An Angel In My Closet

Its the sweetest thing to experience.

Ever since I was little I’ve thought of closets to be “tween places” an in-between place,  a door connecting two worlds, a way to move through realms.

angel-w-kittyIt was a rainy day sometime last year when I noticed my neighbor’s cat run inside my home and went straight into my bedroom …I figured she was probably looking for shelter from the rain. I quietly followed her in and saw her very cozy inside my closet. It warmed my heart. I’m a total animal person, I’ve had over 30 cats and 2 dogs, at one time. My doggies have now transitioned and the number of cats has gone down quite a bit, but they are still in my life ad I’m grateful for them every single day. I love animals  🙂

As time went on with each rain storm I knew …Lucy’s coming in, so I always try to keep the bottom area of the closet free of clutter so she can find her comfort and rest. Sometimes even one or two of my other cats will keep her company while the rain passes. They tend to take turns, but for the most part, what I’ve noticed is that the kitty that is feeling a bit under the weather is the one that chooses that space. Now, its no novelty that cats find comfort in hidden spaces, this is more of the dynamics of who gets to spend time in there. At one point, while I was out of town, Angie, a beautiful black tortie had had some issues maybe with another cat and one of her arms had come through the collar but because she had an open wound around her shoulder area the collar was starting to get stuck onto her skin …how terrible my poor thing, well my lovely goddess friend who was looking after them I my absence called me and we were able to fix the problem right away. When I returned home just a few days after that I noticed Angie had found comfort in the closet, spending time in there, during the day and specially at night. Once she felt better she was done.

Another of my sweet furry purry friends, two of them actually, have a type of feline epilepsy, very sad…

They were taking turns and sometimes sharing closet space until one of them, who was napping on top of my neighbor’s window awning had a seizure and fell off. She hurt her side pretty badly and I could tell her thigh and leg were very sore. Well, we did a of of Reiki Energy healing and lots of quality time and tlc. But I noticed that she had taken ownership of the closet, and the rest of the kitty family were pretty much giving her the space and time she needed to heal. She would only come out to eat, drink water and take care of her needs and right back to the healing closet she’d go. Until two days ago that I saw her napping, at noon, right outside in the yard, next to a couple of her kitty brothers and sisters. She still limps a bit but looks so much better and apparently feels a lot better.

Yesterday morning, it was not 5am yet and although It was still dark I could see the hint of brightness becoming noticeable in the sky while I looked outside my window. My little darling butterfly slept like a log and I was wide awake but not eager to start the day just yet. So I decided to stay in bed and meditate a bit. It was such a perfect moment to give thanks to Universe for everything … a divine time in time. And I remembered about the healing closet so I asked the radiant angel friends who are always near and I noticed a very gentle glow, orbish like, near the closet door. It filled my chest with such a feeling of majesty, I felt such Love and Respect for that Divine Light confirming its presence. I laughed-cried for a while feeling almost overwhelmed by Gratitude.

and then I thought “…, there’s an Angel in my closet, what a sweet way to start this day”

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