I’ve Got My Broom


“a time of balance”

I’m at the supermarket with my darling sweet-pea faerie when I bumped into a goddess sistar friend and she notices I have a cinnamon broom in my shopping cart …she knows me well so it wasn’t a big surprise, but she made a comment about it anyway. She said: “you have your broom ready?” to which I replied: “yes, I get them every year”. She laughed and asked: “but what do you do with them?” and I said:” I usually have two, one at the front door and one parked in the back. I never know which door I’ll take to head out for a quick fly by 🙂 Then I take the old brooms and burn them in the bonfire the night of the equinox” this has been a personal tradition for years.

What does this time of the year bring, why is it such a big deal??

Well, for so many reasons. As we stand at the gateway of every seasonal change we are flooded by its delightful gifts and blessings. We’re at the time of the Autumnal Equinox ..one of my favorite seasonal transitions. I love so many things about this time of the year, but specially how Mother Earth begins to gradually change her gown and her colors flow from the bright colorful greens and reds of a hot summer to browns, oranges and yellows of fall. I also enjoy observing how we flow through the transitional phase of the season. Our attitudes shift in every way, we are getting ready for cooler temperatures, longer nights, the food we eat changes, the clothes we wear, its such a deep convergence. And because it is so there is a day of complete equality. The Equinox is a time of balance. No one gets more than another, its all equal. We’re all receivers. And the beauty about receiving is that the jubilee we feel as we receive lets go of aaaall resistance and that bliss we send off is what source is reading and, therefore, sending more in. keeping the balance, the ebb and flow. Just like that, Source and Creation exchange, interchange, share, there is relationship that can flow so smoothly when we let it. It’s the way it works, ask and you will receive.
Its great knowledge to have when we truly understand this. Its very important because we are directly affected by every seasonal change, and when we’re not having positive experience with it, during it, then that’s telling us we’re holding resistance against something, it needs our attention and must be addressed so we can move on. When we resist we stop receiving. Our emotions are how we read the flow of our life experience. It’s a lovely process 🙂
So take a short moment and check in with yourself, see what your emotions are telling you. Honor that side of you that connects you to the vibration of source. Match your creative intention to that vibration and create your life as you dream it. This time of year is a perfect time to start anew. Join in the seasonal festivities, surround yourself and your every thought with positive energy. Celebrate your life by honoring your self and your ability to create. Flow. Life is fun! InJoy

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