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YOU SAY —————————- GOD SAYS —————————- BIBLE VERSES

You say: ‘It’s impossible’————God says: All things are possible————(Luke 18:27)

You say: ‘I’m too tired’————God says: I will give you rest————(Matthew 11:28-30)

You say: ‘Nobody really loves me’ —— God says: I love you ———— (John 3:1 6 & John 3:34 )

You say: ‘I can’t go on’————God says: My grace is sufficient——-(II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)

You say: ‘I can’t figure things out’—God says: I will direct your steps———-(Proverbs 3:5- 6)

You say: ‘I can’t do it’ ————God says: You can do all things———— (Philippians 4:13)

You say: ‘I’m not able’ ———— God says: I am able ———— (II Corinthians 9:8)

You say: ‘It’s not worth it’————God says: It will be worth it ————(Roman 8:28 )

You say: ‘I can’t forgive myself’ —— God says: I Forgive you————(I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1)

You say: ‘I can’t manage’————God says: I will supply all your needs————(Philippians 4:19)

You say: ‘I’m afraid’ ———— God says: I have not given you a spirit of fear———— (II Timothy 1:7)

You say: ‘I’m always worried and frustrated’——God says: Cast all your cares on ME——(I Peter 5:7)

You say: ‘I’m not smart enough’————God says: I give you wisdom————(I Corinthians 1:30)

You say: ‘I feel all alone’——– God says: I will never leave you or forsake you ——– (Hebrews 13:5)

Reduce Stress Naturally

Stop and Believe to Let Go of Stress
(a holistic and natural way to reduce stress)
By Shealy Healy

Poor health often is a byproduct of stress. When you accumulate too much stress within your mind and body you are left depleted of healthy rejuvenating every. Your mind becomes ill. Anxiety takes over your body. You get sick.

Anxiety is a crippling disorder that imprints itself upon your energy body but it does not have to ruin your life.

You can learn a life skills method of soothing the anxiety that is trying to control your health and wellbeing. If you suffer from generalized anxiety you might complain of obsessive or uncontrollable chatter running through your mind. Due to the inorganic circumstances of the contemporary world; worry, stress and grief have taken hold of most of our population. People with anxiety disorders present a variety of physical symptoms in addition to non-physical symptoms that characterize the disorders such as excessive, unrealistic worrying.

Many of these symptoms are similar to those exhibited by a person suffering general illness, heart attack, or stroke, and this tends to further increase anxiety. These symptoms of anxiety can be seen from a psychic point of view as stressful metaphysical energies moving over and through your physical body. Your thoughts are powerful forms of energy. If you could see them with your physical eyes you would see floating, bursting, vibrating and scattering energy surrounding your body at every moment.

Early Ayurvedic references to a life force, or prana, go back to the eighth century b.c. In the West, as early as the sixth century b.c., Pythagoras conceived of a life energy, or pneuma, visible in a luminous body.

Both ancient and modern energy practitioners have realized that changing the way you think as well as manipulating the metaphysical energy of your body can help you to heal your anxiety. A modern organic method of energy medicine “Stop-Believe” will help you to heal both your energy body and your obsessive thoughts in order to ease your anxiety. This method teaches you to stop in order to improve your organic abilities to rejuvenate. Stop and you will heal. Stop and you will attract health and spirit.

Stop and you will live a longer and more successful life without the pain of anxiety. It makes good sense to rejuvenate the body-mind energy in order to relieve anxious thoughts. But, it is not always an easy task. You can learn to stop your mind from creating unproductive and damaging thoughts when you follow “Stop-Believe.” “Stop and believe” is a natural like skills method of healing designed to help you replace mind stress with peaceful energy.

This form of meditation has become a favorite method of resting the brain and entire body. When the mind practices a method of discovering its ability to believe and connect with spirit it is able to focus upon one subject, one vision and one thought of belief. During this process your mind will actually fall into a state of trance or sleep that is healing. Meditation relies on the body’s ability to switch to an alpha (resting) or theta (relaxing) brain-wave state, during which the brain’s rhythm slows appreciably, and endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, are released.

