Mercury Direct

It’s over! All the miscommunications, technological mishaps, delays, lost emails and missed appointments of the last few days come to an end on December 14 as Mercury finally goes direct again!

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius and will remain there for the rest of its unusually lengthy nine-week stay. While it was retrograde, Mercury probably sent you back to the drawing board many times, forcing you to rethink certain plans you may have had. But now, not only will all these problems subside, but you’ll have courageous Sagittarian enthusiasm to give you an added boost. In fact, the bigger your idea, the more likely it is you’ll succeed with it!

With the chattiest planet sitting in the most philosophical sign, you can bet there will be many discussions in your immediate future. Everyone will be bouncing ideas off each other, and you may be surprised at who your next sounding board turns out to be! The only thing to watch out for as you become more and more sure you’re right is a tendency to become argumentative.

As long as you keep that one pitfall in mind, though, you’ll find that the rest of Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius will be full of confidence-building fun. Enjoy!

The planet of communication, Mercury, and the sign of learning and growth, Sagittarius, are both major players in the career world — and given their current mingling, now is a terrific time to reconsider your career direction. by

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