A Full Moon Ritual

(from Sheila Edwards)

This Full Moon Ritual will help us maintain a sense of our Self while navigating the ups and downs of a relationship.
It will aid us in developing a firm center from which to interact with our partner during the most difficult times – when it feels like a relationship is falling apart, you will be able to know who you are and what you want.

Ask the Universe to help you maintain emotional self-reliance within your relationships.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Best if performed on the day/night of the full moon, or the day/night before or after; but you can do it any time you need a reminder of your ancient nature (and men can do it, too).

If you like, you can prepare for this ritual by taking a special candlelit bath and dressing in clothing that feel especially beautiful to you. Please have a mirror in front of you.

1. Find a time when you will not be disturbed. Turn out the lights where you are. Notice the light entering the room from the moon, if it is visible. Take a moment to remember a time when the full moon made night travel easier, so people gathered on this night to celebrate community and to honor the great healing Mystery.

2. Look at the mirror. Can you see your self? Can you see your face?
Allow yourself to pause in your busy life as you gaze. Take a moment to listen to the sounds where you are. What do you hear? Now bring your conscious attention down from the place behind your eyes, down through your throat, down into your heart. Let your attention pause there. As you allow yourself to become aware of your heart, keep looking in the mirror. Allow your gaze to soften and become more loving. See yourself with the eyes of love. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

3. Now bring your attention down from your heart to your solar plexus, your will center. See yourself with the eyes of courage and will. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

4. Now bring your attention down into your belly, the place of gut-knowing. See yourself with the ancient eyes of the deep self. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

5. Give some time to imagining the self you might have been in another time, in the mists of time, in the beginnings of time. Imagine the beauty and majesty of the full moon reflected in your eyes. See yourself with the eyes of the glorious, magical Full Moon. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

6. Now gently bring your awareness back up through your solar plexus, back through your heart, back through your throat, back into the place behind your eyes. See yourself with new eyes. Say to yourself, “I am I”.

Bring yourself gently back into ordinary reality with gratitude for what you have seen and learned.

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