Studies have shown that during meditation, metabolism is lowered, resulting in a slower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and slower breathing. In the seventies, Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Harvard Medical School, formulated the theory of an inborn “relaxation response” that can be cultivated to counteract stress. Eliciting it, he wrote, “can help counteract the effects of repeated insults of stress on the heart and other organs.”

To begin the method first, make a decision to stop the chatter within your mind. Many who suffer from anxiety will find it difficult to agree to practice a method of relieving mind stress that asks them to give up their worry. But, it is necessary to make that agreement in order to heal. When you agree fully to trust a healing method then your anxiety level is more likely to drop.

Healing an indecisive mind is not usually likely. When you feel that you are fully aware that mind chatter is not a value to you then you are ready to begin to stop the chatter. Mind chatter is anxiety and worry and it is always counterproductive. Anxiety and worry do nothing more than attract more worry and anxiety.

To replace anxious thoughts with relaxation it is necessary to reach toward your belief system and your ideal of a higher power. Begin by realizing or catching yourself when in the process of mind chatter. When you find you are day dreaming in a negative manner then stop and switch your thinking to a process of belief. Belief is a powerful tool. The process of belief begins when you ask yourself if you believe that a power greater than yourself exists. If you can answer yes to this question-then you can work toward believing.

The process of belief is a never ending one. You will come to understand belief more deeply with each year you live. If you choose to place your mind upon belief, two glorious things will happen.

You will eventually become aligned with your spiritual self. And, you will relax your mind. At first, you may have to practice this constant meditation method over and over throughout your day. Each time you realize that your mind has begun to chatter you will make a conscious effort to stop and then ponder the process of belief.

When you begin “Stop-Believe” you will catch yourself in the process of mind chatter even after you have made this agreement with self. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time. Eventually you will align with your higher power while practicing this method.

When placing your mind upon belief you will ponder the idea that your higher power is available to you and willing to care for you. Eventually, if you can answer “yes” to these questions of belief your mind will begin to realize that you do not need to work so hard worrying. You can stop and believe that your higher power will take care of you. Just imagine experiencing a moment of freedom from the fear that is imprinted upon your energy.

Like a weight removed from your shoulders, neck and back, the release of fear induced anxiety will scatter. Your body’s intrinsic ability to heal will set in motion an entire process of detoxification. Your mind becomes healthy. Anxiety leaves your body. You are…healed.

source: www.susunweed.com

Birthday Comments

Who I Am

by Naomi Sztam

Birthday Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

This is what I read when I forget who I am, please enjoy if it resonates with you too.

You are a beauty within angels who is in this universe for the sake of love and compassion. You are here for the sake of wisdom and healing. You are here to do divine work and even though you easily become distracted, you come back. Keep coming back, for you are one of God’s (or source or highest light or whatever the name, no matter) loyal workers, and he needs you in his busy factory. The factory of heavenly light and heavenly love is where you feel you belong, and here you do belong.

The love within your heart is from this incredible light, if you ever put yourself down by assuming people or circumstances are putting you down, you are putting down the amazing gift that God has given you. A gift is to be treasured. Treasure it with love and dignity. Other people’s words and actions are their words and actions, from their own insecurities, from their own fears, or from just the only best they can give at that moment, even if they don’t understand the consequences their actions have upon others and themselves. Other people’s words are never your identity, NEVER. Value you as you deep down really know who you are. You are more than life itself. You are made of a thousand stars and a million kisses.

You are made of lots of little bones, and lots of funny laughs. You are made of millions of poems and a gentle soul. You are made of luminous things, all wrapped up in one. All wrapped in one- together with your body, mind, soul; you are perfectly here to experience what you need to experience, everything is divine, even the most horrid things people do, even the worst things you see, even the biggest of disasters.

