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What Are Crystals

Used for healing and well-being, to recharge and rejuvenate, to cleanse, for attraction or just when you need help reaching the level, or frequency, you want to vibrate in, Crystals & Gemstones are blessed and attuned to the Higher frequencies of Light and Nature, charged with the natural powers of the elements. The ancients considered them a gift of God.
Their resonance or vibratory properties are much higher, and therefore purer than that of a human, allowing the interchange of relationship between us and them to be as exquisite as it is. Crystals help us heal and learn.

Each crystal and gemstone contains a unique set of properties that, when tapped onto, they can be very useful. Explore each one with an open heart and mind and bring them into your daily life.

~ Amber:

Brings wisdom, balance, patience and promotes altruism. A healing crystal which draws disease from the body, aids tissue revitalization, and heals the nervous system. Eases stress, neutralizes negative energy, cleanses environment, body, mind and spirit.

~ Amethyst:

A powerful healer, protector, and enhancer of psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Clears aura, transmutes negative energy, calms mind, enhances meditation and visualization. Disperses psychic attack, ameliorates anger, rage, fear and resentment. Connects cause and effect, promotes selflessness, relieves physical and emotional pain. Boosts hormones, strengthens and cleanses organs and circulatory system. Aids insomnia.

~ Angelite:

Aids angelic contact. Transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing.

~ Aventurine:

Enhances creativity, brings prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic stress. Balances female-male energy. Promotes growth from birth to seven years. Balances blood pressure. Aids seeing alternatives, possibilities.

~ Bloodstone:

An energy cleanser, immune stimulator to acute infections. Purifies blood, detoxifies liver, kidneys and spleen. Benefits blood-rich organs, regulates bloodflow. Gives courage. Aids recognition that chaos precedes transformation.

~ Blue Lace Agate:

Calms, cool, lifts thoughts, takes spiritual inspiration to high vibration. Treats arthritis, bone deformity, strengthens skeletal system, heals fractures. Aids blockages of nervous system, capillaries, pancreas.

~ Calcite:

Energy amplifier. Facilitates psychic abilities, channeling, astral projection, higher consciousness. Connects intellect-emotions. Alleviates emotional stress, brings serenity. Memory aid, stimulates insight. Cleanses organs, bones, strengthens skeleton and joints.

~ Carnelian:

Grounds and anchors into present surroundings. Removes fear of death, brings acceptance of cycle of life. Improves analytic abilities, clarifies perception, motivates success in business, aids positive life choices, dispels apathy. Clears extraneous thoughts in meditation, heals etheric body, protects against rage and resentment. Capacity to cleanse other crystals. Heals rheumatism, arthritis and depression. Good for dramatic pursuits.

~ Citrine:

For prosperity, attracts wealth, success. Brings happiness and generosity. Energizes, invigorates, increases motivation/physical energy, activates creativity. Dissipates negative energy, promotes inner calm. alleviates depression and fear. Balances yin-yang. Cleanses aura, aligns etheric body with physical. Treats digestive problems, thyroid imbalance and circulation of blood.

~ Hematite:

Grounds, protects and balances, boosts self-esteem and survival ability. Aids concentration, focus, will power, reliabilty and confidence. Enhances memory and original thought. Removes self-limitations. Dissolves negativity. Benefits legal situations. Supports timid women. Strongly affects blood, aids anemia, supports kydneys and cleanses blood. Treats leg crapms, nervous disorders, insomnia. Aids spinal alignment and heals fractures.

– Jade: Symbol of purity and serenity. Increases love. Releases negative thoughts, soothes the mind. Protects and brings harmony. Known as the “dream-stone”, aids emotional release. Removes toxins, rebinds cellular and skeletal systems, heals stitches.

– Lapiz Lazuli: Protects, enlightens, enhances dream work and psychic abilities. Quickly releases stress, brings deep peace. Powerful thought amplifier. Stimulates higher faculties of mind, promotes objectivity, clarity. Promotes creativity, attunement to source. Contacts spirit guardians. Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Alleviates pain, migraine. Helps overcome depression. Benefits respiratory sytem, throat. Cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus and immune system. Overcomes hearing loss. Purifies blood, boosts immune system. Alleviates insomnia and vertigo.

– Malachite: Brings transformation; draws out deep feelings; breaks unwanted ties, outworn patterns. Clears and activates chakras; clarifies emotions; releases negative experiences. Combined with Azurite aids visualization and psychic vision. Gives respinsibility for one’s actions, thoughts and feelings. Absorbs plutonium pollution, guards against radiation. Treats asthma, arthritis, fractures, swollen joints, growths and tumors. Aligns DNA and cellular structure; enhances immune system.

– Moonstone: “New beginnings”, strongly connected to the Moon. Soothes emotionality, and overreactions. Reflective; makes the unconscious conscious. Aids intuition, empathy and psychic abilities. Powerfully affects female reproductive cycle, balances fluids and attunes to biorythmic clock. Aids digestive system, assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins; alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, flesh organs and PMS symptoms. Aids conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

– Peridot: Cleanses sublt and physical bodies, and mind. Releases negative patterns, vibrations; promotes clarity and well-being. Releases, neutralizes toxins on all levels. Visionary, understands destiny, purpose, helpful to healers. Regulates cycles of life. Alleviates jealousy, anger; reduces stress; motivates growth, necessary change. Heart, lungs, spleen, intestinal tract, ulcers; strengthens eyes. Aids birth and contractions.

– Jasper: “Supreme nurterer”. Brings tranquility, wholeness, protection; grounds. Aids quick thinking, organizational abilities and seeing projects through. Facilitates shamanic journeys, and dream recall. Prolongs sexual pleasure. Brown: Encourages environmental awareness, facilitates deep meditation, regression, and centering. Gives night vision and aids in astral travel. Red: Grounds energy, rectifies unjust situations. Aids dream recall. Health aid, strengthens circulatory system. Placed at base chakra aids rebirthing. Yellow: Protects during spiritual work and physical travel. Channels positive energy, energizes endocrine system. Green: Heals, releases disease, obsession, skin disorders; dispels bloating. Blue: Connects to spiritual world. Balances yin-yang energy and stabilizes aura. Sustains energy during a fast, heals degenerative diseases. Balances mineral deficiency. Purple: Clears mind of physical limitations. Aids is union with Divine Source. Eliminates contradictions.

– Snowflake Obsedian

– Sodalite

– Tiger’s Eye

– Turquoise

– Quartz Crystal, Clear

– Qtz Crystal, Rose

– Qtz Crystal, Smokey

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