Life In Yoga

Life is beautiful, its a powerful journey filled with so many possibilities for everything and anything we can imagine. But how or when do we know we are “on the path”? And what is “being on the path”? What does it mean?

I can think of many moments in the timeline of my life where I thought I was somewhat aligned until I had the sweet experience of growth and realized there is something more, something better, something “higher” …. I now know we call this ascension. A space-time of ascension isn’t only celestial but it also is when we level-up. We ascend to the next layer or level of consciousness. We learn something new and move up. Once the mind learns something, it knows it and cannot un-know it.. It ascends. …Life IS beautiful.

So how do we know we are doing good? And who gauges this? Who do we answer to? Who’s the Grand Judge?? … I’ve asked myself these questions. There are moments when the multidimensional Self is very apparent and we receive  answers to these BIG fabulous questions. It is clear, it is all there, nothing is hidden, only when the Ego is in charge life seems flat and one-dimensional. This is when having a yoga practice is helpful.

In the beginning of my -lets call it spiritual activation – I thought the concept of having a yoga practice meant going to a yoga class and .. you know, buying the mat, the clothes and taking a class or 2, and for that hour or hour and a half I would breathe, stretch and let my mind flow. And yes, this is how it starts and what we get when we take a yoga class, but there is so much more! Yoga isn’t only going to a studio to learn the difficult poses and over stretching the body to its limits while pushing through pain, yoga is So Much More. While the actual physical practice of moving through a set of asanas is yoga,  Yoga Is Life. What we learn in the Shala (the studio, the sacred place of practice) and apply it to daily life, that is Yoga. Learning to stretch the body AND the mind is Yoga, being flexible in the body AND in life is Yoga. Learning to listen to the voices of the Self, the many facets, the many layers of the Being, this is Yoga. Feeling compassion towards oneself and working at being the best friend possible to self, this is Yoga. Being in the integrity of one’s word is living in Yoga. Following a code of ethics and approaching each moment with kindness… or at least the awareness of it, this is Yoga.

When we’re out in the world, moving from thing to thing, talking to people, driving our car from here to there, eating, listening, waiting in line..any line, how we approach the moment, that is Yoga.

Yoga is the moment we make the choice to be conscious during an experience. Yoga is how we handle ourselves right before we handle ourselves. It is the pause before we speak, the opportunity to listen before jumping to conclusion, it is the moment we choose to think before we have an impulsive reaction, it is stopping the words we might regret saying before saying them,  it is the ability to find stillness during the busiest moment of the day just to say “hey..” to yourself and take a deep breath.

Its not about being perfect, if there’s such a thing. Its about growth. Its about having the awareness of Consciousness living in the body/mind temple and approaching life from there.

We all have moments of impulsive reactions, thoughts, and choices… Yoga is when we practice at being less impulsive and more purpose-full and deliberate about the actions we take.

Often times people think because they see a yoga teacher they assume this person is exempt from the madness life can sometimes bring, like we have cleared ourselves off of life challenges; some people perceive a yogi as untouched by difficult situations …. Nobody is exempt. If you are here and you are made of flesh,  have a heartbeat and a thinking mind, you are on the path just as all the rest. Wahe Guru!

 The beauty of it all is that we are having an individual life experience all together, mish-mashed in the same place, living within the paradigms of the One Consciousness but creating totally unique and individual experiences.

It is all about me.

It is all about you.

Have you ever, dear reader, visited a yoga studio and experienced a yoga class? A group meditation? A moment where you are with your thoughts and get to observe (not judge or criticize) the mind. Have you ever given yourself the gift of suspending yourself in the space of the Neutral Mind to just observe life as it is, to just witness yourself from almost an outside-of-yourself place … but in fact being so much in-yourself you are One with Self?

Have you my friend considered putting yourself in this wholey space? If you have not, I invite you to.

Whatever it is, take it to the mat and leave it on the mat. As a gift to yourself, merge in the Naam, the humming of your Beingness, beyond the wild active mind.


Yoga means union, they say

Yoga is the opportunity to be so much your self you are all, you are The All

My humble opinion is Yoga is Being. Yoga is Living. Yoga is finding yourself in the Self and witnessing Life, as it is, as you are. You Are. I Am


With Love

Sat Nam


Rev Adriana LoveDriven Hari Gobind Kaur

Sadhana Weekend

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
during the ambrosial hours

“Sadhana (daily spiritual discipline) gives you the concept to penetrate deep into the self to relate to the oneness of god. Then duality is conquered, prosperity comes, and grace and radiance become your shields.”

