What are dreams?
There are many views and opinions about dreams, thus many different perspectives. Some consider they are no more than thoughts and repercussions of one’s daily life, while others believe them to be visions, goals and a source of insights and inspiration. I’d say dreams are a combination of the two.
Although most of the visual experiences take place during sleep, we don’t have to be asleep to dream. When we dream (whether asleep or not), we actually enter other dimensions, seen beyond the naked eye. There are pleasant dreams, and there are unpleasant ones, which some call nightmares. Dreams serve as tools for us to use, to go about in life. There are a few portals, outside of space-time, which the soul goes through when dreaming. In “dream-world” we see all those things we desire and fear most, and these desires and fears are part of the creative process. To think is to pre-create. When thought-forms reach their destination, they become manifestation. First we feel and desire certain human traits and experiences, then we conceive them in thought. When they are thus held in thought and feeling, energy is pulled into form. We envision the very things we want and then, as the Universal Law of “cause and effect” suggests, we make them real, tangible; the stronger the desire (the intention) the better, or closest to the desire will the manifestation be. The form, or manifestation, which is made of etheric energy attracts atoms which pattern a material body. Consciousness of the soul identifies itself with the body and the material beliefs needed to hold the body in earth manifestation.
Dreams are also visions from our past, from other life experiences we’ve had. They are memories stored within our energy body, and they are part of what makes who we are.
Our dreams, are the structure that hold the frame of our lives, they are our motivation, what animate our thoughts and invite us to reach higher. Never let go of your dreams, keep them alive and latent in your heart. Never give up on them, always strive to go farther, higher and closer to your desires. Your dreams are what your heart wants to experience. When we live the life we dream of, we experience bliss on Earth.
Live your dreams in Divine Love.

Blessed Be, Always!
Adriana Zotelo