Venus, Mercury & the Full Moon

Over the next few days, Mercury and Venus will align to offer both sensuality and pragmatism — an unusual combination, perhaps, but one that’s sure to make your life that much more comfortable, enjoyable … and romantic!

On May 15, both Mercury and Venus will move into Taurus, where they will remain until June 2 and 9, respectively. While Taurus is very practical, it also loves to be pampered and is always enamored with all things sensual. Combined with Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, not only will you be in for more sensual date nights, but you couldn’t ask for a better time for a total makeover, either for yourself or your home — or both!

While all this is going on, Mercury will help keep ideas and conversations firmly rooted in reality – no pie-in-the-sky dreams, only common-sense plans.

May 16 will see Mercury and Venus join in Taurus, where they will form a pleasant alignment with Neptune. You’ll feel a bit dreamier than usual, and you’ll likely experience moments here and there of near-bliss!

On May 17, however, the Full Moon in Scorpio will leave you more emotional, with hints of seduction and jealousy to contend with. It’s best at this time to focus on areas where you and your partner are sure to see eye-to-eye; try to push everything else aside for another, calmer day. by

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