Moon of the Ruby Rose

The Taurus Full Moon features the Moon in her glory, where she unfolds like a pure, luminous rose of light in the night sky. a coven gathering is a setting where members can share their unfolding destiny amid mutual support. The spiritual benefits of the group should trickle down into the lives of its members.
After selecting sacred arts of specific goals, it takes hard work and endurance to reach the blooming stage. Roses are hardy plants with amazingly deep roots, thick stalks, and sharp thorns. This sheer toughness supports the beauty of the bloom. But even a rose bush needs food, water, medical aid and pruning. So it is with people; and magical folk should know when they need nourishment or aid.
A few days before the Full Moon, the solitary practitioner should obtain a single red rose and place it on the altar. Bathe in rose water, burn rose incense, and sprinkle dried rose petals when casting the circle. Meditate on ways life is unfolding and opening like the rose on the altar.
Coven members can discuss ways the group has helped them bloom, including exceptional rituals that led to personal breakthroughs.

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