— Yogi Bhajan

Everyone is welcome!

This weekend Sat Dec 11th & Sun Dec 12th


The Biscayne Institutes for Health & Living
2785 N.E. 183rd Street
Williams Island Blvd
Aventura (North Miami Beach)

For further information regarding Sadhana in Aventura contact Amrita Kaur at: 954-983-5127 or 305-318-8731 or

Held the 2nd Sunday of every month

1100 E Hallandale Bch Blvd
Hallandale 33009

For further information regarding Sadhana in Hallandale contact Jiwan Kaur at: 954-445-6775

~ 4:30am Japji Sahib

~ 5am – 7am Yoga and Meditation

*You may come at 4:30 for the reading of Japji (copies will be provided for those who wish to join in chanting) or at 5am for the yoga and meditation practice

Donations welcome

Full Moon Kundalini Meditation on the beach

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach

1301 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019

How to find us: A1A turn onto Azalea terrace park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach. Look for the people wearing white

Every Full Moon the Kundalini Miami Yoga Instructors put together a wonderful gathering on the beach in honor of the Full Moon.
The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion and open our heart centers.
Join us for an evening of kundalini yoga and meditation, and by the time we’re done the Moon is just rising and since we sit facing the ocean we have front row view, its just beautiful!

Lead by spiritual master and yogini Jiwan Kaur

Join us! 6pm-7pm to chant, elevate, and open our hearts to ourselves & ALL souls on our planet (and those waiting to come as well!!)

Behind Hollywood Cultural Arts center on the beach.
1301 S Ocean Dr. On A1A turn onto Azalea terrace park behind the Cultural Center and walk onto beach.
Look for the people wearing white. smile

Bring water, a yoga mat and/or blanket to lay on the sand, and coins for parking.

Donations welcomed

**if rain event is canceled**

For more information, questions, comments or feedback about this event please contact:

Jiwan kaur

“The energy of the universe is yours, it is your birthright, just claim it!” –Yogi Bhajan

Haiti Fundrasier

Efforts Relief For Haiti

Please join us at Temple Beth El Tuesday, January 26th 7-8pm for kundalini yoga and a healing meditation to raise funds for those in Haiti.

Temple Beth El
1351 S 14th Ave, Hollywood Fla 33020

As some of you know the temple along with First Presbyterian church has funded together an orphanage in Haiti. Together they have provided housing, food and education to many children. So let us all gather and vibrate to them healing, love and support.

LOVE is an energy
LOVE is a power
LOVE is a strength
LOVE is a totality.
LOVE has no fear and no vengeance
LOVE has every answer.
— Yogi Bhajan

Donations: please make checks out to Temple Beth El and write in memo Haiti.
All monies will go directly to Haiti relief funds. Please consider a minimum donation of $10.00 for the evening.
Kindly forward to all you know.

Any questions please contact Jiwan Kaur 954-445-6775

Thank you.

Temple Beth El
1351 S 14th Ave
Hollywood Fla 33020

Directions: please take 95 exit Pembrook Rd continue east to US1 cross US1 and continue to 14th ave take a left onto 14th ave and Temple will be on Left hand side between Wiley and Rodman St..

You may also reach the Temple from Hallendale Beach Blvd going east to 14th Ave take a right ( traveling North) continue straight until you see Temple on Left about 5 miles or so.. you must pass Atlantic Shores Blvd.




What is Sadhana?

Sadhana is a spiritual discipline done during the ambrosial hours (when the sun is at a 60% angle to the earth. Usually between the hours of 4am-7am & 4pm-7pm). This early morning practice of yoga and meditation clears the subconscious mind and attunes oneself to the infinite.
Because of the reverence this sacred practice requires, one covers the head (turban, bandana, etc) when doing Sadhana. Beginning at 4:30am with the recitation of Japji (“song of the Soul”, a prayer to uplift the soul) written by Guru Nanak, then we continue with the practice of a kundalini yoga kriya, and finish with chanting meditation.

The practice of Sadhana is for Self, it is to connect yourself to your true Self, and live from the true Self. Come experience the bliss and divine connection to your essence!

Held every Saturday at Biscayne Institute for Health & Living
2785 N.E. 183rd St, Aventura, Fl

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4:30am Japji
Copies may be provided for those who want to join in chanting

5-7am Yoga and Meditation

Donations welcome

Contact Amrita Kaur for details: