Orion’s Deliverance 12.12.15

My dear Earth family, once again our elders from the Federation of Light have shared a super sweet message, I’m eager to share with you …so here it goes.

Our Divine Stars on Earth,

You have been in receiving mode for most of the 2015  trajectory, there have been infinite high frequencies flooding the earth channels delivering much light of wisdom in guidance on how to overcome the low frequency vibes wanting to settle on the planet. Much of the planet’s population has been focusing too much on watching the news and feeling the heaviness of war, fear and hatred. However, for the first time humanity is learning to rise above these lower vibrations and holding steady in higher vibratory realms of Hope, Peace and Love.
From New Moon 11.11 to New Moon 12.11

The conclusion of this year is no different. We are still passing through a vortex of positive energy that began with the New Moon in Nov . … the 11.11 gateway where the higher beings were reminding us to create deliberately, to bring our dreams to this reality. This continuous field of allowance is in full spectrum and comes to a temporary closing with the New Moon in Dec. the 12.11 gateway. Now we use the words “temporary closing” because it will appear as if the vortex of positive creation has closed but I reality it shifts to a other pinned point location ….still encasing the vibratory earthly planes only in the 4th dimensional resonance. In other words, bringing the process of creation one step up … faster manifestation.

The New Moon Vortex within the Soul Constellation of the Ram closes its portal on January 10, 2016 …. Making way for the new Soul Constellation to begin its reign; where a very playful year comes along ….more on that later.


We’re at the end of the month of November,and there are 11 days in December before the Day of Magnetic Activation for earthlings to bring about their intentional manifestation of their dreams, the vibratory waves are a perfect match up and we have an incredible opportunity to literally make these wishes and desires real tangible, feelable, smellable, enjoyable to the max experiences. Make it happen, the stars are all ligned up and ready to show you the way.

We’re at the tipping point….


December Day of Activation – 12.12.15

The great thing about numerology is you “don’t have to good at math” its  all about decoding the numbers … Cosmic Mathematics. If we split up these numbers we have 1 – 2 – 5

1 is the beginning. Creation. The All.

2 is creation in motion, flow, happening, moving to the next dimensional field up.

5 is change. A development in progress. Something different than the current. A shift.

There is also  1.1.1 …Then we have 2.2.5 …. We get 3 and 9

We all know 111 is the window of “think it so be it” Where we can reach in and bring in what we wish.

3 represents the 3 times of access during these portals of renewal this year.

9 represents completion

We have passed through the gateway of Renewal now we get to Re-Activate our sensory system. This is like a reboot after receiving an upgrade. You will find that your capacity to feel emotions is more intense, because you have released much of the density of the old pattern thoughts. E-motions feel more intense because the vessel is pure, you have cleared and cleaned the transitory passageways within your energy self. In other words, Pure Energy is flowing thru you with more ease because the mental/physical/emotional body has been cleansed. You are able to process pure energy with greater capacity, you are able to interpret light language with more ease because there is less resistance in your field.

Work with your Energy Field from now until the end of the year. Work with your MerKaBa. Work with your Crystal Light Field. Work with your Auric body. Access your Akaash. Activate your WHOLE perfect creative Self. You are a vibratory match to your Self.

This magnetic activation makes way for another super power to course in Their waves of wisdom. The elders of the Federation of Light are asking the sentients of planet Earth to align to these higher more radiant frequencies in readiness for Orion’s delivery, which comes in shortly after, as the new portal begins to show face. Orion is offering an extraordinary gift awakening to a New Light, an etheric upcharge, an upgrade between Soul & Spirit energies.

In sacred geometrical language, we have access to becoming a higher human vibrational being, a walking star light tetrahedron in a human body …. WOW! This is the cherry on top. So now more than ever before keep your vessel pure, focus on your now, on your creation here, allow its unfolding with ease, let go of resistance and let the magic happen in front of your eyes, you are the magic waiting to happen and you have all the tools you need.

“You have everything you need”


So my beloveds, I hope you have enjoyed this transmission. Life is a miracle filled with amazing experiences and we are on our way to be blown away even more by our divine reflection. Remember, look at the Stars and see yourself in them. Activate. Appreciate. Create.


In perfect Love and perfect Trust.

Yours truly

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