Homemade Almond Milk

How to make your own fresh, raw almond milk. It’s easy, doesn’t take long to prepare and tastes much better than processed almond milk that you get from the store!
(Written by zLighthouse 9/25/07)

So to make almond milk, you first soak one cup of almonds in a bowl of purified water anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. This softens the digestive inhibiters that help almonds in nature but can make nuts a little bit challenging for our bodies to digest.

After that, put the following in your blender:
1 cup of raw almonds
4 cups of purified water
A smidgen of sea salt
¼ cup of agave nectar or raw honey
Blend thoroughly.

Then to remove the sediment, pour the milk through a a few layers of cheesecloth, squeezing it into a bowl. If you don’t have cheesecloth, you can always put a couple of coffee filters in a fine strainer over a bowl and let it drain that way. It works just as well! Rinse your blender and then pour the smooth version back into it or into a pitcher. Store in the refrigerator.

Because it’s unprocessed, you’ll need to use it within a day or two, which shouldn’t be a problem because it’s so good!

It’s a great beverage on it’s own, warm or cold. You can also use it in tea, put it on cereal or freeze it into ice cubes for smoothies. Ice cubes are what give smoothies that frosty texture. Or, you can use the milk as a smoothie base. It’s just endless!

Note: Unfortunately as of 9/1/07, the FDA now requires that all raw almonds be pasteurized. Though they still allow the manufacturers to call them raw, because they’re steam-pasteurized which is at a slightly lower temperature than regular pasteurization. But, at least by making your own, it’s not processed.

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