Everything has a divine intent and it is meant for your learning and growth. Grow as you grow, enjoy the rain from the misty clouds and the sunshine from our heavenly sun, and let it bring brightness in your heart, as it is lovely in its absolute just as you are lovely in its absolute; and lovely as your heart receives light from within and around you with grace. So spend the day with ease, you have great protection, deep within your skin, and deep within your soul God is always near.

Enjoy, from my heart to yours! Naomi

Believing Is Everything

by Dr. Eric Amidi

BELIEVING is the most IMPORTANT FACTOR, that’s why in my ebook and my upcoming more detailed AUDIO SERIES I emphasize so much on BELIEVING in your HIGHER SELF…


There’s a very SUBTLE POINT that is never explained in most books and articles I see about the Law of Attraction and Manifestations…

They never tell what kind of BELIEF will manifest your desires

You see, there are two kinds of Believing:

1) Conscious Believing

2) Subconscious Believing

Conscious Belief comes from the conscious mind, the logical mind…Which is the same as the Middle Self (checkout my TRINITY SYSTEM)

These are the things you believe in with reasoning, like 2+2=4

This kind of belief does not manifest anything, yes, NADA!


That’s where logic has no say, and FEELING has everything to say!

That’s the realm that MIRACLES happen and logical minds are left in AWE or denial and disbelief…


Dr. Eric Amidi
Believe And Manifest

Shape Your Reality

A Real Miracle Story

What does BUTTERFLY symbolize to you? Change? TRANSFORMATION?
From a larva to a creature that has gorgeous wings..

Few weeks ago, I had a dream of a beautiful butterfly. For next two weeks, I saw butterflies everywhere. Paintings of them, books about them, pictures of them on the net, on people’s shirts,….

Do you want to know how you can create SYNCHRONOCITIES like that?

As a Quantum Physicist, I assure you this… REALITY IS NOT SOLID!
You can change it; YOU CAN SHAPE THE REALITY…
Miracle Workers, Shamans, Kahunas and highly successful people know that…

But, what you can’t find out there, is an explanation as to HOW

Here’s a REAL story documented in 1952 British Medical Journal…

In 1951, a 16-year old boy was referred to Dr Albert Mason for treatment.
The boy’s body was covered with dry, thick, black scaly skin, with oozing bloody serum.
Considering the diseases as warts, Dr. Mason decided to use hypnosis to treat the boy.

Dr. Mason hypnotized the boy in front of other doctors in a hospital in East Grinstead in Sussex, the thick black skin started falling off within 5 days and after 10 days he had normal skin!

BUT that’s NOT the most AMAZING thing…

The most amazing thing is that after talking to the referring doctor, Dr. Mason found out that he had made a medical ERROR!!!

The boy did not have warts! He was suffering from a lethal genetic disease called “Congenital Icthyosis”.
The boy was born with this INCURABLE disease.

To the astonishment of the medical community Dr. Mason (and the boy) had cured a genetic disease with the POWER OF MIND…

Would Dr. Mason be able to cure this lethal genetic disease if he didn’t think it was warts and curable?!

What power was triggered that made this MIRACLE possible?

Is it possible that we trap ourselves into solid realities, with our thoughts?

Is there a way to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, in ways you never thought possible?

Your friend,
Dr. E

For more on how you can use your POWER TO SHAPE THE REALITY, visit Dr. E Amidi’s website Believe & Manifest: The Secret Behind The Secret

KY, Astrology & Numerology

Q: I wonder if you would let us know how doing Kundalini Yoga has brought you to a belief in Astrology. After years of practicing Kundalini yoga I still have no interest in such things and I don’t understand how they relate to each other.

