Magic Words

In the very earliest time,
When both people and animals lived on earth,
A person could become an animal if he wanted to
And an animal could become a human being.
Sometimes they were people
And sometimes animals
And there was no difference.

All spoke the same language.
That was the time when words were like magic.
The human mind had mysterious powers.
A word spoken by chance
Might have strange consequences.
It would suddenly come alive
And what people wanted to happen could happen
All you had to do was say it.

Nobody could explain this:
That’s the way it was.

~ Unidentified Inuit wise woman


During the last month of every year it’s common to hear people talk about their transformation for the new year. What things are going to be left behind and what new and exciting things we will introduce ourselves to. Many take this chance to turn their lives around, wipe the slate clean and start completely anew, others take it as an opportunity to “trim and groom” by letting go of old habits and changing bad customs for good qualities. Some are subtle about their plans, others are not, what is it about the new year that makes people react this way? ..I believe that back in the days, at the time of the shortest day and longest night of the cycle, our ancestors prepared for the return of the Sun, as the Earth gracefully heads back to float close to the warm Sun. Plans were projected ahead for another cycle of abundance and prosperity.
To many, the new year is like a special window in time-space where one can replenish.

The Year of Mastery & Completion: 2007 => 2 + 7 = 9

The Year of New Beginnings: 2008 => 2 + 8 = 10 = 1

The Year of Global Balancing: 2009 => 2 + 9 = 11 = 2

Have you made your plans for 2009? According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2009 is the year of the Ox, a great time to get things done in the physical world.
Also, Edna G. Frankel, a medium who channels the Brotherhood of Light, shares predictions for 2009.

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light! We are so glad to be with you once again, sharing our energies and our love. The way of the heart is beckoning, do you feel the tug of Home yet? (Chuckles – each in his own time, dearhearts.) You may be feeling the press of time, and how quickly the days, weeks and months are passing. We said in prior channels that time is speeding up, indeed, you have heard this from many channeled sources. The best way to circumvent stress on a daily basis is to focus on one thing at a time, really focus on what you are doing; don’t let your mind wander into old habitual loops, for you don’t have time for that old stuff anymore! Also, don’t try to multi-task as you may have been used to doing, for you will get less done and what you accomplish will be poorly done. You may feel that your mental capacity has diminished, as if your head is clogged and your thoughts are fuzzy. Or, you may be doing something and lose track, then find yourself doing something else! We suggest that you prioritize your time and work on what needs done first, then what needs done second, and so on. In that way, you will get through your tasks and truly feel that you have accomplished something each day. Keep reminding yourself what your deadlines are, and save inconsequential things for later. Make lists of things that await your attention, and be sure to remember where you put your lists!

The above are all ways in which the heightening energies bombarding your planet are affecting your mental faculties. Rest assured, your mental capacity will expand with the new energies, as you learn to think and function in new ways. The old ways no longer work, dear children, the old support behaviors and beliefs you had in your prior 3D lives will no longer serve you in the new energies. As the electromagnetic grids of the planet are rearranged and strengthened to uphold the earth’s spinning into the fullness of the Photon Belt, so too are the electromagnetic synapses of your brain and your nervous system being changed and affected. Be kind to yourself, shorten your daily lists of what needs done and be happy with what you get done! Even being annoyed at yourself for not accomplishing what you had planned can cause your body chemistry to plummet into a lower range of function. Then it will take your body at least six hours to recover a higher vibration. Just knowing that your mood affects your physical chemistry will help you to stay above anger and fear, in the higher emotional range of love, kindness and unconditional love that will heal your body at all PEMS levels.

Always remember to love yourself, to honor yourself and each other on this challenging journey of human awakening. Remember, too, that the journey itself is your real goal! Stay in love and joy, let your inner child come out and play.

We offer to join you and help you along the way, if you call for us. To that end, we remind you of the four-part prayer that gives us permission to be with you, day and night, whenever you need us. Please say it aloud, even a whisper will do, for the vibration of your voice gives us leave to join you in your physical dimension, no matter what you are doing.

Dear Father-Mother God (or whatever form of ultimate energy you believe in), Divine Source, Divine Mother, please join me for this healing meditation.

