Know What You Want

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by James Ray Intn’l

Most people don’t get what they want in life because they don’t know what they want. They may have a vague idea, but they can’t articulate clearly what true success means for them. In fact, when I ask people what they want, nine times out of ten they tell me what they don’t want. They say things like:

* “Well, I don’t want to be broke anymore.”
* “I don’t want all this credit card debt.”
* “I don’t wanna argue with my husband.”
* “I sure don’t wanna be fat.”

Those are good answers to the question, “What don’t you want?” But I’d asked them, “What do you want?”

There’s a big difference between knowing what you don’t want, and knowing what you do want. That distinction is going to be the key to your success.

If you’re thinking about what you don’t want, that’s what will show up in your life. What we think about, we bring about. So if you think consistently about what you don’t want, then that’s what will manifest in your world.

Another thing that people do in response to the question, “What do you want?” is to tell me not what they want, but what they think they can get. This can also limit your results for two reasons. First, it may set your standard very low and put in motion a pattern of negative thinking. Second, it may not be what you really want, so there’s no passion in the dream!

The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity, and you need that human spirit to achieve what you want. Your goal should be so exciting that you have butterflies in your stomach! That’s how you unlock the power of the mind and put it to work for you!

To your continued wealth and happiness,

James Arthur Ray
James Ray International

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Universal Principles

(The Journey Edition)

Universal Principles are the guidelines that govern our lives perfectly.

1. Energy

The basic component of the Universe, energy, occurs in either materialized or unmaterialized form. All that we see and feel is an expression of energy.

Energy is synonymous with love. When we resist the flow of energy, or love, we experience discomfort. When we align with the energy flowing around us, we feel joyful and at peace.

2. Infinite Intelligence–God

Within all energy is an intelligence that is infinite, eternal and purposeful. This Infinite Intelligence, which we sometimes refer to as God, or simply love, is the source of all creative expression and the essential power in the Universe.

The way we view our Infinite Intelligence, or God, is precisely the way we experience life. When we perceive God as an unconditionally loving and supportive energy at all times and under all circumstances, we experience our world and everyone in it as totally safe, loving and generous.

3. Oneness

Since the essence of everything is pure loving energy, in the truest sense, we are One. When we feel our connection to our Oneness, we feel the power of who we really are.

Our Oneness, love, is indivisible. Whenever we attempt to withhold love from anyone, we withhold love from everyone,including ourselves. The truth of this principle becomes clear as we allow our hearts to open and feel our interconnectedness.

4. There Is Nothing Outside Of Us

In order to have our human experiences, we created the apparent reality that we are living outside the Oneness; that there are things and people that can affect us without our consent. The truth is that there is nothing outside of us; all that we see is our Self. This becomes our new reality when we open the belief in separation and accept the truth that we are the Power of God.

5. Perfection

Our Oneness, God, is perfect and expresses this perfection as unconditional love and support. Whatever unfolds is God happening. When we see other than unconditional love unfolding, we are not seeing clearly. We create unclarity to have the experiences that we came into the human to have.

When we are ready to see with greater clarity, we embrace whatever is before us in unconditional love, trusting that the Universe, in Its constant expression of unconditional love, is sending us the perfect support. With practice, our clarity grows, along with our appreciation for the unconditional love and support that is always present.

6. Beliefs

Under the guidance of our Souls, we intentionally adopt the beliefs we hold in order to provide ourselves with the precise experiences we are having. These beliefs help us hide our power so that our journey as humans can unfold as we planned before we entered this realm.

The urge to explore life as a human beyond the limitations of these beliefs is a signal that our Soul Selves are looking to guide us in finding and reclaiming the power we had previously hidden, and to awaken us to the truth of who we really are.

7. Intuition, Feelings and Power

Our Infinite Intelligence communicates to us through our intuition, which we access through our feelings. The more willing we are to feel our feelings, the more able we are to connect with the power that resides in them.

The true power in the Universe is a totally peaceful power. It is the power of love, fully, freely and joyfully felt.

8. Mutual Support

Our Universe functions as a mutual support system in which each and every thing in existence relates to and affects every other thing. Every person and circumstance in our lives is there to support us by reflecting back to us the present state of our consciousness.

The prevalent belief that we are naturally competitive and adversarial is just a mirroring back to us of our acceptance of that belief. The more we look for the support that is present in each event and circumstance in our lives, the more we appreciate how perfect the Universe’s support for us truly is.

9. The Mirror Principle

Everything that we see and feel is a reflection of the state of our own consciousness. Every person we attract into our lives is showing us a perception we hold about ourselves. Every feeling expressed by another mirrors a feeling deep within us.

This reflection is a gift, for it allows us to be aware of the beliefs we hold , and the power that we have hidden in them.

10. Nonjudgment

We have been carefully taught to evaluate and judge much of what we experience. However, right and wrong, good and bad are just beliefs, places where we have hidden a lot of our power.

