New Moon in Aquarius

Monday, Feb 8, 2016

“A Complete Circle”

With this New Moon in the Constellation of Aquarius we see Infinity’s Magic working at its best. Starting with the fact that its on the 8th day of the 2nd month …that in and a of itself deserves a hand of applause. 8+2=10

nm-aquarius-feb2016If by any chance you created a vision map during last year’s Aquarian NM then this is our chance at looking at that map and see where you find yourself in it. And Re-group your ideas, re-vision and re-position yourself by perhaps creating a new vision board. An updated map for this year. 2016 is serving like a mirror for 2015, kind of like a “let me see what I didn’t get to complete that I still want to and get it done” type of year. Moving forward by recognizing your current checkpoint. Its pretty darn awesome!!

So!…Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the epitome of activism and the super speedy thinking mind.. “okay this is_______ whats next?! ..and okay this is_______, whats next?!” In Uranus we find the energy of movement, inconsistency and change. The philosophy of finding power in stopping a steady stream or open flow of energy.  A perfect example may be that of a water dam, taming  the stabilized flow of water for the purpose of containing electricity, power. Ruled by the element of Air, visionary Aquarius leads a life of fulfilling revolutionary change, taking you in the direction of finding your individualistic nature trusting the Higher Self, the inner voice of your soul. It is the desire for emotional independence, as well as respect for rational and original ideas, and the concern for humanity, as a whole, allowing freedom for each individual. We are in this together, and together we rise.

As this new cycle of our life sets on  lets reflect on where we are in our own lives and where we have been compromising ourselves for the sake of not wanting to rock the boat. Apply self love and respect to our ideals, and envision our goals and dreams becoming, accepting change as par of our true expansive nature. Going with the flow, not against it.

One individual’s original idea can and will light the spark of the visionary in all of us! Inspire. Be the Light! Be You! In the face of everything, Be You!

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