The Ten Bodies in Kundalini Yoga

The ten bodies of the human psyche are the yogic descriptions of what the perfected human being looks like and acts like. In order to be whole you must get to know all these parts of yourself and learn how to integrate and coordinate them.

You can’t control the events around you, but you can control how you relate to those events. Instead of being reactive, you can use your ten bodies so that your inner peace remains unspoiled.

You know where you have negative, limiting programs about life and about yourself: you’re too fat, nobody appreciates you, etc. Its time to change what you pay attention to and focus on your greatness, your subtlety, your grace, your majesty. The psychic heat you generate by focusing on your greatness will just burn up all that old pain!

1. Soul Body. The part in us connected to the Infinite; unchanging, non-reactive, never dies. To experience and identify with this Body is ideal.

The Three Mental Bodies:

2. Negative Mind. Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation; necessary for protection.

3. Positive Mind. Inspires us by showing the best possible results in any situation.

4. Neutral Mind. Takes the information from both negative and positive mind and decides on the best course of action using unbiased, intuitive knowledge, the ultimate state of mind for success.

5. Physical Body. The vehicle through which we participate fully on earth. It is perfected by balance in all the physical aspects: diet, work, play, and essentially avoiding extremes like laziness or fanaticism.

6. Arcline. Historically depicted as the halo. The arcline arches from ear to ear and is the seat of the akash, the ether, in the body. Its color varies with a person’s health and mental or psychic condition. Women have a second arcline reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple which Yogi Bhajan says gets imprinted with the sexual experiences she has had in her life.

7. Auric Body. The eighth chakra of the body, the aura, is the electromagnetic field of energy which surrounds every living creature. Kundalini Yoga kriyas and pranayama increase the auric field, thus increasing awareness. In yogic teachings, a woman is receptive to the penetrating quality of men. Even flirting can open holes in the aura, making a woman extremely vulnerable. A strong, radiant aura can protect from many misfortunes and strengthen our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

8. Pranic Body. Controls the breath and takes in life force energy of the universe. Energy, control over the mind, gives courage and healing power. Pranayam feeds the Pranic Body.

9. Subtle Body. This carries the Soul to the Infinite at the time of death. It is the other Body with the Soul Body which exists after all the others have disappeared. The Mother makes all the other bodies. Often, we can project our subtle bodies beyond time and space to be at two places at once. The visions of saints and angels are their subtle bodies. It is that which although we are merged with the Infinite still exists uniquely through eternity.

10. Radiant Body. Gives spiritual royalty and radiance. A strong radiant body manifests as “charisma”. Their very presence works before a word is spoken. (To those who are in their negative minds it can be perceived as arrogance.)

Source: Kundalini Yoga In The Loop


Summertime Is Magic Time!

by Ellen Dugan


The season of summer is upon us now, the garden is in full swing, so why not take advantage of the flowers and plants that are available to us and work a little magic with the spirits of nature and the tides of the Moon as we celebrate this lush and fertile season of summer. We have three prime days for summertime magic this month: the Flower Moon on June 18, the Summer Solstice on June 20, and the old Mid-summer’s Eve, which is celebrated at dusk in June 24.
For a Flower Moon celebration you can easily incorporate any white of pink blooming flowers in the garden.
The rose is a prime flower for summer magic – some traditions even call the June Full Moon the Rose Moon. Try white roses to honor the Moon and the Lady, pink roses to promote friendship and gentle affection, or red roses to work a sultry summertime spell for love.

A Full Moon Love Spell

Work the following Full Moon spell outdoors. Sprinkle some fresh rose petals all around you in a circle. Use white petals to honor the Moon Goddess -and the Fairies, red for desire and passion, and pink petals for the fun and joy of being in a romantic relationship.
Repeat the following verse, and save a handful of petals to close out the spell:

On this, the longest night of the Full Flower Moon,
I ask the Goddess to grant me a boon.
White flower petals for the Lady, and red petals for desire,
Pink petals for joy and the fun they inspire.
Now increase romance, send loving passion to me,
By rose petals and the power of three times three.
As I will, so let it be!

Now look up to the Full Moon, blow the Goddess a kiss, and toss the remaining rose petals up as high as you can. Leave the petals where they fall, and know that romance is on its way.

A Summer Solstice Celebration

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, try working with the cheerful sunflower. Just as you’d expect, this flower has the planetary aspects of the Sun, and in the language of flowers it symbolizes success, fame and riches. Imagine a Sabbat celebration with golden candles and tall stems of yellow sunflowers arranged across the work area. Light the golden candles and turn to face the Sun. Announce out loud your goals for a successful life. Then repeat the following verse three times:

On this, the longest day and shortest night,
O work to bring my hopes and dreams to light.
Like a golden sunflower, I turn to face the Sun,
Grant me success and happiness, and let it harm none.

Allow the candles to burn in a safe place until they go out on their own. Let the sunflowers dry out and then let the birds have the seeds as a snack.

Ritual for Midsummer’s Eve

For Midsummer’s Eve, you could try your hand at fairy magic. Faeries love fragrant flowers like roses and blooming herbs. And don’t forget those ferns! Ferns are sacred to the fairy folk, and adding a few fern fronds to your Midsummer bouquets is a sure way to honor the power of the fairy kingdom. Daisies, yarrows and lavender should be blooming now, so put those blossoms together and weave a little flower fascination for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Create a small flower bouquet and tie it together with pretty ribbons.
Now take the fairy bouquet and go to a place in nature, and repeat the following charm:

At this time of Midsummer’s Eve, the Fae are all around,
On this ancient day, it’s said, fairy magic shall be found.
This bouquet a;; wrapped in ferns, I offer you as a token,
Grant my request for good luck and health, as this charm is spoken.

Be sure to leave that little bouquet outdoors for the fairies. Allow nature to reclaim it.

Have a magical summer!!

Violet Syrup

by Susun Weed of Wise Woman

Yield 3 cups/750ml

Preparation time: Hours and hours of picking await you, and all in pursuit of some purple-colored sugar water. Or is there more to it than that? Perhapse aunt Violet will open a gateway to ecstacy for you.

1/2 pound/225g fresh violets
2 cups/500ml water
2 cups/500ml honey

Enlist all the help you can to pick violet blossoms. Boil water; pour over blossoms; cover. Let steep overnight in nonmetallic container. Strain out flowers. Reserve purple liquid. Combine violet infusion and honey. Simmer gently, stirring, for ten or fifteen minutes, until it seems like syrup. Fill clean jars. Cool. Keep well chilled to preserve.

Balsamic Pine Vinegar

by Susan Weed of Wise Woman

Pine needle vinegar is an exquisite treat that is easy to make. I call it homemade “balsamic” vinegar.
Fill a jar with pine needles. (I prefer white pine, and pinyon pine is even better, but the needles of any pine are fine.)
Cover needles completely with apple cider vinegar, filling the jar to the top and capping with a plastic lid or a piece of plastic wrap held in place with a rubber band. This vinegar, like most that I make, is ready to use in six weeks.

Pine vinegar is rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It helps keep the immune system strong, and strengthens the lungs as well. I love it on salads.