A: The experience of Kundalini Yoga brought credibility to astrological and numerological concepts to me, based on the theory or cosmic law that all matter in the universe has an impact on all other matter in the universe, according to its frequency projection, calculated by its size, density, rotation, speed, and gravitational and electromagnetic fields. Throughout scientific exploration, the concept of the microcosm being a reflection of the macrocosm is affirmed. Our bodies and minds are created and formed in structures remarkably similar to the forms and structures we see throughout our solar system and the galaxy. In the tips of each of our fingers there are nerve endings that receive electrical impulses from the brain, via neural pathways, which reflect similar energetic pathways that exist in our solar system. That is why the yogis called the little finger Mercury (the messenger) because applying pressure there improves our communication ability; the fourth finger is the Sun finger and improves physical health and radiance; the third finger is Saturn for discipline and patience; and the index finger is Jupiter for wisdom. The benefits of increasing the flow of energy in our bodies, explained by the names of the planets, reflect the same energetic benefits the planets, sun, and moon have in our solar system. When one studies astronomy, mathematical calculations bear out the effects and impact each of the planetary bodies has in our solar system. When we practice the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, we not only increase the flow of energy within our own being; through the law of attraction, we also connect to harmonious energetic patterns in the universe. When one is harmed, all are harmed, when one is healed, all are healed. Continued practice brings our awareness from individual consciousness to group consciousness to universal consciousness. It actually does not matter whether one believes or is interested in astrology and numerology or other esoteric subjects because it is the practices will bring the experience and the experience is the only thing of importance.

Posted by: Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa

Know What You Want

High-Velocity E-Zine
by James Ray Intn’l

Most people don’t get what they want in life because they don’t know what they want. They may have a vague idea, but they can’t articulate clearly what true success means for them. In fact, when I ask people what they want, nine times out of ten they tell me what they don’t want. They say things like:

* “Well, I don’t want to be broke anymore.”
* “I don’t want all this credit card debt.”
* “I don’t wanna argue with my husband.”
* “I sure don’t wanna be fat.”

Those are good answers to the question, “What don’t you want?” But I’d asked them, “What do you want?”

There’s a big difference between knowing what you don’t want, and knowing what you do want. That distinction is going to be the key to your success.

If you’re thinking about what you don’t want, that’s what will show up in your life. What we think about, we bring about. So if you think consistently about what you don’t want, then that’s what will manifest in your world.

Another thing that people do in response to the question, “What do you want?” is to tell me not what they want, but what they think they can get. This can also limit your results for two reasons. First, it may set your standard very low and put in motion a pattern of negative thinking. Second, it may not be what you really want, so there’s no passion in the dream!

The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity, and you need that human spirit to achieve what you want. Your goal should be so exciting that you have butterflies in your stomach! That’s how you unlock the power of the mind and put it to work for you!

To your continued wealth and happiness,

James Arthur Ray
James Ray International

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holiday altar

Let Your Altar Renew Your Spirit for the Holidays and Beyond

by Sandra Kynes

holiday altar

Your altar is more than just a place to put things. Through the ages, the use of altars has been both communal and private. Although home altars seem more prevalent in certain faiths, in recent years their use has become more widespread regardless of one’s spiritual path. While altars and their purpose have evolved over the millennia, they continue to fulfill a fundamental need that transcends spiritual orientation.

There is a certain power to an altar. It is not just a thing that holds a collection of objects; intention and energy transform an altar into a space that is separate from our everyday world. When we use an altar, we step outside the boundaries of our day-to-day lives. When we sit in front of an altar, we place ourselves in the presence of spirit and open ourselves to receive answers to the questions that guide our souls.

As a central part of ritual and worship, an altar is a place of spiritual encounter. It serves as a reminder of our contact with the Divine as well as contact with our souls. Using an altar strikes a familiar chord within us. We may not understand why this occurs, but we can sense a shift of energy away from ordinary awareness. Altars hold objects of inspiration and devotion, personal and sacred, resulting in a space that visibly and energetically links the spiritual and physical worlds and provides clues to our innermost thoughts and feelings. The Greek word gnosis is usually translated as “knowledge;” however it can also be translated as “insight.” According to Elaine Pagals, “[g]nosis involves an intuitive process of knowing oneself.” 1 An altar becomes a tool for gnosis—knowledge that comes from spiritual insight and self illumination.

