An Aquarian November

Throughout much of November, the planets will make their moves against the backdrop of the Scorpio Sun. This can be an intense, secretive and deeply transformative time, but don’t worry — there’ll be some fun mixed in, too!

In fact, your mood will get a boost almost immediately on November 2, when both Venus and Mercury frolic into enthusiastic Sagittarius. With Venus involved, you’ll want to broaden your social horizons, add more culture to your life and perhaps even throw an exotically themed party! Mercury will help you express yourself, making it the perfect time to promote a cause or help others understand your point of view. Just remember to remain tactful!

On November 7, fiery and action-oriented Mars opposes dreamy Neptune. This transit could potentially sap your energy while giving you a sense of panic, or even failure. But if you can find balance, these two planets will supply you with the motivation to make your visions and ideals a reality!

November 11 sees Mars move out of Leo and into Virgo, where it will remain until July. Productivity will abound, but you’ll still want to watch for tiffs here and there, as everyone will be convinced their way is the right one. Then, five days later on November 16, Mars forms a happy connection with Jupiter, helping you charge ahead with new projects!

The Sun in Scorpio rears its head one last time on November 20, when it squares off with Neptune; on this day, you’ll feel another drain of energy that will tempt you to just drift along. But then, on November 22, the Sun bounces off into adventurous Sagittarius, just in time to provide opportunities galore before meeting Uranus on November 23.

All this activity leads up to the final act of the month on November 25: an eye-opening, horizon-broadening solar eclipse. Get out and try something new, come up with fresh ideas, or travel someplace you’ve never been!

The end of the month is an excellent time to open yourself to new experiences … but that doesn’t mean you have to wait. Each of the transits listed above — as well as numerous others — give you a chance to take your life in a whole new direction! by

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