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Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins Thursday September, 2, 2010

Vine corresponds to the Ogham letter muin (muhn) and heralds the time of harvest and completion.
Grapes, though not native to the Celtic regions, became embraced as the most important ingredient in wine-making, and are associated with the smiling, leafy Green Man. The fruits of the vine are integral to celebrations worldwide, and as our crops mature, why not celebrate your prosperity during the harvest season?
Pour a glass of wine, or grape juice, and place it within a small grapevine wreath found at a craft store (or in Nature, if its available to you). Light any candle the color of the autumn leaves. List all the good things you’ve harvested in your life this year. When you are done with this celebration, pour the remaining wine on the earth as an offering of thanks.
Raise your glass and before you sip, repeat the following charm:

I raise my glass and make a toast,
The vine month brings a harvest to boast,
My gratefulness for the year’s abundance,
I give my thanks with greatest reverence.”

by Mickie Mueller, Llewellyn Worldwide

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