Benefits of Meditation

17 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation results in holistic health. It gives good health on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Specific health benefits reported by some who meditate are:

1. The stabilization of high or low blood pressure, blood sugar, body heat and

2. The balancing of mind/body rhythms.

3. Reduction of muscle tension, stronger bones, immunity from disease.

4. Cleansing – quicker elimination of toxins and body waste.

5. Overcoming insomnia and improved quality of sleep.

6. Enhanced energy, increased work capacity.

7. Longer life span – improved body metabolism and body cells with a longer life span.

8. Secretion of healthy body chemicals – increased secretion of natural anti-depressants, enhanced secretion of endorphins, the body’s ‘happy chemicals’.

9. Relationships – Meditation inherently puts you in tune with yourself and others. The direct result of this is deeper, more meaningful interpersonal relationships with family, friends and with everyone you encounter in your daily life.

10. Intelligence – To work efficiently, one needs intelligence. Meditation ignites your innate intelligence making you more aware and sharp. The natural result of this is improved, efficient and effortless performance in whatever you do.

11. Creativity – Each of us holds within us an undiscovered treasure of talent and potential. Meditation reveals and helps you realize your inner talents and latent creativity.

12. Authenticity – Meditation allows you to touch base with the real you, and makes you realize your uniqueness. Self-confidence then becomes a natural by-product.

13. Balance – Most of us live life as a roller-coaster ride, held in the sway of emotions like worry, jealousy, discontentment, fear, anger, guilt, etc. over which we have no control. Meditation enables you to be centered in yourself, have a solid inner balance and thus be the master of your own self.

14. Relaxation, peace, bliss – A natural byproduct of meditation is something we spend almost a lifetime trying to attain: inner relaxation and peace. With meditation, you automatically drop out of the vicious cycle of fear, greed and stress, and enter the virtuous cycle of bliss.

15. Holistic spiritual growth – To measure intellect, we have IQ or Intelligence Quotient, which is measured by many standardized tests. Of late, another measure is gaining importance, especially in the corporate world, namely EQ or Emotional Quotient. However, the most important factor of our lives which is inner satisfaction and fulfillment, is what matters at the end of the day. Meditation enhances this very important factor of life – SQ or Spiritual Quotient – besides also increasing IQ and EQ.

16. Life – As of now, our mental setup is rigid and reflects our personality. Because of this self-image we carry in our minds, we face a lot of troubles in life and are not able to enjoy life completely. Meditation simply reprograms the software of the mind so that we can live life completely.

17. Ultimate potential – You are like an airplane with the potential to fly, but you think you are an ox-cart because you have not actualized your potential. Meditation simply makes you realize and experience who you really are and the enormous capabilities you are born with.


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