The Moon: It’s All Good in October

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New Moon in Libra on October 6, 2010 at 18:44 UTC (2:44 pm EDT 11:44 am PDT)

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Full Moon in Aries October 23, 2010 at 1:36 AM Universal Time
Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon

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Full Moon in Scorpio: Find Your Highest Self
On Friday evening, October 22, a glittering Full Moon in Aries will grace the Northern American skies. Known as the Hunter’s Moon, the Full Moon will take place at 1:36 AM Universal Time on Saturday morning and in the daylight hours in Asia. Interestingly enough, this is also the second Full Moon in Aries, following the Full Moon of September 23.

Full Moons always come fourteen days after the New Moon, completing the cycle of what was started around that time to come to fruition. This is a time for reflection to see what we have accomplished in the last two weeks. The Full Moon also signals the time for us to move forward with new goals and sometimes a totally new perspective.

The current configuration of the cosmos with the Sun moving into Scorpio, known for its relentless determination, on the early hours of October 23, will definitely bring about a change of mood which may be apparent. The Sun joins a powerful Mars in Scorpio, as well as a lucky, charming and seductive Venus also in Scorpio, so if there is a will to do something — you will definitely find a way. A benevolent Mars and Uranus trine two days after the full Moon could also signal a time for new and exciting opportunities — which may have been unexpected.

Surprisingly enough the Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Full Moon is about self-discovery and finding your place in the cosmic order. It is about discovering your special gift and your truest and highest self and living life to your fullest.

New Moon
Every month the Sun and Moon come together in the heavens creating a wonderfully brilliant sliver of light that is the New Moon. New Moons represent new beginnings — rebirths — a clean slate — the start of a fresh cycle.

When the dual forces of the Sun and Moon join hands in their monthly cosmic dance, they create an ebb and flow of opposites. New Moons are about balance of these opposing forces — both in our individual selves and in the universe. Every month we get an opportunity to evaluate what we have accomplished during the month and set new goals.

The fast-moving Moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac every 28 days. Each New Moon falls in a different house in your chart which tells you which specific area of your life is getting this lunar boost of energy and enlightenment.

This New Moon in Libra will be especially potent for relationships. Libra — the sign of balance and harmony is ruled by Venus, which is currently in conjunction with Mars in Scorpio. The focus is on relationships of all kinds — intimate, platonic, business, family, and even those with our enemies, especially with Venus going retrograde in Scorpio within hours of the New Moon.

With Saturn and Mercury both in Libra and with Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio, this is a perfect opportunity to let bygones be bygones. Forget what has not worked for you in the past and resolve to build better partnerships for the future. The Scorpio energy will also see that the commitments made during this time will have a lasting quality about it.

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