PreNatal Reiki: Is Reiki Safe For Everyone?

Is Reiki safe for everyone, including pregnant women, children, even animals?
Yes, Reiki is safe and good for everyone.


For Mommy & Baby

It is safe for pregnant women and their babies, deepening the loving connection and accentuating their bond in a gentle way. Many midwives become Reiki Practitioners and treat pregnant women throughout their pregnancy not only to reinforce their health but also to maintain a natural feeling of relaxation as baby grows and develops. A woman’s body during pregnancy is perpetually in “creation mode” until baby is ready for birth. Because mommies-to-be steadily undergo through a multitude of internal changes as baby grows inside belly, and hormonal activity is at an all-time high constantly, receiving Reiki helps with a soothing feeling of peace and balance. Countless women who want a natural birth without the use of epidurals can very much benefit from Reiki Healing, and based on personal experience Reiki helps ease pain and discomfort naturally during pregnancy, labor and at the time of birth. Women who are pregnant and not ready to give birth yet can also benefit from Reiki treatments and it will help make sure that the body-temple is healthy and working properly and that the baby is healthy. A moment of Reiki is a really great non-invasive way to receive treatment. A woman’s body-temple changes during pregnancy and with Reiki energy is a way she can make sure her body and energy are well balanced, and that she has everything she needs and that nothing will go wrong. Personally I believe its an excellent thing for pregnant women to do.

Once baby arrives you hear all about infant massage for babies. This offers great techniques to help baby feel delicious in every way, and adding Reiki is extremely beneficial because there is no pressure applied to baby’s body-temple and teaches mommy, or who ever performs the infant massage, to apply gentle touch on baby. The chances of hurting baby are none. Reiki is so soothing and gentle it may be done while baby sleeps, while mommy is holding her child, even while nursing. It is something so gentle and because it is just a natural flow of healing, it works really well for newborn babies. If you live a natural lifestyle and choose not to medicate baby, or even if you do, some medicines cannot be given to children under a certain age and Reiki is a great way to relieve and heal young children and babies without worrying about the side effects of synthetic chemical medicines and without worrying about whether they are the right age or about proper dosage. Reiki is the most recommended natural healing treatment for pregnant mommies and babies.

For Children

Because of its subtle ways and highly soothing process, Reiki is a perfect way to introduce natural healing to children. As our little young ones begin to crawl and then walk they are super curious about basically everything the world is and has 🙂 and with this their curiosity grows bringing many trips and falls along the way. Scrapes, cuts, skin irritations and bruises, cold/flu, migraines, anxiety, digestive issues, even social stress and behavioral issues can be treated with the blessing of a Reiki session.

For Everyone

Reiki is non-invasive and compliments all forms of healing. It enhances the body’s natural ability to repair itself and aligns the person to their Highest State of Well-Being, no matter the age. It provides an extraordinary sense of relief from pain, while healing from surgery or any condition. Its an incredible aid for treating mental illness, when grieving or when enduring a highly stressful moment.

When it comes to animals, Reiki works miracles. Same goes with plants and basically every living Being.
Treat YourSelf! If you would like to experience a Reiki session, gift a session, or become a Reiki Healer Contact Me to set up an appointment. You can also visit the Healing Page for more info about healing sessions or the Reiki Certification Page for class details.

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