The truth is that everything that occurs is just another event or circumstance. Judging something keeps whatever we judge the way we judge it. Also, judging anyone or anything tells us that we are judging ourselves in the same way.

Judging creates discomfort within us that can only be relieved by opening our hearts, first to the judgment and then to the person or thing we have judged. Expanding this openhearted energy leads to the joyful feeling of unconditional love for ourselves as the wholeness and completeness of who we really are.

11. Purpose

Our Soul knows our purpose for this lifetime and initially supports us by helping us hide our power and our knowing so that we may have the experiences we came here to have. When we are ready to reconnect with our God Presence, our Soul supports us in uncovering our power and our knowing. We are always on purpose, and we are always a God Presence receiving the perfect support for experiencing and expressing ourselves in accordance with our purpose.

12. Comfort and Discomfort

Our bodies are magnificent instruments that we create to support us in having the experiences we come to the human to have. Our bodies are created and maintained in consciousness. They mirror the state of our consciousness, which includes the collective consciousness beliefs in how to look, act, age and die.

Unencumbered by our beliefs, our consciousness is unlimited, as are our bodies. The natural state of our consciousness is perfect ease, as is the natural state of our bodies. The limited beliefs we have about our bodies are there to love and embrace just the way they are. This opens the energy held in the beliefs as it opens the energy in our bodies from that of dis-ease to ease.

13. Abundance

Abundance is our natural state as God Presences. Everything we experience is part of the abundance. When limitation appears, we are seeing a reflection of our beliefs in limitation. Opening these beliefs provides us with a clearer view of our abundance.

14. Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving always occurs in balance. It is important to receive gratefully as it is to give voluntarily, generously, and with no expectations. Our willingness to keep the energy flowing in and out of our lives supports the energy in expanding.

The corollary to the principle of giving and receiving is that we give only to ourselves. Since we are all One, when we are giving to another, we are giving to ourselves.

15. Nonattachment and Freedom

Our perceived need to hold on to anything or anyone demonstrates our belief in shortage and personal incompleteness. Holding on to anything — people or possessions — blocks the flow of energy around our experience with the person or object and reduces the joy of the experience. It also inhibits new people and new things from coming into our lives.

As we open our hearts and expand our trust in the natural abundance of the Universe, we give ourselves and everyone else the gift of freedom.

16. Expressing Who We Really Are

Each of us has one or more talents we love to express. When we are fully and freely expressing who we really are, we feel joyful and fulfilled.

The more love we feel for ourselves, the more we allow the creative energy of the Universe to flow through us. Since how we see and feel about ourselves is how we see and feel about other people, feeling more love for ourselves is the most mutually supportive focus we can have

17. Means and Ends

Means and ends are the same. The action and out come are one.

To achieve peace, we feel and express our inner peacefulness. To enjoy a life that works perfectly, we see and feel the perfection of everything and everyone, including ourselves. To experience the natural abundance of the Universe, we feel and express gratitude for everything just the way it is.

18. Harmony in Relationships

Every relationship in our lives reflects our relationship with ourselves. Every person we attract is there to support us in opening our hearts and reclaiming our power.

When we feel love for ourselves, and the perfection of ourselves, just the way we are, we attract loving and harmonious relationships with other people.

19. The Universe Handles the Details

Taking care of the details of our lives is generally considered a rational-mind activity. However, when our rational minds are active, we shut out our Infinite Intelligence, which has the capacity to handle the details in ways that are vastly more supportive of us and everyone else.

As we learn to relinquish our rational thinking and surrender to our intuition — our connection to Infinite Intelligence — we discover how easily, effortlessly and spontaneously events unfold for us.


Energy of Money Technique

by Sheila Edwards

This technique is best done when the Moon is New. Everything that begins during this time has all the chances to grow and develop.
During the next two weeks (as the new moon grows), it is to be just as favorable for the new beginnings — a new business, relationship, any type of new beginning…everything can change from dream to reality.

Here is the technique

– Get a one dollar or ten dollar bill.

– With a fine marking pen write directly on the bill your new script for money.

– After you wrote your script, place the bill in the wealth area or in your bedroom. (Don’t forget to apply the three secret helpers before this)

– Here are some of the statements I wrote on my $10:
(I wrote as many statements as I could come up with)

“I am flowing in bigger amounts to Sheila”
“I am always there for Sheila”
“I am finding Sheila in many, many ways” “I am supporting Sheila”
“I am accumulating in bigger numbers”…..

– Next I wrote single words that I want money to hold the energy of for me:


– I then wrote some equations that I wanted that $10 bill to produce for me:

$10 X 50$10 X 500$10 X 5,000$10 X 50,000

I have already seen the third equation come to pass in my business.

This technique can change lives! What part of your life are you ready to change?
Get a $10 bill right now and tell it what you want it to do for you. This technique REALLY WORKS!

Good Luck!

For a new chance in your life,
Sheila Edwards