Dear Ascended Masters, guides and angels, (or whatever differentiated energies you believe in) please join me for this healing meditation.

Dear Brothers, the Brotherhood of Light, please join me for this healing session.

Dear Higher Self, please join me in this sacred moment to guide and lead.

We love you so, dear dedicated lightworkers, for you embody the higher vibrations that will turn your planet from dark to light. Every single one of you is vital to the unfolding of the Divine Plan. Yes, every expanding heart matters. You matter to us!

In our last year’s 2008 Predictions Article (Sedona Journal, Dec. 2007), we named 2008 the “Year of Global Awakening”. Indeed, so much darkness has come up to the light that it seemed as if all of your global problems got worse! We counsel you to minimize your time spent watching and reading the news. Why? Because you are being bombarded from all sides by one dismal event after another. You are experiencing information overload from more 3D sources than any other time in human history. By all means, keep current with global happenings, but do not become enmeshed in them. Most news is repetitive and fear-based, from constant television coverage to the internet, radio and the written word. You are being inundated with way too much news these days, so stay abreast but don’t get lost in it. Dear ones, we have explained before that the only constant in the universe is change. Nothing ever stays the same, and wishing for what was will rob your energy and focus from what is happening now. We remind you of one of our favorite sayings: “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape!”

Though the global financial turmoil of 2008 will continue into 2009, rather than being afraid, rejoice! Yes, these turbulent times prove once and for all that you are a global community now, and what happens in one part of the world affects the rest. Your global financial difficulties prove that you are all connected! Finally, you (as countries) have good reason to help and support each other in order to balance your financial markets and find common ground upon which to trade. Indeed, we advise you that the best path to that common ground will be a new global standard of money, as exemplified by the European Euro. Eventually, you will realize how much time and energy you spend trying to hang onto your individual national monies, to constantly be translating from one to the other, and that excess time and energy wasted translates into…money wasted!

In prior text we explained that the presence of this “physical form” of money creates an unfair, exterior value of your worth on this planet. Those that are clever and live in affluent societies have the opportunity to pile up more money than people in underprivileged situations. Your true gifts and talents, your inner spiritual worth cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Indeed, having money is a form of power, just as owning oil is an unbalanced form of power. Money fuels greed! Again, common sense should rule – do you not see how your cultural feuds perpetuate the “have and have-nots” perspective that has been so destructive in your past? Start learning from your own mistakes! Are you not tired of sending out your children to kill or be killed? So much of your political unrest is military posturing to cover up the real war – the war over oil prices. What will you do, dear ones, when you run out of oil by 2025? The way time is flying by, that time will come sooner than you think.

Yet there is so much free energy on your beautiful planet! The three most obvious sources are the wind, ocean waves and sunlight. It may be expensive right now to capture and convert these “alternative fuels”, but we trust in your ingenuity and inventiveness. Necessity fuels invention! Just as your computer technology is advancing so rapidly that today’s new computers soon become yesterday’s has-been, your need for alternative fuels will spur you to new heights of creation. Also, your global spiritual awakening will eventually change the balance of power, as more and more people demand fair play and denounce the violence and killing of war that was once an accepted way of life. The global spiritual awakening of 2008 will lead to nation after nation of peoples demanding a new level of respect, of acceptance, of a global balancing of resources – that is why we named 2009 The Year of Global Balancing! You must find your own internal balance, and act from your hearts, not from old biases. Choose wisely now! Choose young, spiritual leaders, not old military war-horses that will lead you back down into death, destruction, and bankruptcy.

Though the weather patterns are not shifting as drastically as had been predicted in early channeled works, we inform you here that three-quarters of the earth’s population lives in coastal areas. Why are you not seeing that it goes against common sense to rebuild in areas that have been inundated over and over again? We warn you that any homes near water are no longer safe. Global warming is causing the ocean levels to rise more quickly than you realize. That trend will not abate, and your shorelines will be redrawn by Nature’s tempestuous hand. We counseled you in a prior article not to buy coastal property – that was not an off-hand remark! Not only the oceans, but the rivers, too, will overflow their banks more and more, causing more and more damage. How many times will you exhaust yourselves trying to hang on to what is no longer safe before you understand that you need to move inland? We counsel you to relocate at least one hundred miles inland, and at least one thousand feet above your current sea levels.

