge, gatherings begin with a circle-casting ritual to create sacred space tat is oriented to and defined by the cardinal directions – just like the ancient henges.
The solitary practitioner may wish to obtain a floor mat and paint a cross on it. Orient the cross to the points of the compass, and meditate on each quadrant’s elemental association and symbols.
At the coven gathering, dedicate gifts to each directional element as the circle is cast. In particular, honor the East and the equinoctial rising Sun. Emphasize that the circle is a sacred space were coven members have gathered to encounter the divine, to rise above their daily selves and connect with the season, the pulse of the turning Earth, the light of the revolving Moon. This bond is at the heart of Pagan and Earth spirituality.
— by Elizabeth Hazel

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The Moon In November

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

New Moon in Scorpio on November 6, 2010 at 128:52am EST

* * *

Full Moon in Taurus Sunday November 21, 2010 at 12:27 pm EST
Mourning Moon, Dark Moon

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November’s Full Moon

Mourning Moon
by Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn Worldwide

In Cherokee tradition, November is the Trading Moon. With the harvest in and necessary foods stocked up, this time before the full force of winter arrives is ideal for visiting and exchanging goods. To the Choctaw, this is the Sassfras Moon. When the mitten-shaped leaves turn orange and drop off, thats a good time to harvest the roots for flavoring beverages. The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon When Horns Are Broken Off. This may refer to the broken antlers that occur when bucks fight over mates.
During November, the earth goes dormant. Many plants die back. People and animals begin relying more on stored foods and fat reserves. Several species of large animals have their mating season in late autumn or early winter. Offer suet and other high-nutrient foods to wildlife. Magically, work spells relating to animals active at this time, such as deer totems. A piece of deerskin leather or some antler buttons can enhance the connection; but an image of a deer may suffice if you are not comfortable with using an actual deer belonging. Rituals may celebrate animals spirits or the introspective energy of the dormant season.

Full Moon in Taurus
by Joni Ross Astrology,

With the Sun in Scorpio, the cosmic message is to face our fears, own our power and let go of what is dying (Pluto). The Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, illuminates personal resources, possessions, sensuality, survival skills, self-esteem as well as anything that adds to the beauty, comfort, or satisfaction in our lives. Although many things are changing in the world, the Moon message in Taurus, is to enjoy life and the simple pleasure of living.

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March 2010 Windy/Storm Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

New Moon in Pisces, Monday, March 15, 2010 5:01pm

* * *

Full Moon, Monday, March 29, 2010 10:25pm
enters Libra 7:20am
Storm Moon / Windy Moon

* * *

The Storm Moon

According to the Cherokee, March is the Windy Moon. As winter turns to spring, storms sweep in and high winds damage trees and homes.
The Choctaw call this the Big Famine Moon as reserves have been exhausted, but the renewal of life has yet to produce new foods to eat.
The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow. On the plains, snow still falls, reflecting the strengthening light of the Sun.
March holds the transition between winter and spring, a turbulent time of both hope and danger. Keep a wary eye out for severe weather. On the first warm day, avoid the temptation to run out in light clothes. Instead, dress in layers so you can respond to rapidly changing conditions – you’ll catch fewer colds. Watch for the first signs of returning life, and rake mulch away from spring flowers as they sprout. Offer food to wildlife as long as its consumed; put out scraps of fabric or string when birds begin to build nests.
In ritual space, honor the quickening life in the world around you. Use its burgeoning energy to work magic to empower new projects -plant young trees, launch a life-oriented business, or explore educational opportunities. –Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn Worldwide

Full Moon Kundalini Meditation on the beach

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach

1301 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019

How to find us: A1A turn onto Azalea terrace park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach. Look for the people wearing white

Every Full Moon the Kundalini Miami Yoga Instructors put together a wonderful gathering on the beach in honor of the Full Moon.
The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion and open our heart centers.
Join us for an evening of kundalini yoga and meditation, and by the time we’re done the Moon is just rising and since we sit facing the ocean we have front row view, its just beautiful!

Lead by spiritual master and yogini Jiwan Kaur

Join us! 6pm-7pm to chant, elevate, and open our hearts to ourselves & ALL souls on our planet (and those waiting to come as well!!)

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach.
1301 S Ocean Dr. On A1A turn onto Azalea terrace park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach.
Look for the people wearing white. smile

Bring water, a yoga mat and/or blanket to lay on the sand, and coins for parking.

