11:11 Gateway

Cosmic Quiet New Moon


This is a message from the White Federation of Light, an energetic transmission regarding the fullness and vibratory adjustment that is being delivered by the 11:11 New Moon Gateway

There are many frequencies worth noting during this intense and wonderful 11.11 gateway. According to our dear ancestors and guides the White Federation of Light this portal is extreamly powerful on various levels.

Its worth mentioning that because we are now in the long awaited Age of Aquarius we are totally prepared to take this journey thru these higher frequency tunnels. We are better prepared mentally to understand the experience; physically, our bodies are able to withhold the energies as we travel and emotionally we have learned how to adapt to the vibratory changes needed to make the journey a delightful success, a true enlightening experience.

So what is this gateway all about … well, it really begins Nov 9th. At this point all Lightworkers and sentient earth beings will receive the call, a signal that the portal is ready to begin its process of appearance. We come forth to plow the path, ready the road ahead for the entering/exiting of this divine exchange.

At 12 AM on November 11th the door begins to open and the energies between the worlds will commence to flood in and through, merging spirit with spirit, light with light, magic with magic. This will continue for the entire day until 11:59PM of November 11th, where the gateway will close, until its next scheduled moment. What happens during this time is of amazing importance and it is imperative that we remain calm clear and peaceful during these hours. Because an interchange of energy occurs during the opening of these active portals, vibrationally speaking, the ripples these electric oceans create are very strong and may be “understood” if one is calm and with a clear head and relaxed body. So, if possible, find activities that include being alone and in the company of like minded people, because it is a magnifying type of energy, manifestation takes place practically immediately. Meditation, yoga, music are the more likely things we  ay find ourselves doing and wanting to do.

This portal comes during the time of a New Moon, creating an arena of peace and introspection. You may find that your inner self is focused on your thoughts, your life, your future present and past, your path. Open your Heart and allow your third eye to show you the images you need to see. Clarity comes as a delicious reward when we acknowledge and allow. Just sit tight and let the message thru, you’ll be glad you did.

This Quiet New Moon comes in full swing with the opening of this energetic portal. It brings us an opportunity for Renewal. This pertains to everything. EVERYTHING. It is a chance to instantly renew body mind and heart. Healing on every level we can possibly imagine, all we have to do is put ourselves in the right state of BeIngness, no place/no time and allow the healing light into our field. Activate the MerKaBa. Prqanayam (breathwork), yoga, meditation, chanting, dancing, dedicate the light of your soul to the Higher Self and flow free through the magic of the One Conscious Mind.


The 11.11 Gateway is also an invitation for expansion. When renewed we create more white space for new pranic force, meaning we grow, literally. Our bodies grow in the sense that they have the capacity to withold more energy force.  Our minds expand attaining better overstanding of the rules of this earthly existence  making it less stressful and more fun to live and co-exist with all earth sentient beings. We learn to see ourselves in the face of another, accept each other and slip into global unification, we become a true family.

Another delightful experience that comes with this powerful portal is that we enter a time to know our universe. This portal is not only a way to look outside of “our world” but also allows our star family to come thru and join our realm. There are many humans ready to depart with the purpose of exploration of other realms and at the same time there are starlight family members returning or coming through the portal for the first time. These divine beings are exchanging places to fulfill a high purpose. We are preparing to enter a lighter creative dimension and these Guides coming into our Earth Realm to assist us in fully comprehending the energetic arena we are flowing in to.

Lets welcome our StarLight family

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