Many lightworkers have already moved to new locations, and many more of you are being drawn to do so. Walk the land, dear ones, explore different places, and you will know as soon as you find your new home. Yes, you will! Though things may seem bleak right now, the best way to manifest your chosen future is to clear a big space for your manifestation to land. Whether you choose to move or not, you still need to get rid of old things you no longer need. Cleaning away useless clutter from your living space allows energy to move more freely, and allows you to think more clearly. Start with one drawer at a time, one closet at a time, one room at a time, and make three piles – one to pitch, one to give (or sell), and one to keep. You will find it easier than you think to make those decisions, since the new energies are forcing you to clear, clear, clear! Not only at the physical level, but at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. Yes, (chuckles) back to our favorite topic, the Circle of Grace clearing exercise, which helps you to clear at all PEMS levels!

In prior text we have given you specific details about how to clear your nervous system of internal pressure that you feel as stress, strain and pain. Here we will only say that you will find much relief and peace in your hectic lives by having a daily practice. Whether it be sedentary or moving, just remember to keep your jaw open so that your energetic meridians and nervous system (truly one and the same, auric and physical) can flush excess pressure and refuel your body with new universal energy. Yes, dearest ones, through the Circle of Grace work we are teaching you how to eat and excrete at the energetic level! (Chuckles.) The closer you get to 12-21-12, the more your body needs to release 3D density and adjust to the refined frequencies of 5D. Hot baths and massage are also good ways to break up those etheric pockets of denser energies, even jumping rope, or five minutes a day on a trampoline, can help release your density at all PEMS levels.

Most important, we remind you of the three Rs: rest, release and recharge. If you don’t honor your body’s needs with adequate rest, nourishing food and plenty of spring water, you will have more trouble adjusting to the rising energies in the next four years.

Some of you feel like you’re hovering at the edge of a cold, others feel tired and lethargic, as if gravity has increased. You may feel as if your limbs are dead weight, and you have to drag yourself around by sheer will to get anything done. Many people are feeling pain in their hands and/or feet, which means that your exit points of pressure are blocked. Most of all, you will begin to feel your blockages more and more! Other common symptoms of Pre-Ascensionitis are mental fog, inability to stay focused, depression, interrupted sleep and eating patterns, and increased sensitivity to chemicals, preservatives, and other toxins in your environment. Many will develop pressure-related illnesses, or feel painful pressure where there are no discernable symptoms. We do not mean to scare you, but to comfort you ‐ you’re not going crazy, you’re becoming Divine!

Dear practitioners, please study the Chakra Pair information (SJ, April 2008) and the stacked blockages we explained (SJ, October 2008). Learn how to clear each other of stress, strain, pain, and etheric pockets of density. No matter the biography or biology of each person, you all clear the same way! This work will prove itself out, time and time again, and pave the way for all of your other holistic endeavors to work more efficiently and effectively. We love you so, and our deepest wish is to see you all, each and every dear one of you, to be happy and healthy so that you can play, play, play in your new lives on the new earth we are creating together.

We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.

— This is a message from The Brotherhood of Light channeled by Edna G. Frankel

Happiness Ever After

As written in “Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving”©
by Caroline & Charles Muir

These days, not many of us believe in happily ever after. Statistics show that well over half the married couples in our culture divorce, and many of those who stick it out do so for reasons other than personal happiness–because its such a hassle dividing everthing, moving, having to start over– not to mention children and the emotional and financial aspects of splitting up. In this practical 20th century climate, it’s hard to take happily ever after as much more than a metaphor in which “ever after” means “for a while”.
Theoretically, this definition could allow a person to live happily ever after if he or she livedin consecutively happily-for-a-while relationships. These were fashionable to a degree in the 60’s and 70’s, but became first questionable and then dangerous in the 80’s as the AIDS epidemic was recognized and understood. But it is not just fear of AIDS that is changing contemporary relationships. In our seminars we meet men and women whose desire for partnetship stems from a feeling that there is something important to be gained from a significant relationship. And it seems to be more than a desire to “settle down”. Couples today are looking for a commitment from each other, but a special kind of commitment-one that contains a spiritual as well as a physical element and emotional and psychological aspects as well as material ones.
This may be the start of the “we” generation, a generation that desires an end to the batttle of the sexes and the beginning of a new form of relationship in which partners work together as a team to satisfy needs, uplift one another, and journey together toward personal growth and sexual and spiritual fulfillment.