Donations welcomed

**if rain event is canceled**

For more information, questions, comments or feedback about this event please contact:

Jiwan kaur

“The energy of the universe is yours, it is your birthright, just claim it!” –Yogi Bhajan

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January 2010 Cold Moon

Native American Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

January Full Moon – Cold Moon

January 30, 2010, Saturday, 1:18am

Many Native American tribes name the months or “Moons” based on important local natural events. To the Cherokee, January is the Cold Moon. Fierce northern air howls down to strip the heat from the world. To the Choctaw, this is the Cooking Moon. Dried fruits, vegetables, and meat from storage help the tribe survive the cold winter, but they take a long time to cook. To the Dakota Sioux, this is the Moon of the Terrible. Not only can winters on the plains be devastating, but many legends relate dire events–and this is a time of year for telling stories.
January is the peak of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The nights are long and dark. The weather is harsh and cold. Honor this time by working with its quiet, introspective energy. Now is a good time to make warm winter clothes if you knit, crochet or sew. Cook foods that take a long time to prepare, such as soups, stews, and slow-cooker recipes, or bake winter root vegetables, such as potatoes and turnips.
For ritual themes, consider the home and hearth. Tell stories to create the framework of a ritual or to socialize afterwards.

by Elizabeth Barrette
Taken from Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2010, Llewellyn Worldwide

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December Blue Moon

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December 31, 2009 2:13pm Blue Moon
Lunar Eclipse, 2:22pm

This December has a second Full Moon. As this second full moon appears, just as the year ends, it brings a perfect time to honor new beginnings.

What is a “Blue Moon”?

A blue moon is a full moon that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern. Most years have twelve full moons which occur approximately monthly, but in addition to those twelve full lunar cycles, each calendar year contains an excess of roughly eleven days. The extra days accumulate, so that every two or three years (on average about every 2.7154 years), there is an extra full moon. The extra moon is called a “blue moon.” Different definitions place the “extra” moon at different times.
– In calculating the dates for Lent and Easter, the Clergy identify the Lent Moon. It is thought that historically when the moon’s timing was too early, they named an earlier moon as a “betrayer moon” (belewe moon), thus the Lent moon came at its expected time.
– Folklore gave each moon a name according to its time of year. A moon which came too early had no folk name – and was called a blue moon – bringing the correct seasonal timings for future moons.
– The Farmers’ Almanac defined blue moon as an extra full moon that occurred in a season; one season was normally three full moons. If a season had four full moons, then the third full moon was named a blue moon.
– Recent popular usage defined a blue moon as the second full moon in a calendar month, stemming from an interpretation error made in 1946 that was discovered in 1999.

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Full Moon in Pisces

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

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September 4, 2009 12:02pm – Harvest Full Moon

The Kundalini Miami Yoga Instructors host a monthly gathering on the beach in honor of the Full Moon.
The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion and open our heart centers.
Join us for an evening of lite kundalini yoga and meditation; by the time we’re done the Moon is just rising and since we sit facing the ocean we have front row view, its just beautiful!

Friday, September 4, 2009 7pm

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach.
1301 S Ocean Dr.
On A1A turn onto Azeala terrace park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach.
Look for the people wearing white.

Parvati Kaur will be leading this sacred meditation this month.

Bring water, a yoga mat and/or blanket to lay on the sand, and coins for parking. Feel free to bring some snacks to share after, if you like. We will serve Yogi Tea.

This event is free, donations are welcome.

**If rain Full Moon Meditation will be canceled**

“The energy of the universe is yours, it is your birthright, just claim it!” –Yogi Bhajan

New Moon in Cancer / Solar Eclipse

Total eclipse of the Sun, July 21-22, 2009

A total solar eclipse will occur this Tuesday evening at 10:35 PM. The energy around this solar event can be somewhat intense for three days before and three days after the eclipse, and you may find more emotions in the air, as we let go of old rigid patterns, and open more to our intuition. Yogi Bhajan said it is ideal to be in water around the time of an eclipse, and especially during the eclipse itself. That means any water: ocean, bathtub, pool, etc.
These days are also an excellent time to sing and chant spiritual music, meditate and be introspective in the company of spiritual, uplifting folks. It is a celebration of the Spirit, its power and its radiance. If you can, go to Kundalini classes wherever you are on Tuesday evening, or do a meditation at home, attend sadhana on Wednesday morning if you can at Yoga Source, or at home, to help process the energy.

We are also being advised to be aware while handling machines and motorized vehicles during the next 4-5 days. It is also suggested that we eat very lightly during this time and/or do some sort of cleansing or mono diet for a few days.

Some Suggestions for this time:

  • * Take advantage of the delicious Summer fruits and melons for a day, then switch to steamed veggies for a day, and finish up with mungbeans and rice for a day or so. The energy could be a little intense to go to the level of a juice fast. Keep it simple and easy.
  • * Be sure to drink plenty of water, adding a little lemon juice now and then for the electrolytes
  • * Avoid worry and frustration and hold on to your personal space of grace no matter what
  • * Do Kundalini yoga with others or on your own as much as possible to help focus on meditation and introspection in preparation for the eclipse
  • * Do Sadhana as much as you can during this time, and uplift yourself and all in song with chanting
  • * Try to spend some time during the day enjoying water…(beach, fountain, spa etc)

“The law of the universe is: Obey, serve, love, excel. And this law will never change. Religions will change, prophets will come and go, but those souls who would like to merge in God shall obey this law.” -Yogi Bhajan

The beauty of these moments is that they bring us together as a community in prayer to follow the teachings of our ancestors and use the power of the universe to heal and uplift ourselves, our families and communities. Let’s do it together! -Deva Kaur

The New Moon that occurs at 10:35 pm EDT on July 21 (2 am GMT July 22) is also a total solar eclipse, in which the Moon passes in front of the Sun from our perspective here on Planet Earth, obscuring the light of the Sun for a short time.

Solar eclipses always occur at the time of the New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in the same degree of an astrological sign and said to be conjunct. Because the conscious intention of the solar principle combines with the instinctive longings and reactions of the lunar principle at the New Moon, these are excellent times for new beginnings. But in an eclipse, the solar principle is temporarily blocked and the lunar principle prevails.

Eclipses can only occur when the New or Full Moon occurs near the Lunar Nodes, the points at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic of the Sun. In the astrological language, the Nodes of the Moon represent the evolutionary direction of the soul, with the South Node pointing to the direction from which we have come, and the North Node the direction of our future. Therefore, the symbolism inherent in the eclipse is a powerful clue to the evolutionary potential in an eclipse event. This upcoming eclipse is very tightly conjunct the Nodes – within one degree – which portends its importance for planetary evolution.

The ancient Chinese, Incas and Hindus viewed the nodes of the moon as the Dragon’s Head (North Node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South Node), and they perceived an eclipse as the Dragon eating the Sun or the Moon. From the beginning of the use of astrology, somewhere over 2,000 years, eclipses have been used to time significant events. In a typical year there are two pairs of eclipses, but this year there are an astonishing six, indicating that this is a significant year for change.

The upcoming New Moon is not only an eclipse but also the second New Moon in Cancer (a phenomenon also known as the “Secret Moon.”) Because Cancer rules the Moon, it is particularly powerful in Cancer and because this is an eclipse of the Sun, the lunar influence is even more powerful. The Moon presides over all issues of emotion, but also our emotional connections to each other and to our ancestral history. Cancer is known for its concern with family matters but that sense of family extends beyond the nuclear family, and even the extended family, to the entire tribe of which we are a part. Some of us have strong family ties; others of us create our own tribes that serve the family role.

Because of the intensity of the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which is still tightly in alignment, many of us are more sensitive and more highly reactive than usual. Under the eclipse the influence of the solar conscious mind is diminished, and the emotional power of the Moon stands raw and undiluted. The Triple Conjunction is already stripping away the veneer that we have built to protect us from ourselves; the eclipse may accelerate the process of unmasking the vulnerability (Moon/Cancer) that reveals our true heart.

The first New Moon in Cancer occurred in June on the day following the Summer Solstice which added its own bit of drama. This New Moon is at the 29th degree of Cancer, within two degrees of the North Node. The 29th degree is sometimes called the “critical degree,” and there is a sense of something coming to a close, of needing completion. The New Moon, when the Sun and Moon conjunct, is typically a time of new beginnings; however, here we have something new beginning and closure occurring at the same time. The Sun is on the cusp of Leo, so the fresh new start is already in place – we have only to turn our view so that we are looking forward again and we will be in motion.

The New Moon is trined by Uranus, the planet of radical change and surprise, suggesting that the new wave of evolution will not be what we are expecting. Uranus demands that we let go of any rigid ideas that we have and open up to the intuition of the higher mind. A harmonious sextile of Mercury to Mars is embedded in the New Moon as well, helping to sharpen our focus and provide us with the mental energy we need to get through any difficulty we encounter in our day.

Relationships may be under some pressure with a square of Venus (relating and beauty) to Saturn (disappointment and restriction), and we may find that this is a time that the soul prefers solitude to companionship. This is a time when we are pulled deep within ourselves and the presence of others in our lives may create pressure with the Saturn/Venus influence. On the other hand, Saturn inspires us to greater loyalty and commitment so it is possible now through the hard work that is required of a Saturn square, a challenging aspect, to strengthen our relationships based on the Truth that is emerging from within.

The effect of the eclipse will be most powerful for those who are currently undergoing transits to their chart from the Triple Conjunction, or who have planets in the very last degrees of the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra). The eclipse is also most powerful in the areas where it can be seen, which in this case includes central India including Mumbai and Bhopal; Nepal, Bhutan, Shanghai, and the islands south of Japan.

Source: Eclipse: by Lynn Hayes

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Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Full Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Tuesday, July 7,2009, 5:22 AM EDT

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn.
The Full Moon is an optimum time to decide what habits we want to change. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is concerned with the ability to make realistic long term plans. The Sun in Cancer, the Moon’s sign, brings up the urge to balance our need to get ahead and the importance of caring about ourselves and others. Whether it’s creating a budget, a nutritional and exercise regimen, or implementing better work habits, the Full Moon in Capricorn is all about resolving to set new limits, curtailing detours, and accomplishing your life’s goals.

by Joni Ross, Astrologer/Teacher