Reduce Stress Naturally

Stop and Believe to Let Go of Stress
(a holistic and natural way to reduce stress)
By Shealy Healy

Poor health often is a byproduct of stress. When you accumulate too much stress within your mind and body you are left depleted of healthy rejuvenating every. Your mind becomes ill. Anxiety takes over your body. You get sick.

Anxiety is a crippling disorder that imprints itself upon your energy body but it does not have to ruin your life.

You can learn a life skills method of soothing the anxiety that is trying to control your health and wellbeing. If you suffer from generalized anxiety you might complain of obsessive or uncontrollable chatter running through your mind. Due to the inorganic circumstances of the contemporary world; worry, stress and grief have taken hold of most of our population. People with anxiety disorders present a variety of physical symptoms in addition to non-physical symptoms that characterize the disorders such as excessive, unrealistic worrying.

Many of these symptoms are similar to those exhibited by a person suffering general illness, heart attack, or stroke, and this tends to further increase anxiety. These symptoms of anxiety can be seen from a psychic point of view as stressful metaphysical energies moving over and through your physical body. Your thoughts are powerful forms of energy. If you could see them with your physical eyes you would see floating, bursting, vibrating and scattering energy surrounding your body at every moment.

Early Ayurvedic references to a life force, or prana, go back to the eighth century b.c. In the West, as early as the sixth century b.c., Pythagoras conceived of a life energy, or pneuma, visible in a luminous body.

Both ancient and modern energy practitioners have realized that changing the way you think as well as manipulating the metaphysical energy of your body can help you to heal your anxiety. A modern organic method of energy medicine “Stop-Believe” will help you to heal both your energy body and your obsessive thoughts in order to ease your anxiety. This method teaches you to stop in order to improve your organic abilities to rejuvenate. Stop and you will heal. Stop and you will attract health and spirit.

Stop and you will live a longer and more successful life without the pain of anxiety. It makes good sense to rejuvenate the body-mind energy in order to relieve anxious thoughts. But, it is not always an easy task. You can learn to stop your mind from creating unproductive and damaging thoughts when you follow “Stop-Believe.” “Stop and believe” is a natural like skills method of healing designed to help you replace mind stress with peaceful energy.

This form of meditation has become a favorite method of resting the brain and entire body. When the mind practices a method of discovering its ability to believe and connect with spirit it is able to focus upon one subject, one vision and one thought of belief. During this process your mind will actually fall into a state of trance or sleep that is healing. Meditation relies on the body’s ability to switch to an alpha (resting) or theta (relaxing) brain-wave state, during which the brain’s rhythm slows appreciably, and endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, are released.

Studies have shown that during meditation, metabolism is lowered, resulting in a slower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and slower breathing. In the seventies, Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Harvard Medical School, formulated the theory of an inborn “relaxation response” that can be cultivated to counteract stress. Eliciting it, he wrote, “can help counteract the effects of repeated insults of stress on the heart and other organs.”

To begin the method first, make a decision to stop the chatter within your mind. Many who suffer from anxiety will find it difficult to agree to practice a method of relieving mind stress that asks them to give up their worry. But, it is necessary to make that agreement in order to heal. When you agree fully to trust a healing method then your anxiety level is more likely to drop.

Healing an indecisive mind is not usually likely. When you feel that you are fully aware that mind chatter is not a value to you then you are ready to begin to stop the chatter. Mind chatter is anxiety and worry and it is always counterproductive. Anxiety and worry do nothing more than attract more worry and anxiety.

To replace anxious thoughts with relaxation it is necessary to reach toward your belief system and your ideal of a higher power. Begin by realizing or catching yourself when in the process of mind chatter. When you find you are day dreaming in a negative manner then stop and switch your thinking to a process of belief. Belief is a powerful tool. The process of belief begins when you ask yourself if you believe that a power greater than yourself exists. If you can answer yes to this question-then you can work toward believing.

The process of belief is a never ending one. You will come to understand belief more deeply with each year you live. If you choose to place your mind upon belief, two glorious things will happen.

You will eventually become aligned with your spiritual self. And, you will relax your mind. At first, you may have to practice this constant meditation method over and over throughout your day. Each time you realize that your mind has begun to chatter you will make a conscious effort to stop and then ponder the process of belief.

When you begin “Stop-Believe” you will catch yourself in the process of mind chatter even after you have made this agreement with self. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time. Eventually you will align with your higher power while practicing this method.

When placing your mind upon belief you will ponder the idea that your higher power is available to you and willing to care for you. Eventually, if you can answer “yes” to these questions of belief your mind will begin to realize that you do not need to work so hard worrying. You can stop and believe that your higher power will take care of you. Just imagine experiencing a moment of freedom from the fear that is imprinted upon your energy.

Like a weight removed from your shoulders, neck and back, the release of fear induced anxiety will scatter. Your body’s intrinsic ability to heal will set in motion an entire process of detoxification. Your mind becomes healthy. Anxiety leaves your body. You are…healed.


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