The past few decades made us some promises of sexual sophistication, personal independence, and prosperity. For a large number of men and women today, many of these promises have been fulfilled. We are richer because we know more about ourselves – in fact, we are a culture fascinated with itself. We take care of our bodies, we exercise andeat well, we stop smoking. We look to imporve. We visualize bright futures.
Being so blessed, so evolved, why are we less successful than previous generations in making relationships last?

There’s love, and then there’s Love. There’s passionate love, and then there’s love after passion or without passion. The latter has been known, in fact, to be quite cozy and satisfying in many ways; but without passion, may also deteriorate into a pale verson of the original, a benign tolerance. And there is the risk that it may die completely or turn into resentment of disrespect, or worse.

It is not dispassionate love that we want to discuss. We want to focus on love that is full of passion and heat, love that makes your blood fairly pulse inside you; love that is all the nourishment you need. This is the love that overcomes all obstacles, dissolves time, obsesses you, possesses you, and radiates from you so that people comment on your “glow”, and are drawn to you as if by a magnet. This is love that expresses itself sexually as a wonder, the best ever. It is so for both of you-youcan’t get enough of one another.
Love is nor necessariy blind, as Shakespeare claimed, but it is surely an altered state. Physicians tell us that bio-chemically, love shares a lot of the same exhilarating effects that amphetamines produce. We know that the immune system can be strengthened by it; that white blood cells perform better, and that the production of endorphins increases. We feel terrific!
So what happens? What causes passion to close its doors after such a promising opening to such good reviews?
Part of the answer can be found if we consider passion as a kind of energy that depends on other energy for survival. When we are in the early passionate stages of a relationship, we expend a lot of time trying to win one another, enchant, impress, and attract one another. We mentioned that passionate love overcomes obstacles. It is the energy required in that overcoming that is most significant. For example, when men and women decide to live together, they eliminate one of the biggest obstacles of all–physical separation–but they don’t realize that they are removing something that has contributed to their passion. They need to find a way to compensate for the energy-hole their relationship experiences when they no longer need to overcome the obstacle of living separately. They have created an energy void, and passion suffers for it. The diminuition of energy diminishes passion.
In the early stages of a love affair, passionate energy seems self-generating. The newly attracted couple is in a nearly constant state of arousal. They’re charged. They’re superconductors. And then, usually, the lovemaking falls off–quantitatively, anyway. It’s less urgent once you’ve come to trust your ralationship, come to rely on one another–but why must we lose Love?
In fact, we don’t have to lose anything. What usually happens isthat the lessening oflovemaking means a lessening of energy in the relationship. When couples don’t make that physical connection as often, the atmosphere changes. Love begins to stagnate and energy is directed elsewhere.
Men and women who are passionate about their work, or their art, or their politics are recognized for the energy they manufacture in order to pursue and maintain and advance the endeavor to which they are devoted. In the same way, men and women who are passionate about their relationship must be committed to manufacturing the energy needed to sustain it. This is especially true in an era that offers so many opportunities and so much personal freedom. Many of us have several passions, and sometimes the amount of energy spent pursuing them exceeds the amount of energy they return. When this happens, we operate with a ‘passion deficit’ . We have to borrow energy from other source to compensate. Ultimately, unless we rectify the deficit at its source, we will suffer serious losses. Too often one of these losses is passion.
We meet many couples who are simply too busy or too tired to make love. Both work, they have children, they contribute time and energy to their community and to their church. They’re concerned about self-improvement, so they devote several hours a week to health and physical fitness. Many have aging parents to lok after.
The irony is that making love can provide both partners with more energy….
The solution we teach in our seminars and workshops is based in part on the tantric “lifestyle” that was designed centures ago specifically for householders–that is, couples. The tantric texts are exdplicit on how the differences between the sexes can be used as a positive force in a partnership, how the proper combination of these differences can produce a near alchemical reaction, an ether in which everything flourishes, in which the garden of your relationship bursts with color and a new life and growth, and you and your beloved thrive.-

