Mercury Direct

It’s over! All the miscommunications, technological mishaps, delays, lost emails and missed appointments of the last few days come to an end on December 14 as Mercury finally goes direct again!

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius and will remain there for the rest of its unusually lengthy nine-week stay. While it was retrograde, Mercury probably sent you back to the drawing board many times, forcing you to rethink certain plans you may have had. But now, not only will all these problems subside, but you’ll have courageous Sagittarian enthusiasm to give you an added boost. In fact, the bigger your idea, the more likely it is you’ll succeed with it!

With the chattiest planet sitting in the most philosophical sign, you can bet there will be many discussions in your immediate future. Everyone will be bouncing ideas off each other, and you may be surprised at who your next sounding board turns out to be! The only thing to watch out for as you become more and more sure you’re right is a tendency to become argumentative.

As long as you keep that one pitfall in mind, though, you’ll find that the rest of Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius will be full of confidence-building fun. Enjoy!

The planet of communication, Mercury, and the sign of learning and growth, Sagittarius, are both major players in the career world — and given their current mingling, now is a terrific time to reconsider your career direction. by

The Light of the World Returns

“As the red carpet of holiday energies ushers us toward the Winter Solstice, the advent of 2012 gives us yet another reason to celebrate. The joys of the season remind us that that the spark that ignites on December 22nd will seed the matrix with the blueprint for the coming year. All of us understand that we are privileged to be the ones who get to bear witness to the Great Shift of the Ages. No matter how we choose to frame our 2012 pictures, and whether or not we ascribe to the idea that it is a moment of unprecedented change, most of us have come to the realization that what happens next is living inside the visions that manifest every time we remember what we’re here for. It is in our hearts that we connect with the things that will help us change the world. On the night of the Solstice, the light of the world returns – and in the center of that moment Spirit works through us to recreate itself. At this most magical time of the year, imagine what could happen if our hearts opened wide enough to allow all of our highest visions to etch new patterns of Unity and Love into the blueprint for 2012.
With this in mind, all of the articles and media presentations in our Winter Solstice edition are here to touch you with thoughts and feelings that will stir your soul to remember its purpose and keep you tuned to things that will help you make a difference in the world. This is our gift to all of you. We wish you Happy Holidays and much Joy! May the blessings of the season continue to light up the matrix with the dreams that your hearts bring to life on December twenty-second.”
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What are your plans for these times of new beginnings? what’s on your agenda? How do you see/feel the changing times are affecting you? physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually …

The Stars Fire Up in December

The transiting planets may not physically warm you up this time of year, but during these first few days of December, they’ll certainly find ways to get you fired up!

The month kicks off with Venus sending an alluring wink to Pluto on December 1. Venus is in Capricorn now, a sign that prefers to be cool and sophisticated; still, Pluto has a way of bringing out Capricorn’s seductive, indulgent side. Just keep an eye out for manipulation, power plays and jealousy, which are all among Pluto’s favorite pastimes. If you can ward off these obstacles, you’ll enjoy a fabulous day!

The cosmic fires then change course — but continue burning — on December 2, as the Sagittarius Sun squares off with Mars in Virgo; since few people will see eye-to-eye on this day, quarrels will likely become common. The situation will be exacerbated on December 4, however, when Mercury forms a square with Mars. Even if you’re usually more reserved about vocalizing your opinions, you’ll be more than ready to stand up for your beliefs now.

On December 5, this incendiary week takes another twist as Venus moves in for a pleasant tryst with Mars. Venus brings balance and harmony as it helps ease any tensions left over from the previous few days. You’ll sense a sparkle in the air as passionate enthusiasm boosts all your relationships!

December Is Of Big Dreams

December is shaping up to be a cosmically busy month … and not just because of the holidays or the end of 2011!

Activity and animation will be in full swing on December 1, as Venus in Capricorn cozies up to Pluto. Your day will be sexy and seductive, but jealousy may abound. On the following day, December 2, the Sagittarius Sun will clash with Mars in Virgo. Watch out for sharp words, biting truths and people — maybe even yourself — who think they know best. Fortunately, once the dust settles, most of these tensions should clear away.

Count on experiencing lots of passion and enthusiasm on December 5, when Venus and Mars get together! Later in the week, on December 10, a scattered and impractical lunar eclipse between the Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon occurs. Fortunately that same day, Uranus turns direct in Aries, a transit that will drive you to move ahead with innovative plans.

On December 14, Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius, giving you the green light to tackle ambitious projects. Things may become a bit downcast on December 18 as Venus squares Saturn, but the Sun sending a friendly nod to both Saturn and Neptune on December 19 and 20 will return your idealism and realism to better balance. Also on December 20, sociable Venus moves into friendly Aquarius, at which point you’ll move into full party mode by spreading social favors to everyone you meet!

The Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on December 22, immediately meeting Jupiter to bring you luck and success! Just as quickly, though, the Sun forms a challenging aspect with Uranus. Whether this latter transit is disruptive or enlightening will be entirely up to you.

Finally, the month ends just as tumultuously as it began. First, good luck reigns on December 25 as Jupiter moves into indulgent Taurus. The last transit of the year, however, bring challenges as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Tensions will rise at this time, but with a bit of perseverance, you’ll have as much fun as ever ringing in the New Year! by