Autumnal Equinox 2010

The Sun, on its final day in Virgo on September 21, decides to go out with a real fanfare of trumpets as is opposes expansive Jupiter and then sparkling, excitable Uranus in Pisces. An opposition usually produces a tension between the two ends so the hard-working Virgo Sun will not quite know what to do with lazy, over hopeful Jupiter, which usually expects results effortlessly. But, add Uranus into the mix and the energy will add adrenaline and speed us all along.

There should be more sudden and positive surprises coming your way, sprinkled over the past couple of days since the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on September 18-19. With the morale boost this brings, you’ll be eager to take a few small risks, to step out into the unknown and try to make a real difference to your life. This isn’t the time to hang onto security or the status quo. If you’ve been holding yourself back because of uncertainty, timidity, lethargy or even hopelessness, now is the right time to take a leap forward. Be bold!

On September 23, at 3:09 AM UTC (September 22, 11:09 PM EDT, 8:09 PM PDT), the Sun moves into Libra for four weeks ushering in the Autumnal Equinox of 2010. The year is nearing the end. It is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring approaches in the Southern Hemisphere. The days and nights are of almost equal length. The Libra Ingress (point of entry of Sun into Libra) was always considered to be the most important, setting a tone for the coming twelve months.

The Sun’s sojourn in Libra will bring a sociable, co-operative, fair minded mood to proceedings. Relationships of all varieties are Libra’s main focus. As a sign it is happiest one-to-one, always thinking of the other and trying to calm down any aggravations. But it is also well adapted to larger groupings of people where Libra tries to instill a mood of balance, equilibrium and good manners.

The new Libra Sun, however, immediately moves into an opposition to the Aries Moon setting the scene for a Full Moon on September 23. A Full Moon denotes a time of opposites with the nurturing energy of the Moon at odds with the active energy of the Sun — a time to seek balance, but also a time of culmination, a time for things to reach fullness, bring plans and a project together — a time of romance! (

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