Charles and Caroline Muir are teachers of Tantra yoga and their approach to sexuality incorporates spirituality as well as an honest affinity for pleasure. They have been reviewed by magazines and newspapers, and have appeared on national radio and television as tantric sex experts.
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Unlegislated Love

By Alan Cohen

A friend told me, “Marriage is a great institution – if you don’t mind living in an institution”.
So, what does it take to be a great lover…

The funny thing about love is that the more you try to organize it, the less like love it becomes. As spiritual master Meher Baba noted, “Love and coercion can never go together. Love has to spring spontaneously from within. It is in no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force and it cannpt be forced upon anybody, yet it can be awakened in one through love itself.”
People usually institutionalize things when they dont trust life to take care of itself naturally and spontaneously. I’m not saying that institutions are bad or we should not have them; they serve a purpose. But institutions have a way of becoming hollow shells that the heart gradually dies out of. Most religions, for example, began with a genuine enlightenment experience by a prophet whom God spoke to. That experience was so powerful that it inspired others to follow in their footsteps. The glitch in that formula is that if you really want to meet God, you have to follow your own footsteps, not those of another. It’s more about energy than action; more about consciousness than behavior.
A friend of mine studied with a Native American shaman whom she adored. One day my friend asked the shaman, “How can I be more like you?”. The shaman gave the best answer I have ever heard: “If you want to be more like me, be more like yourself”. He was teaching that the road to enlightenment is paved with authenticity, not imitation.
The story is told about an African tribesman who went to his favorite rock by a river and sat there eating an avocado. Suddenly a shaft of light broke through the leaves above him and he realized he was one with all life, eternally whole, and filled with peace. In other words, he became enlightened. When the fellow returned to the village, everyone realized there was something extraordinary about him; he had been transformed and he glowed with a new light. When the villagers asked him, “What happened to you?” he explained, “I was just sitting on the big rock down by the river eating an avocado. A beam of light fell upon me, and I saw God”.
The next morning when the tribesman awoke, he found no one in the village. He looked in all the huts, but everyone had mysteriously disappeared. Finally he decided to give up searching and just go back to the rock he loved to sit on. When he arrived, he was amazed to find all the people from the village clustered on the rock, avocados in hand, scrambling to get to the top of the rock.
Silly as this parable sounds, it’s not very different from the way we try to institutionalize spirit. The key to the tribesman’s illumination is that he sat on his favorite rock enjoying his favorite avocado. The villagers would have met God more quickly and directly by going to their own sacred places rather than legislating his.
Great relationshops are built on joy, choice, and full presence. If you meet in the temple upheld by those pillars, you are in a holy place indeed. You fuel the flame of love by being fully alive yourself, and when your partner is fully alive too, you have a bonfire. If one or both of you brings less than full life to the altar, the relationship becomes a charade of fear, and it will wither and die.
Abraham-Hicks suggests an odd but meaningful marriage vow: “I like you pretty good, and I plan to stick with you as long as being together brings joy to both of us”.
While such a vow may sound scary if you are afraid your relationship might not last without more of a commitment, it can be empowering if you recognize that commitment to life is the foundation of great relationships. If you stay true to your spirit and your partner stays true to his or her spirit, and you find yourself paddling in the same canoe, you are in for the best ride of your life.
I heard about a spiritual community in Italy at which married couples renew their marriage contract on an annual basis. Each year the couple revisits their agreement to be together and they ask each other if they want to remain married for another year. I rather like this formula, since that’s how it is anyway. We are all making it up as we go along.
Commitment is important, and a meaningful lifetime commitment can be highly empowering. Just be sure that your commitment is less about time in your life, and more about life in your time.
St John of the Cross said, “Take God for your spous and friend and walk with Him continually, and … you will learn to love, and the things you must do will work out prosperously for you”. The Steve Winwood song, “Bring me a higher love” bears the same message: Show up as yourself, trust life and love, let higher power orchestrate your relationship, and no rule you make will be as powerful as the joy you feel together when willingness is your motivator.

Alan Cohen is the author of inspirational books, including “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, and his new bestseller “Don’t Get Lucky-Get Smart”.
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