In the past, the sacred and secular were not so rigidly segregated. This is not the case in today’s world; however, having a place where these aspects of our lives come together can be a means for finding balance. This meeting point of spiritual and mundane energies can provide an orientation or anchor in the world—a place to hold onto and come back to for personal strength and exploration. The things that we place on an altar become symbolic of what is going on in our hearts and minds. Because of the convergent energies, an altar is not a passive space—there is constant interaction.

In addition to providing a place for worship, an altar functions as a tool for exploration and growth. Like a labyrinth, an altar top itself can act as a “blueprint for the psyche to meet the soul.”2 An altar is a place where you lay out your intentions—put your cards on the table, so to speak—to manifest particular energies into your life. In describing how Peruvian shamans interact with their altars, Jim DeKorne said that the altar top functioned like a “game board, a symbolic paradigm against which the ritual is played.”3

This is the premise of my book, Your Altar; using the altar as a game board—for lack of a better term. The phrase “game board” is not meant to be irreverent. It’s a way to convey the concept of a matrix or setup for an altar and a different form of meditation practice. While it is standard practice to use an altar for focus, it can be used as an integral part of the meditation technique. Dividing the altar top into multiple sections and using them to focus a flow of thoughts allows the altar to function as a powerful and symbolic tool not unlike a Buddhist mandala, classical Christian icon or Hindu yantra.

When we create any type of matrix we bring the power of numbers into play. The ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed that “the essence of everything seemed to be expressible in numbers.”4 He further developed his theology of numbers and ascribed symbolic meanings to numbers, which formed the basis for the practice of numerology. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, the notion of sacred numbers provides a means for dealing with the great mysteries that confront us on a spiritual level.

When numbers are used symbolically, they can reveal underlying energy, purpose, pattern, and structure. According to Annemarie Schimmel, a number “develops a special character, a mystique of its own, and a special metaphysical meaning.”5 Within an altar matrix, numbers serve as yantras—geometric diagrams for focusing the mind and accessing our numinous souls.

This is especially important during this manic time of year, when consumerism kicks into high gear and we rush frantically like hamsters on our materialistic treadmills bemoaning the fact that we are so busy. This is the perfect time to turn to our altars to reconnect with the meaning of the holiday season as well as with ourselves. However, with so much to do and so much on our minds, it may seem like an impossible task to sit and bring our chattering monkey brains to rest for even a few minutes. This is when using the altar itself as a tool can aid us. As a tool, we use it to guide a flow of thoughts that will allow us to step out of the everyday experience.

For a holiday meditation we use a three-part altar, which means that we divide the altar top into three sections. Since it is the holiday season, you can take a long strand of garland, cut two pieces as wide as your altar and then lay them across the altar top, creating three fairly equal-sized sections that run vertically to where you will sit. This does not have to be a difficult mathematical project where the sections need to be exact down to the millimeter. As long as the sections look fairly equal to you, that’s all that matters.

Three is a number that was significant to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Celts. It is significant in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Paganism. Three, a triad, represents a new unity that does not discard the polarity of two but integrates it into a new wholeness. A three-part altar provides variety and complexity. This is a complex time of year when we look at the past as well ahead to the future. The component that is usually missing in these musings is the now—the purpose of this season and how we experience it.

With your altar top divided, it’s time to set the intent. The section on the left represents you. Place things in this section that represent meaningful events and milestones that occurred in the past year that have played a part in who you are at this moment. For the center section think about what the season means to you. Is it a time when you feel most connected with your spirituality and feel a connection with the Divine? A figurine of baby Jesus, an angel, a goddess statue, or the word “Peace” on a slip of paper may be objects that are appropriate for you. In the right section, place a candle, and a picture of the sun or anything that is luminous or represents renewal.

