Playing It Cool

On July 29, Mars moves into Libra for a brief but potent stay until September 14. It is being said in the astrology world that this is going to be period of revolutionary changes. These changes may be personal, relationship-oriented, or community-based, it may affect nations and even have global significance, but whatever is about to occur will probably be rather memorable or one for the history books.

Mars moves into Libra and promptly runs into a highly strung, rather disruptive, not to say explosive opposition to Uranus on July 30 and a teeth-gritting, impatient, accident prone conjunction to Saturn on July 31. Tempers will flare, plans will get chopped and change with everyone going in opposite directions.

The mood out in the world will be insecure. Playing it cool will be crucial. However tempting it might be, this is not the time to over-react to provocation. If you are confident within yourself, whatever is happening around you will just bounce off. Focus your energy on what can be done right away. Also, be aware that Mars in Libra gets especially annoyed about unfairness and injustice. So if feel you are being treated unfairly or see others in that position, you’ll be out there arguing the case to right the wrongs.

Once we survive the early days of August, we will be asked to arrive at decisions by being objective, balanced and listening to both sides of an argument before making judgements. Mars can be rather brash and tactless but it mellows in Libra to become co-operative and more refined. So there’ll be a greater understanding of the need for compromise to keep relationships running along smoothly. Resolutions and solutions should be arrived at through diplomacy and communication. Be assertive but not aggressive.

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