Matriarchs Coming


The times of change are upon us. The Galactic Mother returns after a long cycle of rest, we are at the edge of Ascension, at the moment of our New Earth Rising.


The Grand Masters of Light are here for the Galactic Conference taking place within the no-space/no-time inter-dimensional layers of existence. There are many topics that will be discussed during this very important assembly, like the re-writing of the Codes of Co-Existence throughout the entire multiverse, but part of the highlight of this powerful gathering is the welcoming of the new force of power to the Golden Throne, the Matriarchs. The Mothers of all worlds, of all times.


What this means in contrast to how we’ve been living, on Earth and through the multi-Galaxy, is that this re-writing or re-programming serves as a reboot to the way we live in certain paradigms, like the Earth. The physical layers of the 3 dimensional experience is morphing. We are changing. We are not the same types of humans we were 100 years ago ….50 years ago!

This re-coding of magnetic light contains quite a lot of light substance, data, and this information has to be assimilated so that we may move through the new layers of existence with ease.

The Divine Feminine is hereto help us cope and adapt to the new Beings we’ve become so we may be ready to enter the higher frequencies of existence. We’re very much used to and comfortable within the denser 3d layers and our Matriarchs are here to gently guides us into our New Light, like the kind mother assisting her child in life’s challenges

This is a time of extraordinary change, we are so blessed to be here we chose to be here for this, now. NOW


Gaia Ma, our Mother, is the Grand Host of this leading edge movement. Lets join our hearts and Love Intention and hold space along side our Mother during this time of Cosmic Conscious Expansion … our re-birth as  One Love One Creation


You’re invited to join us Monday Dec 14, 2015 at 7pm for Reiki Energy Sharing followed by Satsang on this grand cosmic event in the lounge at Mystic Water Kava Bar, Downtown Hollywood

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