Energy of Money Technique

by Sheila Edwards

This technique is best done when the Moon is New. Everything that begins during this time has all the chances to grow and develop.
During the next two weeks (as the new moon grows), it is to be just as favorable for the new beginnings — a new business, relationship, any type of new beginning‚Ķeverything can change from dream to reality.

Here is the technique

– Get a one dollar or ten dollar bill.

– With a fine marking pen write directly on the bill your new script for money.

– After you wrote your script, place the bill in the wealth area or in your bedroom. (Don’t forget to apply the three secret helpers before this)

– Here are some of the statements I wrote on my $10:
(I wrote as many statements as I could come up with)

“I am flowing in bigger amounts to Sheila”
“I am always there for Sheila”
“I am finding Sheila in many, many ways” “I am supporting Sheila”
“I am accumulating in bigger numbers”…..

– Next I wrote single words that I want money to hold the energy of for me:


– I then wrote some equations that I wanted that $10 bill to produce for me:

$10 X 50$10 X 500$10 X 5,000$10 X 50,000

I have already seen the third equation come to pass in my business.

This technique can change lives! What part of your life are you ready to change?
Get a $10 bill right now and tell it what you want it to do for you. This technique REALLY WORKS!

Good Luck!

For a new chance in your life,
Sheila Edwards

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