Lady’s Mantle

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his botanical name of Lady’s Mantle, Alchemilla mollis, means “the little alchemist”. This hardy perennial has soft, fuzzy leaves with pleated edges that collect drops f dew, which explains how it earned the folk name of “dewdrop” and “dewcup”. This plant bears gorgeous yellow-green, loose and frothy- looking clusters of flowers in the summer, making it very popular in bridal bouquets and floral design. If you gather the dew that collects on the leaves of this herb, add it to spells and potions for a boost. Or touch a dewdrop to your forehead for an herbal blessing. This herb was originally sacred to the Goddess, but as time went on it became a popular plant in Monastic gardens and later became connected to the Virgin Mary. This easy-to-grow herb is a wonderful addition to the magickal garden. Work the flowers and leaves into spells for women’s magick, the earth goddess, healing, and turning up the volume n your own herbal spells. The elemental correspondence for lady’s mantle is water. The planetary association is Venus. In the language of flowers, this herb signifies the comfort of protection.
by Ellen Dugan

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