Yoni & Me

Discover 5 Sweet Ways To Love Your Yoni

Have you ever considered the possibility of opening the doors of the stream of abundance by taking care of your Yoni? If it sounds crazy to you then you are in for a sweet surprise! 🙂

For hundreds of years women have been placed in a space where we are either tagged as too hot or too cold. I say adios! to the “ice queen” and “promiscuous easy girl” labels. I Am Goddess, and it is my responsibility, and mine alone, to make sure I live a happy and healthy life.

Most people in the world connect healing with medication, doctors and/or hospitalization …at least in the West and in what I like to call the “old world”. Fortunately, many folks nowadays who live in the “new world” have awoken to the idea of living a healthy life by having a good, happy, resistance-free lifestyle. This was the hook for me. After spending a long life taking unpleasant medicine and undergoing uncomfortable and highly intrusive doctor visits and medical treatments, the discovery of pleasurable treatments and achieving wellness from an organic and kind point of perspective has brought much joy to my life. But it didnt seem that way at first. I literally took the path of healing by taking tiny baby steps, having experienced the western medicine rollercoaster, until the opportunity to journey through the path of self-healing presented itself to me, then the holistic healing modalities started to appear to me for what they really are and I approached them with much joy and open-heartedness.

So I walked the path of meditation and yoga, and learned so much from the Witches at Wicca School and then the Ministry, and all the great teachers and teachings … all a bundle of Light that filled me and showed me how to transmute burdens into butterflies.

And then I discovered the importance of loving my yoni, the importance of creating the space for all the necessary transmutations within the realm of the Sacral Chakra. This was absolutely incredible, the high level of self healing it provided me was surreal. I never thought I would see and feel life the way I do. Doors began to open and platforms started to come up for me to unveil more of this yummy knowledge. In 2008 I signed up for an online course with The Yin Project, and this not only brought me to a place of deep connection with myself but gave me an amazing sense of freedom and strength, and allowed me to find other great avenues to tap into and discover, like goddess gatherings, and transformative training like Jade Healing, Sexy Revolution, Sisters Yoni, The Magdalene, WombMagic and a few others. I was on a mission, I attended tele-conferences and seminars and workshops and the more I learned the more I wanted to discover. It was a brand new world for me. …although, on a personal level the emotional healing was slow and for a while a bit stagnant, coming from a Catholic family (not too religious but enough to go to Catholic school) all this was very taboo. Then I realized I needed to bring my awareness back to the roots, back to basics, and with all I now knew, start over. And I did.

With the experience, the appreciation and the respect for the practice of Yoni love I am very pleased to introduce my personal 5 favorite sweet ways to nurture my yoni on a regular basis, and what keeps me super joyful, tapped in, tuned on and plugged in to the electrifying loving consciousness of Goddess and to Source Energy Magnetism.

5 Sweet Ways To Care For Your Yoni

1. Yoni Talk & Meditation

Talk to your Yoni often, ask her how she’s feeling, tell her how much you love her and how much you appreciate her for all she does in your partnership in life. Our Yonis are like plants, very connected to the thread of life by a divine filament of light which enables us to connect a soul with a body. All of our creations are born within the Yoni realm, not just humans. So to make sure your life is the dream you visualize you must be tapped into Yoni Power and create from there. Begin your creations by talking with your Yoni. Let this moment become a meditation where you activate a sacred vortex for you and Yoni to breathe together and heal together.

2. Water Splash

While the rest of the body feels delicious after the skin has had a yummy layer of soap suds, the yoni doesn’t. A simple splash of fresh water does the trick every time, keeping the yoni clean. Our yoni’s natural lubrication does a wonderful job at cleanliness and stimulation, working on those special areas that allow the body and mind of goddess to be connected and aligned with Gaia’s magnetic field. It also maintains the cosmic electrical connection alive allowing us to be tapped in to our desires and able to create them on this plane. Too much soap, specially those made with chemical and un-natural ingredients clog the pores, glands and outlets for processing vital energy.

3. Yoga & Awareness

A short but good stretch every morning and/or evening can carry you through a wonderful day. The skin that composes the yoni area contains muscles, fibers and magnetism, just as much as the rest of the body, and because it is a predominantly “hidden area” it is extra sensitive to external stimulation. This helps it serve one of its many healing purposes. To keep the yoni skin and overall area activated and ready for a wonderful moment of high stimulation, which brings extraordinary creative potential, it is a good idea to stretch the body daily. Goddess Bliss Moon Salutations is a great way to stretch the body, align with your inner goddess and activate yoni power

4. Yoni Steam Bath

Practicing yoni steam can change a woman’s life tremendously. Preparing an herbal steam bath will bring your female body and the wisdom of plant medicine into alignment, reconnecting you to your feminine divinity. The benefits of this technique are many and are acknowledged by the global movement of women’s holistic health and wellness. It serves to fortify the womb; removes toxins from the body; increases fertility; helps reduce pain or discomfort when experiencing dryness or pain after sexual intercourse; reduces pre-menstrual pain, regulates menstrual cycle; it is a wonderful healing presence for post-natal care working towards healing vaginal tear, episiotomy and/or C-section; treats fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis; helps treat hemorrhoids, chronic vaginal yeast infections; super helpful with symptoms of menopause; and allows the release of old emotional patterns for the recoding of a new refreshed you to emerge 🙂

5. Healing Through Pleasure

There are many ways to give pleasure to our yoni so that we may activate our inner goddess power, unlock our creative goddess potential and bring forth the ultimate super-joyful experience of life we want to live. Giving our yoni a massage is a great way of stimulating our senses because it helps release backed up stress, pent up tension and unnecessary stagnant thought and emotional patterns, leaving our vessel clean and clear ready to radiate its purest light essence. You will find that your intuition will spike up, your meditation space will be clearer and stillness will become easier to reach. Your ability to breathe longer and deeper will also activate and your master glands will begin to decalcify, bringing in a juicy awakening and heightened awareness.

Love Your Yoni and you will unfold an incredible magical vortex.

After this heart-opening journey I’ve compiled an amazing treatment – for  goddesses only – that I’ve named Goddess Bliss.  It includes aromatherapy massage and reflexology, a wide array of Reiki techniques, hot stones detox …and YOM, Yoni Orgazmic Massage.

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