Do You Believe What I Believe?

by Laura Scott

I believe in real butter and a big country kitchen where your friends can watch as you cook or help you, laugh and cry with you as we figure out the world, our children, each other, all the while cooking up life, nourishment and love.
I believe in old fashioned things, like manners, and love notes and swinging on big long rope swings.
I believe in the power of being present.

I believe in love.
Universal Love uniting us, unifying us, underwriting us.
I believe in Grace.

I believe in two ply and good plumbing.
I believe in fresh cut lawns, a perfect peach, and juicy watermelon.
I believe in hanging out on blankets and watching the sky swim by with someone you love.
The fresh taste of spring water.
I believe in silence.

I believe in dancing, skipping, singing, synchronicities and surrendering.
I believe in surprises, sunrises and life’s ability to flip a situation around in our favor faster than we can say, ‘Abracadabra.’
Because I believe in Magic.

I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides, Messengers, Ascended Masters, and more, all in regular constant communication with us.
I believe in their power, love, and support.
I believe in the power of laughter…
Of a good belch, and fresh sheets…
I believe in making intimacy and living love.

I believe in meditation and reflective thought.
I believe in freedom, Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bono, Nelson Mandela, Immaculee Ilibigaza, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Jesus, Einstein, ET, the tooth fairy, the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and children in no order of preference.
I believe in the unmistakable power of a smile to heal, unite, lessen, increase, provide, invite.

I believe in real love, destiny, free will and the power of our choices and our attitude.
I believe in soft passionate kisses that last for hours and fall into days … gentle caresses, tenderness.
I believe everything is possible.

I believe in the power of a buy one get one free sale, in the 20 percent tip and in tipping points.
I believe in the first snow fall of a season, and the smell of a fireplace burning.
I believe in the Faeries playing in my flower beds and the crickets that sing beneath my window through the summer night.
I believe in Heaven. Here, there, everywhere.

I believe in the quiet that comes after the storm.
I believe in the space between the spaces.
I believe that out of our suffering comes much good fortune.
And that Life is always in Divine Order, even when we can’t see it.
I believe there is always a Higher Plan.

I believe we are all one,
And in our oneness lies our greatest strengths.
I believe that when one of us is doing better, all of us are.

I believe in invisible things, forces not seen, unexplained and yet to be defined.
I believe in a Mother/Father God.
I believe in the Church of Nature.
And the power of miracles.
Like falling in love again after many years of being on your own, and instantly feeling reborn.

I believe in a good moisturizer, comfortable clothes and laugh lines.
I believe in aging and it’s place in our humanity.
I believe if we weren’t conscious of time’s perpetual passage we’d never push ourselves or pace ourselves.
I believe in faith.

I believe in skinny dipping, laughing under the full moon and throwing up your arms to the sky with complete abandon and shouting , “YES!!!”

I believe in the sun,
in the stars,
in the sea,
and in the cool, quiet, secret places in the woods.
I believe in peace.

I believe in all of us, even the forgotten.
I believe in our intrinsic goodness.
I believe we can, we will, we must stay connected.
I believe we are only as strong as our weakest spot.
I believe in sleep overs, a good cup of tea, waking up to the sounds of wild song birds singing.

I believe in you.
And I believe in me.
I believe in our power as individuals.
I believe in our collective power.
And the power of our evolving consciousness.
I believe in the power of all possibilities.
I believe in us.

I believe in love.

I believe.

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