Once you have set up your altar, sit comfortably in front of it and close your eyes for a couple of minutes so you can begin the shift from your everyday outer world to your interior space. Focus on your breathing and let each slow breath start from your belly. Become aware of your contact with the floor—feet or sits bones—and think of your energy reaching down to touch Mother Earth. Feel the solid foundation of the earth and then draw this energy up and into your body. As you continue to draw the energy up to your abdomen, your center, feel the energy lighten into water. Continue to draw this energy up to your chest, to your heart. Feel the spark of fire energy burn with the passion of life. As the energy continues upward, feel air energy, the power of the mind and wisdom, surround your head. Hold the sensation of all four elements for a moment and then allow the energy to return to Mother Earth, taking any negativity or tension from you as it recedes.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and with a soft gaze look at the object(s) in the left section of your altar. Instead of replaying events in your mind, try to capture the essence of the past year and come to a sense of self. This may be slightly more difficult than it sounds because our true selves are not about what we have or what we do for a living. Try to just be, and then feel what comes to you—without judgment—just be for a few minutes.

When you feel that you have reached that point, or at least gotten as close to it as you can for now, allow your gaze to gently shift to the center section of your altar. Underneath all the modern trappings, contemplate what this season means to you. Seek what is in your heart and know that the magic of this season lies within your soul.

Finally, shift your gaze to the right section of your altar. We celebrate the light: the sun beginning its journey back to us, the (re)birth of the divine, and the renewed light of spirit in our hearts. In your mind’s eye, see light emanating from your heart center, surrounding you and then moving out into the world. Allow the image to fade of its own accord, and then slowly bring your focus back into the room where you are sitting. Hold any sensations for a moment or two and then let them go.

You may have a moving experience or you may simply feel more relaxed. It’s not important to hear a choir of angelic voices. The most significant aspect of this particular meditation is to step out of the frantic whirl of activity that we force on ourselves and into the realm of spirit where we can catch our breath and put life into perspective. Altar experiences will vary, but each one will be its own unique journey.

After working with an altar setup, leave it in place for a day or two; the visual clues that guided the meditation will serve as reminders to keep ourselves grounded in the things that are important.

By using an altar we participate in an ancient act that is fundamental to humankind. The way that we interact with our altars is as diverse as we are as individuals. Using the altar as a tool for introspection serves to enrich our spiritual paths and deepen our sense of self. Repeat the meditation several times during the holidays and see if it makes a difference in your experience this year. The joy of the season resides in our hearts; we just need to pause for a while to find it.
1Elaine Pagals, The Gnostic Gospels, p. xix.
2Dr. Lauren Artress, Walking a Sacred Path, p. 147.
3Jim De Korne, Psychedelic Shamanism, p. 139.
4Annemarie Schimmel, The Mystery of Numbers, p. 11.
5Ibid, p. 16.

This page is purely for the educational fulfillment of LoveDriven’s kind visitors.

Click here to visit the article in Llewellyn.

Do You Believe What I Believe?

by Laura Scott

I believe in real butter and a big country kitchen where your friends can watch as you cook or help you, laugh and cry with you as we figure out the world, our children, each other, all the while cooking up life, nourishment and love.
I believe in old fashioned things, like manners, and love notes and swinging on big long rope swings.
I believe in the power of being present.

I believe in love.
Universal Love uniting us, unifying us, underwriting us.
I believe in Grace.

I believe in two ply and good plumbing.
I believe in fresh cut lawns, a perfect peach, and juicy watermelon.
I believe in hanging out on blankets and watching the sky swim by with someone you love.
The fresh taste of spring water.
I believe in silence.

I believe in dancing, skipping, singing, synchronicities and surrendering.
I believe in surprises, sunrises and life’s ability to flip a situation around in our favor faster than we can say, ‘Abracadabra.’
Because I believe in Magic.

I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides, Messengers, Ascended Masters, and more, all in regular constant communication with us.
I believe in their power, love, and support.
I believe in the power of laughter…
Of a good belch, and fresh sheets…
I believe in making intimacy and living love.

