Parenting Is Partnership

Heart Healing is Joyfully Fulfilling Living

The world has explored many avenues of parenting, there are levels and layers in which parents choose to present themselves to their children; as the mind progresses and grows the partnership that parenting is, emerges.

As parents sometimes we get caught in old patterns of our own childhood and subconsciously we “want to make sure” our children either don’t grow up the way we did, have a better childhood than we did, have it all since we had nothing, or have everything I had and more.  What happens is we stop allowing them to have their own experience and we hand them our baggage …Of course we want the best for them, that’s why they are here, that’s why we were chosen as parents, because we can set the stage for them to have the best, according to their divine plan.

We have to remember that just as we did, they come with a purpose to fulfill and we, as parents, want to be there for them to guide them but not to drive them.

mommy-baby-handsPersonally, with my daughter, I like to remind myself she always has a choice. Its a super fun practice for me and a great way to learn for her; and I enjoy providing that space for her to discover her choices and make the ones she resonates with. Its truly an amazing and heart-filling thing when you see them making their choices, the freedom they live in knowing they can, and they have the space for it. It presents the infinite possibilities their world is made of. …its just like learning/teaching them to ride a bike, we hold them and then give them a gentle push so they can keep pedaling.

Every human born comes fully equipped with Kindness and Goodwill. Explore these layers with your child/ren. Nature is a wonderful teacher and loving example, always available and willing 🙂

Ollie-parkWhat we see, what we discover in our early ages, we build our lives from that base.  Lets give our children the space to build from a strong foundation, being flexible and not competitive, being opened and not resistant, being loving instead of fearful and doubtful. The Earth is our home, a healthy structure for us to live our lives joyfully. The Earth creates a perfect partnership with us so that we may create one with our children.

Studies confirm that when a child between 0-3 yrs of age learns the word NO as the introduction to guidance, their brain development slows down, it begins to stagger and the electrical impulses that are meant to move through the entire nervous system slows down or stops. This becomes a huge hindrance in that little persons life and as an adult will most likely encounter many “stops”.

We are here to “show them the ropes”, to show them where the door is and allow them to open it not tell them how. In discovering the world on their own, at their pace and through their own eyes they become a beautiful human manifestation, and that is great parenting. Allowingness is great parenting. We have the choice of practicing fearful limited parenting or allowingness and therefore creating an exquisite partnership with our children. I’ve discovered that in practicing allowingness with my little princess I’ve learned so much about practicing allowingness on self. It’s a wonderful journey. We all learn and grow together.

There are so many activities and things to build quality moments with our little ones. Here’s a lovely technique to share with the children in our life. Its called Shift & Shine Technique® and we enjoy practicing it often … we hope you do too. (click the link below)

Shift and Shine Technique®

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