Pluto Sextile Sun

Use Your Charm to Get What You Want!

On February 23, the Sun, drifting through seductive and dreamy Pisces, forms a sextile to powerfully persuasive Pluto. While the word ‘sextile’ may sound enticing, all it means is that Pluto will be at a 60-degree angle to the Sun, and that its intense magnetism will boost the Pisces Sun in a way that brings real results. Now is the time to use your good judgment and personal power wisely to get the maximum advantage of these favorable conditions!

Have you been wrestling with dilemmas and tensions since late December? This was probably the influence of Pluto being conjunct to (or within) the same degree as the Sun. Pluto’s current activity suggests this is the time to get it all together! You are now in control … but not in an aggressive or obvious manner. You’ve learned a few lessons and you will not be caught in the same way as before. Pluto is too subtle for that. Now is the time to smile sweetly, knowing you can pull all the right strings and make everyone dance to your tune. Whether it be a crisis at work or a romantic situation, you will know how to use your personal power and get things done. This special configuration of the planets gives your inner core all the strength it needs.


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