What Is An Energy Activation

A Reboot of the BioField
We have access to an incredibly beneficial technology, which we have been receiving from our StarFamily and the Universal forces and are the now very popular Energy Activations and DNA Upgrades. But what exactly are these, and how do they help us?
For the most part we go about our days caught up in the hustle and bustle of our human lives, transiting this world focused on the tasks we choose to put infront, and so we go on living day to day neglecting the deep rooted connection we do have with the great and infinite “beyond” …the Stars, the Universe, Source Energy. 
When we open ourselves for an energy activation we are inviting the Universal forces of Light to re-initiate the energetic/electrical circuitry within our systems, meaning our body structures, physical and subtle, undergo a cellular and subatomic reset, or reboot of energy flux.
This is very helpful to us for many reasons, primarily because it allows us to function within the new paradigms of the New Earth Grid (or Ascended Earth) with an up-to-date energetic program, making it easier for us to comprehend how to move through this Earthy realm and all its vibratory layers and how to attain the technological accordance so we are able to find the objects we desire for co-creation and a fulfilled existence.
In addition, we begin to function, or live, based on the newly activated code, which may not contain any of the “old ideas” …such as fears, shocks and traumas, doubts, shames, blames, lack, incomplete projects and self sabotaging thoughts.
At the moment of Activation we deliberately choose what we are ready to release and how we want to come forth as a newly re-activated being.
It is a Multi-Dimensional Body Alignment Process of Quantum Healing
Energy Activations work directly on the Micro-Grid systemic. It moves through the intertwined web of electrical threads realigning the person to its original purpose, to fulfill in Joy. When we receive an energy activation we are sending this magnificent structural alignment work straight into the cellular being for an automatic revitalization. An Energy Activation re-aligns the being with the ElectroMagnetic Field of the Earth, linking up the organic system and initializes the natural magnetism of the person.

~ DNA Upgrades ~

As the human being is experiencing an energy activation, sometimes, a DNA Upgrade is intertwined in the process, but not always.
The deep rooted work we engage in with the core DNA Code goes unnoticed for most of our lives. It is a deep Quantum process that requires a specific level of awakened consciousness in the person to be aware of it. I am very happy to say that the ratio of aware conscious humans in our modern world has increased within the last 100 years, with the wave of spiritual awakening, but there is still much work to be done if we want to tip the scale of awakening on our planet.
So how does this DNA upgrade work? We each have a mission, although we are a global consciousness we have an individual journey to fulfill, and while we are Energy Beings about to set off on an Earthly journey we pre-set a roadmap like guidance tool that may help us along our experience on Earth. We bring in the information we gather from previous life journeys and store them in an Energy Record Keeper known as the Akash. This knowledge/information resides within the energetic circuitry of the soul which we can access at any moment as we begin to live a new life. We call this “remembering“.
A DNA Upgrade is a fantastical procedure that intells a “combing” or “feathering-like” process of smoothing out the DNA strand for the Higher purpose of re-awakening the inner Being to become a vibrational match to the Higher Self. The basic DNA code we chose to wire with as we enter the “life on earth” paradigm becomes distorted as we explore the human life and correlate with fellow humans … learning from and becoming programmed by our family, society and the world structure of living.
During our upbringing we discover things that may be different from our past existences and we can choose to explore further or not. How we decide to reconnect with certain characteristics is up to the soul’s mission, for example some things we are naturally very good at while face challenges in other areas. I have found that where a person had challenges in a previous life they have created a strong connection with that area in their current life. This is one way the DNA code is working on re-structuring the Soul’s genetic engineering.
Engaging in a DNA Upgrade gives us the opportunity to revisit the original code and re-tune to the resonance of this original code, meaning, bringing our-self back to base 1, start anew. Working with the DNA code allows us to witness life as it has happen and rewire the experiences that occurred by default and helps us to recreate them with purpose. Its very much like rebuilding ourselves layer by layer to become the “better version” of who we are, from the point of origin of who we want to be …sort of speak.
It is a wonderful experience to give to your self and a beautiful way to get to know yourself from a higher perspective and create a deeper connection with the Self.