Invisible Falcons

Greetings Brain Explorers!

I received this email this morning:


Journey to Ixtlan is the best thing Castandeda ever did.

I think the rest of his books suck.
Think be became a guru figure and it went to his head. He started saying anything…after that book. But Ixtlan is very good stuff.”

My reply:

“..The three books preceding are also good, particularly the 2nd one, but yes, I’ve always thought JTI was the best.

I don’t know if I ever told you, but one morning I got up, went onto my porch, and a peregrine falcon, like the bird illustrated on that book’s cover, was perched on the railing outside my front door.

Here is the REALLY really weird part.

When I saw it, I thought, “What is a WHITE SNEAKER doing sitting on my railing?”

I walked over to it, and it flew away.

I could not SEE the falcon with my brain at that moment, because such an event existed outside the realm of my daily experience. It was incomprehensible.

It was like the natives of Hawaii who could look directly at Captain Cook’s ships in the harbor, and still not see them.

My brain completely blocked out this event until eight hours later, when it finally dawned on me that a falcon had been sitting there.

The event was so incongruous with my daily experience, that I was unable to process that fact that a hawk had been sitting on my porch rail, so my brain interpreted as “sneaker on rail”.

That evening, it finally sunk in, and I “remembered” what I saw. but it took eight hours.

It was just like people who are abducted by aliens, and have no memory of the event, or experience missing time, because the even is so far removed from their daily experience that they can’t process the event, and may only recall it in memory regression some time later.

It is further, unfortunately, like many historical events, and you can guess what I am referring to, that simply cannot be acknowledged or seen for what they really are by the vast majority of people who are witnessing such events.

Often, seeing is different from perceiving reality.

Question: How have masses of the population been fooled in the past thirty years? Ten? Five?


Later Brain Pereceivers!

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