The Corral Visualization

Practice forgivness, with your self and others … it is the way to true freedom.
The following is a visualization meditation extracted from the book Healing With The Angels, by Doreen Virtue

Get into a comfortable position and relax by taking several slow, deep breaths, and close your eyes.

Now, imagine that you are standing in a country field. There is a road is leading to you – one that brings all your material, emotional, and spiritual supplies. In the distance you can see the road passes through a corral to get to you. This corral has two gates: one facing you, and one facing the road on opposite side.
If you notice both gates open, supplies readily flow to you, and your gifts to the world flow from you.
Whenever we hold unforgiveness toward someone, we imprison theat person in our minds where we mentally flog them with our pronouncements of guilt and blame. The image of the person we resent is “corralled” in our consciousness, and the gates to the corral slam shut, like prison doors. You necessarily go into the corral along the with person you’ve judged in order to monitor their imprisonment. This way, both gates are shut, and your locked corral blocks your flow and supply.
Look inside your corral right now, and see who’s there. See the high price you pay for corralling these people.
If you are ready to forgive, imagine the gates of your corral automatically opening. Visualize whoever is in the corral walking out, free, happy, and forgiven. Wish them well. If this seems difficult, try forgiving the person instead of their deeds. As you forgive, feel the release, the relief, and the renewed energy as your resentment lifts.
Check to make sure that you’re not in the corral alone out of an ego judgment you hold against yourself.

Recheck your corral often, especially when you feel tired, ill, or afraid. You’ll find that these are the times when you have the most people (including yourself) locked into your corral. Once you open the gates and clear the corral, your emotions and energy level will improve.

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