I believe in meditation and reflective thought.
I believe in freedom, Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bono, Nelson Mandela, Immaculee Ilibigaza, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Jesus, Einstein, ET, the tooth fairy, the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and children in no order of preference.
I believe in the unmistakable power of a smile to heal, unite, lessen, increase, provide, invite.

I believe in real love, destiny, free will and the power of our choices and our attitude.
I believe in soft passionate kisses that last for hours and fall into days … gentle caresses, tenderness.
I believe everything is possible.

I believe in the power of a buy one get one free sale, in the 20 percent tip and in tipping points.
I believe in the first snow fall of a season, and the smell of a fireplace burning.
I believe in the Faeries playing in my flower beds and the crickets that sing beneath my window through the summer night.
I believe in Heaven. Here, there, everywhere.

I believe in the quiet that comes after the storm.
I believe in the space between the spaces.
I believe that out of our suffering comes much good fortune.
And that Life is always in Divine Order, even when we can’t see it.
I believe there is always a Higher Plan.

I believe we are all one,
And in our oneness lies our greatest strengths.
I believe that when one of us is doing better, all of us are.

I believe in invisible things, forces not seen, unexplained and yet to be defined.
I believe in a Mother/Father God.
I believe in the Church of Nature.
And the power of miracles.
Like falling in love again after many years of being on your own, and instantly feeling reborn.

I believe in a good moisturizer, comfortable clothes and laugh lines.
I believe in aging and it’s place in our humanity.
I believe if we weren’t conscious of time’s perpetual passage we’d never push ourselves or pace ourselves.
I believe in faith.

I believe in skinny dipping, laughing under the full moon and throwing up your arms to the sky with complete abandon and shouting , “YES!!!”

I believe in the sun,
in the stars,
in the sea,
and in the cool, quiet, secret places in the woods.
I believe in peace.

I believe in all of us, even the forgotten.
I believe in our intrinsic goodness.
I believe we can, we will, we must stay connected.
I believe we are only as strong as our weakest spot.
I believe in sleep overs, a good cup of tea, waking up to the sounds of wild song birds singing.

I believe in you.
And I believe in me.
I believe in our power as individuals.
I believe in our collective power.
And the power of our evolving consciousness.
I believe in the power of all possibilities.
I believe in us.

I believe in love.

I believe.

Invisible Falcons

Greetings Brain Explorers!

I received this email this morning:


Journey to Ixtlan is the best thing Castandeda ever did.

I think the rest of his books suck.
Think be became a guru figure and it went to his head. He started saying anything…after that book. But Ixtlan is very good stuff.”

My reply:

“..The three books preceding are also good, particularly the 2nd one, but yes, I’ve always thought JTI was the best.

I don’t know if I ever told you, but one morning I got up, went onto my porch, and a peregrine falcon, like the bird illustrated on that book’s cover, was perched on the railing outside my front door.

Here is the REALLY really weird part.

When I saw it, I thought, “What is a WHITE SNEAKER doing sitting on my railing?”

I walked over to it, and it flew away.

I could not SEE the falcon with my brain at that moment, because such an event existed outside the realm of my daily experience. It was incomprehensible.

It was like the natives of Hawaii who could look directly at Captain Cook’s ships in the harbor, and still not see them.

My brain completely blocked out this event until eight hours later, when it finally dawned on me that a falcon had been sitting there.

The event was so incongruous with my daily experience, that I was unable to process that fact that a hawk had been sitting on my porch rail, so my brain interpreted as “sneaker on rail”.

That evening, it finally sunk in, and I “remembered” what I saw. but it took eight hours.

It was just like people who are abducted by aliens, and have no memory of the event, or experience missing time, because the even is so far removed from their daily experience that they can’t process the event, and may only recall it in memory regression some time later.

It is further, unfortunately, like many historical events, and you can guess what I am referring to, that simply cannot be acknowledged or seen for what they really are by the vast majority of people who are witnessing such events.

Often, seeing is different from perceiving reality.

Question: How have masses of the population been fooled in the past thirty years? Ten? Five?


Later Brain Pereceivers!